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Wellness and Coaching for Women in their Third Act

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About Carol Ebert

Carol Ebert has 57 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Wellness and Coaching for Women in their Third Act.

Wellness Specialist and Business Entrepreneur Carol Ebert is a creative force for education and wellness.  Her nursing career began as a Navy Nurse followed by School Health Nurse where she discovered her vision was more aligned with prevention than treatment, so she shifted to health education and wellness, her true passion.  Her professional experience is varied but always grounded in wellness.  Health Educator, College Health Director, Hospital Wellness Coordinator, Wellness Business Outreach Coordinator, Wellness Coach and Trainer and currently Solopreneur and CEO of her own wellness business.

Carol models how to live a healthy lifestyle which inspires those she reaches with her wellness programs.  She knows how to successfully coach “busy” professionals to avoid burnout and achieve optimal health.   She also puts her creativity to good use designing and presenting wellness initiatives for businesses that change people’s lives and save healthcare dollars. 

Carol has put all her wellness secrets in her new book Too Busy for YOU?  How to Prioritize Yourself for a Balanced, Mindful and Happy Life.  She is a sought after public speaker and her programs are always fun, educational, rewarding and inspiring.

Contact her at [email protected].  507-313-4515

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  1. Carol Ebert

    What Do You Really Want?

    Yes I am speaking to YOU the ENTREPRENEUR. Yes we have done great work as nurses in the system, but you have to honor who you truly are and take the risk to explore that on your own terms. It has been my experience that if you “settle” for the ...
  2. Changing Career Directions About 20 years ago I changed the direction of my medical career and decided to start my own wellness business. Once I stepped away, I realized there is more to starting a business than just having a dream. I really di...
  3. Carol Ebert

    Job or Joy... or Both!

    And so I started my journey to uncover what my true talents were and then how could they fit into my nursing career. Here are the phases I went through to process my nursing career path. Restless Phase I started feeling restless about halfwa...
  4. Carol Ebert

    Finding clients

    I am also an independent practitioner, but in Wellness. Currently I am enrolled in an aggressive program to find clients that includes, education, mentoring, power-hours and lots of one-to-one support. I am amazed at how much I am learning and why h...
  5. Carol Ebert

    How Wellness Trends Might Reshape Healthcare as We Know It

    You are so fortunate to have a physician who seeks alternatives before meds. I think wellness has a long way to go to break thru some of the old ways of doing things, but those of us in the wellness field will still be out there gently (or maybe not...
  6. After attending the Global Wellness Institute Webinar I was even more than inspired that I had selected the correct profession for me to fit in. Yes – wellness is my passion and profession. Even before I graduated from Nursing School I had the ...
  7. Carol Ebert

    Working from Home: Gift or More Stress

    Have you been relocated from your usual work space to your home turf and still have to do your job? How has that been working for you? I made the transition years ago and at the time it seemed great, but then I realized I missed all my work mates and...
  8. I have never really paid attention to the power of my subconscious mind sabotaging me, even though intuitively I knew something was holding me back from growing my business to the level that I desire. I remember so clearly in high school feeling...
  9. Carol Ebert

    Wanting to start a business

    I just read your posting about wanting to start a business. I am a nurse and wellness coach and have lots of experience as an independent business owner. Would you like to connect? Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 507-313-4515. ...
  10. Before we go there, here is what you need to know about why pleasure is so important for our wellbeing. According to the late bestselling author, psychologist, and lecturer Paul Pearsall, hard work, sacrifice, and self-denial are less important ...
  11. Carol Ebert

    Need a Compassion Tuneup?

    Thanks Mary. I guess I have "tuned up" my level of compassion by sharing all these blogs which means it's working. Just like the old saying "It works if you work it" and I do work it.
  12. Carol Ebert

    Need a Compassion Tuneup?

    Accused of Not Having Any Compassion? My husband always accuses me of not having any compassion, especially toward him when he gets sick! I’m not sure where that comes from but in my early nursing career in the US Navy I was required to get any ...
  13. Dealing with Toxic Energy I am challenged with how to bring that toxic energy down a notch and was reminded about this while on vacation. After spending time in the north woods on a lake, I found that on the last day I had finally settled down a...
  14. Carol Ebert

    Relaxation From Head to Toe

    What a great tool you have discovered. And it is working!
  15. Carol Ebert

    Relaxation From Head to Toe

    I love drumming!