What Do You Really Want?

After 15 years of the ups and downs of being in a home-based business, I’m sharing parts of my journey with you.  It is not easy to leave a steady income with benefits and go out on your own, as noble as that seems.  There are many challenges, roadblocks, learning deficits to overcome plus the need for mentorship, coaching, team support and mind-shifting.  All of this comes because of the burning desire inside of you that calls you to find your own path once and for all.  Nurses Entrepreneurs Article


What Do You Really Want?

Yes I am speaking to YOU the ENTREPRENEUR.

Yes we have done great work as nurses in the system, but you have to honor who you truly are and take the risk to explore that on your own terms.  It has been my experience that if you “settle” for the paycheck while sacrificing your joy, it is not sustainable or healthy for you.  I speak from experience!

Let’s begin

Here is an exercise for you to find out what you really want.  Answer these 5 questions without too much thought.  Just keep going until you have made it through all 5.

  1. What do you really want?
  2. What do you really want?
  3. What do you really want?
  4. What do you really want?
  5. What do you really want?

What did you notice about your answer to the last question? 

Here are my 5 answers as an example.

  1. I want more freedom
  2. I want more money
  3. I want to be free from being controlled
  4. I want to prove I can have a successful wellness business on my own
  5. I want to prove that I have the talent to earn unlimited wealth

Notice that my answer to the last question goes deeper into my belief about myself and the doubts that hold me back from manifesting unlimited wealth.  This is why it is important to keep asking yourself that same question until you finally get down to the real reason you want to be on your own.  This also helps you begin to create a plan for what you need to work on that might be blocking your success.

Creating the Vision

Once you declare what you really want, then you need to create that vision for yourself either on a vision board that  you look at daily or start acting “as if” it already exists and talk about it on a consistent basis.  Actually doing both will accelerate your success in reaching your goal. 

Here are my statements that I speak out loud every day as an example.  Notice they speak as if I already have what I want and they go deeper into feelings rather than just having things.  We have to really FEEL what it would be like so we can activate the “Law of Attraction” vibe.

Instead of saying I want more freedom - I say:

I’m grateful to work with others who are like-minded and support each other’s business growth

Every day I awake thinking about what I can do today to take action toward upward movement by completing meaningful life-changing work.  I totally enjoy the process and the connections with my team and mentors.  They also fulfill my desire to not be alone as I age and have people around me who support and encourage me every day. 

Instead of saying I want more money - I say:

I’m free from worry about money

I am prospering financially from $8000 income each month and watching $2000 be deposited into my checking account every Friday without fail.  I am so excited about this income stream because now all bills are paid easily and effortlessly following the Law of Circulation.  As money flows in it then flows out to support all the services that support me.  A beautiful circular system that I don’t even have to pay attention to.  It just does its own thing and I am free from any worry about money.

Instead of saying I want to be free from being controlled – I say:

I’m having fun working on my own terms

I know what it is like to have fun while working and this experience is great fun.  I now know and enjoy the daily skills that continue to grow my business successfully.  It is fun to be with my team and mentors who show me every day how to enjoy what I do.  I effectively manage my calendar to provide space for business and personal growth so my life remains in balance.

I love using social media as a great tool for finding potential business partners.  My calendar is full every day with new people to talk with, hear their stories, and find out what they are looking for.  My list is growing every day with great conversations. I’m learning about all the different types of people who are looking for an opportunity to break free from those ties that bind in the workplace.  I love connecting with the energy of these wellness entrepreneurs.  What a gift to just visit with them.  Such fun and joy.

Instead of saying I want to prove I can have a successful wellness business on my own – I say:

I’m grateful for my successful business

I am grateful for this business because it allows me to prosper from the work that I do best.  I am great at supporting, coaching, mentoring and educating others. Those others are my fantastic business partners who appreciate the opportunity I have given them and I love cheering them on as they grow into leaders of their own businesses as well. 

Instead of saying I want to prove that I have the talent to earn unlimited wealth - I say:

My skills, experiences and wisdom have created a profitable business

I utilize my skills of creativity, flexibility, modeling a wellness lifestyle, being a servant leader, teaching how to live a healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others to take action on their own lives. I am fulfilled because “being me” has been pivotal in growing my successful wellness business, which is my dream. 

Now that you see how to expand on your answers to the 5 questions, it is your turn to do the same.  Make sure you write it out as if it is already happening so your mind, body and spirit will operate at that level and move you forward toward your goals.  In addition, condense everything you wrote into a daily positive affirmation and read it 3 times each day. 

  1. When you wake up
  2. Before your start to work
  3. Before you go to bed

Remember things happen when you imagine them first so use your imagination to affect the change in your life you desire.  By practicing “feeling the feelings” of what you want they become easier to believe and become a powerful force to attract the steps you need to complete to make it a reality.

Please feel free to share what your dream for your future looks like. 

Inspired by:

Ask and It Is Given.  Esther and Jerry Hicks

Positivity.  Barbara L. Fredrickson, PH.D

Inspiring Role Model for Women in their Third Act

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