What did you do after nursing school graduation?

  1. Hello and happy holidays. I've just graduated nursing school a week ago and now preparing for state boards. After graduation what did you do? Did you take some time off? Did you work? Did you begin applying for jobs? Everyone's answer is different, and I'm curious to see them all. Thanks. :-)
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Quote from mstaurus2016
    After graduation what did you do? Did you take some time off? Did you work? Did you begin applying for jobs? Everyone's answer is different, and I'm curious to see them all.
    After graduation, I stopped at a bar, picked up a couple of hookers, and got an STD.

    Just kidding.

    I continued to work as an LPN in Chemical Dependency treatment, took practice state boards tests, but found a lot of time to unwind. I was a real crispy critter after completing the RN program.

    But- good luck to you, mstaurus!
  4. by   JBudd
    Applied for a job, got the one I wanted, but first went to Puerto Vallarta for a week with my friend (from the 5th grade on!). Took my cap and tassel, have a picture of me on the water at the front of the boat; swim suit and cap on.
  5. by   SopranoKris
    I took the Kaplan live review to prep for NCLEX. Then I took at 10 day vacation before NCLEX. Put the books away and didn't look at anything nursing-related. It was a much-needed break and I came back refreshed and ready to tackle the exam
  6. by   cleback
    Visited my brother in Hawaii for 5 days. Took my NCLEX book with me but still a good time.
  7. by   BSNbeauty
    I went on a cruise, came back and passed my boards.
  8. by   TruvyNurse
    Well I got drunk and burned my God awful polyester white vest and white starched pants I had to wear for clinicals. Then the next day I started my Kaplan review and took the NCLEX 14 days later.
  9. by   Everline
    I took the Kaplan review and also studied with the NCSBN review as well. I didn't apply to jobs until after the exam. Other than that, I truly enjoyed the freedom of being DONE with nursing school, as it wasn't my favorite thing, lol. I was so happy to have graduated, so I took a day or two to enjoy that feeling. After NCLEX I aggressively searched for a job and found one relatively quickly. I had no idea what was in store for me. Let's just say I'm glad those days are over and that I hung in there and worked hard to be where I am today. Congrats on graduating!
  10. by   That Guy
    I had a job before I graduated so I had about 2 weeks off before orientation started. I went back home and stayed with my friends and family. Didn't touch anything nursing that entire time.
  11. by   Sour Lemon
    I bought a review book, but never read it. I ended up taking a mini vacation and going to Disneyland, instead.
  12. by   Kitiger
    I signed up to work float, nights, at my hospital (Diploma grad here, so I was ready to work float). I figured working float would help me cement my knowledge, and I could always switch to a regular floor when I was ready. I worked as a GN (Graduate Nurse) until I took Boards.

    NCLEX didn't exist back then. Nursing Boards took 2 days, with 5 separate tests, and was offered twice a year. If a GN didn't pass boards, she/he was immediately demoted to Nurse's Aide.

    Once I passes boards and earned my RN, I continued to work float for about a year.
  13. by   abbnurse
    I went to a bar with my sister and some friends, and my sister became annoyed as the evening went on, because people kept buying me drinks when they found out I'd graduated from nursing school that day!

    In those days, we worked on Interim Permits until passing Boards ; in my state exams took place four times a year. I went to work about four days after graduation, took Boards three months later, and passed!

    Congratulations, and good luck in the future !
  14. by   AutumnApple
    I started working, literally, the week after graduation. Finished school on Friday, weekend off, started orientation on Wednesday. Three days orientation, then full time on the floor orienting the next week. I didn't mind, I did have a four day weekend.

    I had to request off for the graduation ceremony.

    This worked fine for me because, I'm one of those people who have trouble returning to work after a vacation. I honestly have to force myself into work after I've been off a week. It's really bad. I once got to take two weeks in a row off and I'm not even going to say how much I had to tell myself "No, no calling off" when it was time to go back. Since I only had four days to myself, a mini-vacation, my head stayed "in the game". With my head where it needed to be, I didn't put off taking the boards.