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  1. I accidentally mixed up two patients medications. It was in LTC and the gentlemen looked extremely similar with the same last name. Luckily nothing bad happened but I lost a lot of sleep over that one.
  2. Just accepted the job.. then this...

    Hehe I had to laugh at the TMI. If you can't tell us nurses, who can you tell?!
  3. Nurse Imposters

    She is misrepresenting herself. This could be dangerous especially if she gives wrong "nurse advice." I'd be contacting my BON.
  4. New grad RN jobs best during NP program

    You'd have to do some research about the residencies to find out about the PT. And my program is full time, hence why I work just under part time. And I admire you for being so driven, heck fresh out of nursing school I had no idea that I'd ever be g...
  5. New grad struggling to land first job

    Sometimes we dont start in jobs we are thrilled about. My first job was in Peds and I NEVER saw myself doing it. It wasnt bad and it was a job until I could land what I really wanted to do. Maybe try some LTC just for experience, learning and to get ...
  6. New grad on busy med surg floor needing some advice.

    Welcome to Med Surg! I promise it gets better! It's the toughest job you'll ever love. I felt unorganized until I made a brain sheet for my patients. Between med passes and treatments I'd research their case. Review their labs, understand doctors ord...
  7. New nurse with ASN

    I'd say take a break from school. You're valuable as you are! You'll be able to find work with an ASN. Get comfortable with your new role, then go back to school. :)
  8. How Not to be the New Grad Everyone Hates

    Always remember.. 1) Nursing School and Real Life are night and day difference 2) Accept correction and criticism and learn from it 3) Don't be a know it all, your GPA doesn't matter to your coworkers. 4) Don't act entitled. You're probably going t...
  9. New grad RN jobs best during NP program

    Hello OP! You sure sounds gutsy and that is awesome. Let me give you a little advice... I STRONGLY recommend getting at LEAST 3 years in an ICU, ER or Med/Surg. This is help you so much for school. I am currently in an FNP program but I've been a nur...
  10. Dr Google scares me

    One word...vaccines. Blogger moms say healthcare workers are "corrupt." I was once accused as an RN of receiving a kick back for every shot I gave. I wish!
  11. Tattoos in the workplace

    I am pro tattoo all the way! I've never had any issues with patients (well maybe one who made a snide comment) but even in my FNP clinicals I've yet to have a problem with my visible tattoos. However, I believe there are good tattoos and trashy look...
  12. Opposite Sex Coworker Social Boundaries

    I don't see anything wrong with your BBQ. You worked with these ladies and you DID invite their spouses. Forgive me but I think your wife is overreacting a tad. Now if you were constantly going out for drinks without your wife knowing or their spouse...
  13. nurses eat their young

    What do you define as bullying? Some young nurses these days consider constructive criticism to be "bullying"....
  14. Friend is sending FB requests to all ICU/ER nurses

    This is bizarre. I would be weirded out if the girl that sent me 8 friend requests suddenly started working with me on the floor. She will learn the hard way.
  15. FNP Student with kids

    I am in your boat!! I have 2 semesters left of my FNP program. I have a 16 month old and a 2 month old. I also work part time. Thankfully I have a great daycare and a supportive husband. That being said I've had to put things like reading for pleasur...