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5-month-old baby sent from the clinic 10 miles away for a respiratory workup. Baby arrived in an infant carrier with a heavy furry blanket over him. Remove that blanket and find Baby resting on top... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
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    :uhoh21: :uhoh21: :uhoh21: TazziRN, I am really confused now. I know you can't report something BEFORE it happens.
    You asked if I hotlined her. I can't because what she did happened before she arrived in my ER. I can't prove that she drove the baby down unrestrained. When the baby left my ER he was properly restrained. All I could do was flag the chart for social services so that someone can make a home visit.
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    Another instance involved a dog riding loose in the back of a pick-up with no tail gate. The driver slammed on the brakes. The dog flew out of the truck and landed on the hood of the vehicle following behind. The lab broke the windshield upon impact. Thankfully no one (including the dog) was hurt.
    How is that possible? :spin:
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    I doubt anyone will be surprised because the trend here is the same as with all crime in the US-if you are a rich and white you have a much better chance of getting away with murder in this country.
    Wow. I didn't know OJ was white.
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    Wow. I didn't know OJ was white.
    LOL! I guess the previous comment could be modified to say "rich and white or rich and a celebrity". Whether or not he's white seems more a matter of state of mind than melanin.
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    How is that possible? :spin:
    God's intervention for both the dog and the person driving the car. Actually dogs fall out of pick ups all the time no road rash or no injury at at all. Kind of depends on the speed, the fall, the surface, the weight of the dog and several other factors. All I know is that when they get hurt, they ususally break something expensive ie. spiral fracture to the femur or require extensive wound care for the lacerations. People are better off not to allow their dogs to ride unrestrained in the back of a pick-up or open bed of a truck. It is safer for the other drivers, dog, and the owner's wallet. This it at the top of my Stupid Owner Sydrome (SOS) list. Wish we could charge more for SOS's.

  6. by   rnetd
    YES I HATE STUPIDITY TOO BUT LOOK AROUND Do you know in NJ students on a school bus are not required to wear seat belts? Do you know that a nurse or paramedic in the back of an ambulance are not required to wear seat belts? Stupidity? Its down right assinine, But what do we know we deal with the crap that rolls on in.
  7. by   Sugar9486
    I know that some many of the heartbreaking and many times fatal accidents involving some children incorrectly restrained are English speaking people who are in fact "dumb" because they just do not obide by the laws like everyone should. These laws are in place to save lives. Obviously if the women that you spoke to could tell you what the law was then she understood, however many times it is because (when the person is "foriegn" or does not speak english) they do not understand the law.. I have seen many times in my area that this happens and the reason being that people are not properly educated on the laws in the United States. The hospital that I work at checks car seats before an infant leaves the hospital, but that doesn't help them when the infant get older and has to change seats. For this reason the police in many of the local police stations will check car seats free of charge and we give patients this information before we they leave the hospital. I don't know if these services are offered in other areas, but maybe this should be looked into.

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    5-month-old baby sent from the clinic 10 miles away for a respiratory workup. Baby arrived in an infant carrier with a heavy furry blanket over him. Remove that blanket and find Baby resting on top of another one....with the seat's safety straps under that! After eval and treatment, as part of his discharge, I spoke with mom via an interpreter about the carrier and the child safety seat law. First the mom lies and says that she put the blanket under Baby when they got to the hospital. I confronted her on that and she just laughed. When I asked her if she knew what the law was, she was able to recite it. Her brother drove her and Baby to the ER and he tried to excuse it by saying "I'm a very safe driver."

    I am so tired of the stupidity, and stupidity is just what it is. Just around Thanksgiving there was an SUV rollover, with a 2-month-old ejected and killed. Two older kids in the car were badly injured, as well as the grandma. The baby's mom was driving down the freeway, Grandma was in the back seat changing baby's diaper, and the two older kids were in seats but improperly restrained.

    There is no excuse for this county all medicaid moms who get prenatal care go through a program and get free strollers and carseats, and they're taught how to use those carseats.

    How many more children have to die before this stops???
    I asked the same question in 1969 about children having access to guns and killing a little friend or sibling. Why are the ADULTS in the USA soooooo STUPID ???????? AND WHY DO THE CHILDREN HAVE TO SUFFER ? I sat at a red light next to a group of 2 adults and 2 children in a car without seatbelts. I asked them why they didn't have the children in carseats and the MAN in the passenger seat asked me if it was my business. I replied," Probably if you don't have insurance." He gave me the WAVE and they took off. Of course the children saw that too. We are just asking for a generation of more stupid adults !!!!!!!!!!! What IS the answer?
  9. by   LeahJet
    Quote from gimmie12
    I asked the same question in 1969 about children having access to guns and killing a little friend or sibling. Why are the ADULTS in the USA soooooo STUPID ???????? AND WHY DO THE CHILDREN HAVE TO SUFFER ?
    A tad off topic but more children die in swimming pools than from accidental GSW's.
    Are swimming pool owners stupid?
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    wow... thats crazy... I was involved in a car accident where this lady pulled out from a parking into on coming traffic... well boom i hit her.... i checked myself first then got out and checked on them and saw that her little girl was unrestrained after asked if they were okay... and they were thank god but after i wanted to grab the mother and punch her for having her child unbuckled... it could have been bad I was driving my pick up and she was in a tiny little thing... aarrggg it makes mad just thinking what could have happened... C'mon people it takes 2 seconds to strap in...
  11. by   TazziRN
    One day just last year I had a 3-yr-old brought in, tied down to a backboard and screaming bloody murder. He and Mom had gone shopping, Mom had pulled out of a parking lot and was t-boned. Junior was sitting in his carseat but was not buckled in, and got tossed out through the opposite window. The angels were looking out for that child because all hie ended up with was a small abrasion on his scalp. Mom ended up with a ticket as well as lectures from the medic, cops, doc, and the nurses.

    Mom's excuse?

    "We weren't going that far."
  12. by   Grammie1
    Talk about stupid, my husbands niece let(s) all three of her children go unbelted in their vehicles. Has from birth. She is the sister of a state policewoman, the daughter of a recently retired state policeman who just happened to be a post commander, not to mention my husband being an EMT and me being a paramedic. Neither of us have ever been able to talk any sense into her, and apparently her father doesn't care. Now the oldest is going to be driving in another year. It makes me furious.
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    On the subject of stupidity and children in cars... Parents who smoke with their children in the car with them enrage me:angryfire ! It bothers me even more than unrestrained kids in a car. I just cringe when I see a little kid strapped in a car seat in the back of a car while Mom is puffing a Newport with only a little sliver of driver's side window down for ventilation. We all know smoking and second hand smoke is harmful, there is just no excuse.
    The other day I stopped for gas and when I pulled in there was a car with, I am assuming, a Mom and Dad smoking in front seats and two toddlers and a 4 year old in the back. The Mom was ahead of me in line in the store and I guess she must have known the cashier because when the cashier asked her how her kids were she said, "They have been sick for two weeks now, they have colds and are coughing up a storm." At this point I just could not hold my tounge any longer and told her "I know this is none of my business, and I am only mentioning it because you may not know, but having your children cooped up in a car and in the house with you while you smoke can greatly attribute to theie respiratory illness and can cause further damage, possibly leading to asthma and other problems."
    Needless to say, she did have a great epiphany right there in the store and vow to never harm her kids like that again. In fact she bought a carton of cigarettes, looked me directly in the eye on her way out the door, lit a cigarette, and walked back to her car.
    Sigh, sometimes I wish people needed a license to breed.
    Now THIS I completely agree with you on...and as a matter of fact, some local governments in the northeast have made it illegal to smoke in your own car if someone else is a passenger and under the legal age of 18. YYAAAAYYYY...finally a piece of legislation that was well thought out and , duh, necessary to protect people (yet again) from their own stupidity. If only people realized how what they do affects others.

    Have a great day...