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CMA at Cancer Treatment Center

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  1. prowlingMA

    Oregon LPN schools

    I know there are about 20 schools in Oregon who offer LPN programs. Are there any that should be avoided? Any that have a good reputation? Are they as hard to get into as nursing programs?
  2. prowlingMA

    What would you do?

    I am a medical assistant, have been for 6 years and really enjoy the job. However the top income potential right now is around $18 an hour. I originally wanted to go into nursing but life and other things got in the way,so I went to MA school. I am really interested in operating room nursing and postmortem care, or autopsy assistant. What would be the best and/or fastest way to get to these goals? Go to nursing scholl? or something else? Please let me know you r oppinions. Thanks,
  3. prowlingMA

    7 yo with Schizophrenia on Oprah

    There was a special on Discovery Health about the same little girl called " Born Schizophrenic'. Having a family member who committed suicide due to schizophrenia ( and two other family members diagnosed) is was very hard and emotional to watch. I too questioned why they would have another child while the older one was having so many issues and hadn't been diagnosed yet. But, I think they were doing the best they could to give the 2 kida as normal a life as possible. I know I would not be strong enough to deal with this child every day. I am in awe of Psych nurses and know tht those who have served our family did the very best they could.
  4. prowlingMA

    The Suicide Tourist

    One1's links giv there clearing verbage of the laws as they are now. Living in Oregon I see some of this first hand. At the Oncology clinic I work for our doctors are willing to write perscriptions for these patients to take at home on their own by their own hand. Most care homes have their own protocols that do not allow them to perticipate in any form of assisted suicide.So just because a person qualifies there is other red tape that may come in the way. By the numbers it is actually rare for an assisted suicide pt to follow through with suicide. Often the prescription is a comfort to them that they can have some control over their own body. However on the other hand we have had a patient commit suicide by gun shot after hearing his diagnosis. So in my opinion I would much rather have my loved one take pills or drink and have a more peaceful death than a gun shot.
  5. prowlingMA

    My Dad......

    Working in an Oncology office I can see some of your anxiety. These kind of issues can be very scary and emotional. But it sounds like the Dr.s are doing their research and finding what exactly is happening. You sound to be very attentive and not jumping to conclusions. If you have any questions for them ask them. It is better to have all the info. than to assume anything or randomly " google" internet info. Best wishes for you and your dad in this journey and hopefully things will come to a positive conclusion.
  6. prowlingMA

    New Grad Jobs in Oregon???

    Welcome to Oregon. The major facilities in this area are OHSU, Providence Health System,Legacy Health System, Adventist, and Tuality. They each have several hospitals in the area. Online applying is the fastest way to get your resume in.
  7. I have 2 gross out to add. The first being oral cancer pt. I looked like she had a giant white gum ball in her mouth. When i leaned down to get her vitals, the smell hit me. Litterally the smell of death coming out of her mouth. The second is another breast cancer. The doctor called me into the room to dress the area. It looked like puss covered cauliflower. White and bumpy, and the smell of rotting flesh. It was roughly the sixe of a grape fruit. Yuck!
  8. prowlingMA

    Curious About a New Procedure

    From an article I have ready- it is very new, in clinical trials, they are placing ports int the peritoneal cavity and the chemo is then infused to wash over the affected area. supposedly causes less side effects that systemic IV chemo.
  9. prowlingMA

    Funny Websites or Blogs With Nursing or Hosp Stuff

    I really like Dr.Grumpy in the House. It is really funny.
  10. prowlingMA

    Charting blood draws in an office

    We have a template "questionaire" that we do. We enter: time, R or L, ac or other site, # and color of tubes drawn.
  11. prowlingMA

    How does your medical office flow?

    I work in a Oncology office so things may be a little different. -Walk ins- hate 'em, we have a triage nurse that can usually address most of the issues or triage them to schedule an appointment. You could appoint one person to deal with all walkins. -Demographics are updated at every visit. -Cell phone are a no no in patient care areas. I have gone to managers to talk to a coworker who is constantly on their cell. ( I personally don't get why people need to be on the phone all the time, you will see your family tinight hang up and do your job) -we have 3 receptionists that rotate for breaks, so there is always someone at the desk. You could suggest having a sign that say" the receptionist is away, please have a seat and she will be right with you". If it is a constant thing I would talk to them or a manager. -We try to get all walkins issues delt with while they are here, but sometimes there is no time and they are asked to schedule and come back. I hope this helps,
  12. prowlingMA


    A Dr. I work for was on Mystery Diagnosis.They came to our office and filmed the scenes of the patient getting care. They were very nice and asked lots of questions to get accurate information. It was fun seeing it on TV.
  13. prowlingMA

    MA verses LPN

    Advice from a CMA. If you want to be a RN eventually I would say go for the LPN. If you want to stay as an MA then go the MA route. It really depends on what your eventual goal is. Having been a CMA for 5 years now.I am happy with my choice. School for only 9 months.I work Monday-Friday 9-5. Weekends off. No holidays. But little room for advancement later on. Pay in my area is a little less that an LPN would make but not much. A LPN often start on swing or night shift. Newbies often have to work weekends and holidays. But room to advance to RN if that is your goal.
  14. prowlingMA

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    Working in an Alzheimers home you see some funny stuff. One day a little man calls me over " hurry hurry come quick". I come over by him and he lets a big fart. I busted out laughing.
  15. prowlingMA

    How many of your hospitals/clinics offer alternative medicine?

    The clinic I work at has a massage therapist come maybe once a month who does sliding scale fee. A lot of the staff get massages when he is here too. We also have a meditation room ( which no one ever uses). Another hospital in the area has yoga for cancer patients and several other alternative therapies.
  16. prowlingMA

    CPR certification

    I would keep up your cert. anyway, so it is one less thing to do in school. It is not too expensive through the Red Cross or other agencies.