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LeahJet has 10 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in ICU,ER.

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  1. Flu Cases

    Excellent point!
  2. Flu Cases

    All due respect, but I think that by the time a patient goes to the cath lab or to ICU, they are truly in need of medical care. Walk a few miles in our shoes and be expected to give "high energy skill and attention" to the MASSES of NON urgent patien...
  3. How do you deal with Non-Urgent Patients

    We have been doing the exact same thing for the past month now and I've gotta tell you.........I LOVE IT!!! There are two other hospitals in town and I've heard that they are feeling it. (All of our non-emergent abusers are going over to them) I don...
  4. Flu Cases

    I'm sorry for your health problems and misdiagnosis. However, I still stand by my opinion. I really couldn't tell from the wording in your post, but I think you may have been trying to convey that I may have not had compassion for my 86 year old vet...
  5. Flu Cases

    Call me insensitive, but I totally agree with the whole "whiner" thing. People don't seem to realize that life is not perfect..... ya DO get sick every once and a while. The last I heard, there is no cure for the Flu or the common cold yet. Do they e...
  6. How do you deal with Non-Urgent Patients

    Just updating my previous post..... We've been doing the "medical screening" process for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, I REALLY like it. We are collecting three times as much as before and an average of about 15-20 non-emergent pts. a day ...
  7. Advise on how to deal "bossy" colleagues?

    I tend to give them a blank stare for a few seconds and then go back to what I was doing. That usually gets my point across better than any words I could say.
  8. How do you deal with Non-Urgent Patients

    Oh yes, we are a Medicaid heavy area. But you see, they have only so many "punches" on their card. And to be honest, just making them pay 3 dollars is good for our morale!
  9. How do you deal with Non-Urgent Patients

    We are starting something in our ED next week that everyone is really excited about. If the patient is triaged a 4 or 5, they go to a small exam room with a nurse practitioner for their medical screening. If the NP agrees this pt. is non-urgent, they...
  10. Fibromyalgia

    Fair (pale), Fat, Forty-ish, Female.......... "Fibro" Not saying ALL Fibro patients fit this demographic, but does anyone else notice the trend? I had a patient once that was "end stage Fibromyalgia". Drama.
  11. Ever had an ex-boyfriend, or someone you didn't like as a patient?

    One day in our ER, a male co-worker asked me to go straight cath the lady in Minor 2. When I looked at her chart, I saw it was my boyfriend's Ex-wife!! Ew. Didn't EVEN want to go there!!:uhoh21:
  12. Rules for the ER (long)

    Oh man...I have SO had that same idea.
  13. Would this happen at your ER?

    Sorry for your bad experience. If I weren't busy, I would have gladly helped you. And if I were busy, I would have asked one of my co-workers to help you out. I have been an ER/ICU nurse for 10 years and in 4 states. I have learned a few things over ...
  14. What do you love about ER nursing?

    A little bit of this....a little bit of that....nothing lasts too long. Suits me to a tee.:)
  15. Fibromyalgia

    You are exactly right, Tom. I once triaged someone that said she was in "end stage Fibromyalgia". No joke.