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Hello, all! I am a seven-month old nurse, for those who don't know me. I float between a Level II transitional nursery and a Level III Neo-ICU. The other night, I showed up at work... Read More

    Originally posted by KristiWhite2377
    Oh, not to mention that when I came home, my husband yelled at me and told me 'F*** you' about ten times when I refused to do anything but go to bed and sleep. I have a migraine.
    WOW! Ya know, I had all kinds of comments I wanted to make about your day at work, but it's this comment that struck me the most.

    I expect to take s**t at work. It happens. When I come home, that crap stops. I'm suposed to be nurtured at home (ala Dennie's thread). If my husband ever uttered those words to me, he would be stumblin around the bushes in the yard with a bleeding stump looking for his manhood.

  2. by   Furball
    I'm with Heather on this one...I literally gasped at that last statement. must've felt like going postal at that point and who would've blamed you? Certainly not me.

    What on earth did your hubby expect when you came home after working all night? If the answer is sex definitely go with Heather's idea of having him stumbling around with a bleeding stump searching for his "manhood". My Gawd!!
  3. by   misti_z
    I have nightmares about those kind of nights. I was stressed just reading it.

    I am sooooooooooo sorry.


    P.S. I hope you threw something at your husband!
  4. by   oramar
    I wouldn't blame you if you never set foot in that place again. You better do something about that husband also, screaming obsenities is abuse. You do not strike me as a person who would put up for long with abuse by employer or significant other.
  5. by   shay

    First--WORK: file an incident report, and as badbird said, definitely let it 'slip' how interesting it would be if this story were 'accidentally' leaked to the local media. Also, file a complaint with the local B.O.N., and if your county has an ombudsman, get in touch with him/her stat. NrsKaren makes an excellent point....fill out the assignment in protest form BEFORE you accept the assignment, that way your license and your legal behind are covered.

    Second--YOUR HUSBAND: that is verbal abuse. Period. Verbal abuse and such angry behavior (especially after such a horrible night...) foreshadow physical abuse in the future. If my husband had done such a thing, my suitcase would have been packed and I would have slept at either a friend's house or a hotel that night. This man shows signs of violence. Please take what I am saying very, VERY seriously. Many abused women state that this is often how their husbands 'started.' It only gets worse when you get pregnant. I do not want you to end up dead at the hands of this man. Both you and he need counseling.

    Praying for you. Good luck.
  6. by   prmenrs
    Kristi--UNBELIEVABLE!!! I do NOT understand how they left you like that. Who does the staffing? Why did a NM NOT come in to help? And WHAT in God's green heaven was hubby yelling about? The windshield? I hope you have been able to get rested and that you have DOCUMENTED your night from he11, with copies retained by you as well as going to CEO, Director of your unit (MD), nsg director and State Board. Not only were the babies LIVES at risk, so was your LICENSE!!!! Talk about risk management!! or lack thereof.

    Lastly, submit the bill from the windshield to the hospital. Night shift should get preferential parking, as close to the hospital as possible.

    I don't suppose you've considered resigning. I might if I found my a** hanging out to dry like that.

    Let us know how it's going. {{{{KRISTI}}}}
  7. by   Teshiee
    Like I said people will treat you the way you let them get away with it. First of all it is not your responsibility to super save a unit that has no nurse to staff. That was messed up. Not to mention your license. Some facilities wonder why nurses are in short supply. That was unacceptable to say the least. You did not have to accept that assignment. No state boards would condemn a nurse for not accepting an assignment that would hurt the patient in the long run. I would have declined refused to work in those conditions. That is so wrong. They left you hanging and thank goodness nothing went wrong they would have used you as a scape goat! I have been a RN 2 years and seen the bull shyte they do on some of these units. Please be careful. Know your rights. Don't ever accept conditions like that.

    I worked on a Rehab floor and the staff was trying to railroad me like that. I simply picked up my clip board and told them I am not accepting this assignment please call the nursing manager. It is funny how you find someone to work when you let them know you arent tolerating that mess. As a new nurse don't learn the hard way. Let that be a warning to what fellow nursing will do to you if you let it.
  8. by   BugRN
    Kristi, WOW, Sounds like HELL to me!!Both at work and at home. PLEASE document this,file a report, insist on talking w/ your manager. Don't let it slide. Stay angry and let them know how unsafe you were. It's nights like that that somehow we always pull through by the skin of our teeth, but then we hear "See you did it w/ only one nurse maybe you really don't need more!" Also hubby needs a good slap of reality, I agree w/ past posters, let him walk just one night in your shoes, he doesn't have a clue! you deserve better!!! Stay sane!! HUGS!!
  9. by   zudy
    Kristi, I feel so bad for you, I can hardly put it into words. If this ever happens again, refuse to accept report. hugs to you!!
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    Wow, Kristi. I read this yesterday and didn't respond because I wanted to read it again today to see if it was really as bad as I thought. It was worse the second time! It's like those rerun nightmares - you know where it's heading and can't do anything about it but hope you wake up.

    First, I admire the hell out of you for working there under the best of circumstances. I couldn't do newborn care, no way, no how, and if I was dropped in a situation like that, the residents in the morning would have found one more very large white-clad baby fetally positioned in the corner crying louder than the rest...

    Your biggest boss needs to know about this now, in all the graphic detail you presented here, and know that you will never EVER be in such a position again. Incident reports should be filed for near misses where it was only complete sh*thouse luck that something didn't go completely horribly bad (and certainly not to in any way question your skills - just saying, as you are no doubt aware in any specialty, it only takes one to go bad on you to shoot the whole night.) The supervisor who allowed you to be in a position like that needs to never ever again have the responsibility of staffing your unit. Did he/she even think about checking in on you at any point? Was there the remotest inkling that this is a horrendous breach in the duty of care we have to our tiniest and most helpless patients?

    I have no ability to respnd coherently to this post. I can only quote you: OH. MY. GOD.
  11. by   imenid37
    i was once left w/ 14 well babies and i wrote a big long as e-mail to my director. i accepted the assignment ('cause no help was available), but noted that this was an unfafe assignment and that should anything happen because of the # and acuity of the babies, 3 new admits including an 11 lb'er w/ labile blood sugars, i would not accept responsibility as i had been left by my employer in unsafe circumstances. well, the day co-ordinato rb*tch accused me of not being a team player (like she was!) because i dared gripe about this assinment and wrote me up because a set of twins were in one anoter's cribs. i never picked up two babies at once, so i could not have switched them. i told her go for baby! do i care? i think mom nursed them and then put them in the wrong crib or mom's nurse who already had tons of her own pt's did it! so what! they were not ill, they were in the same uterus together for 8.5 months! i still have the e-mail 6 or 7 years later and told them, i'd never take an assignment like this again. i never did. i quit several months later. this pales in comparison to your situation. it is really outrageous and very unsafe. pull the awhonn standards for special care babies, if they have them. i know it is 6-8 HEALTHY newborns per RN (not aide, not LPN).

    that hubby of yours owes you a big-time apology. what an a$$! do something nice for yourself, honey. life is too short to put up w/ this kind of crap. take care. you sound like wonderful nurse, don't let anyone take advantage of you like this again.
  12. by   canoehead
    Kristi- just wanted to add my voice to all this good advice. To get nailed by our employers is one thing, and seems to happen all the time, but your husband should have apologized and made you supper when you got up. If he didn't he is an ass IMHO.

    How did your next night go at work-and did they thank you for pulling through so well? And is that float EVER going to come back to help on your unit? (I think not)
  13. by   delirium
    I just wanted to see how you are, how you are feeling, what you've done to follow up about the horrendous situation you were in.
    I hope you did something nice for yourself, and I sincerely hope you don't have another night like that again.
    Take care.