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  1. Old Nursing School Question

    Does anyone know if there was ever a hospital nursing school in Tifton, GA? Or has anyone ever heard of Coastal Plain Hospital?
  2. "Gaming" Games for Nursing subjects?

    There is this game
  3. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    Dude you bring up some good points. I worked in OB for years. We did L/D, OB triage, nursery, GYNs. We even went on ambulance transports with patients. I was fine to take whatever type of those patients. There were nurses who only did labor or a...
  4. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    It is called dual enrollment. Our college has an agreement with several state and private universities to take some BSN classes while finishing their ADN. For some students, it is great. Others cannot handle it. They cannot get the BSN degree until t...
  5. Should I quit my program?

    You are right. There are many students experiencing great stress right now. However, the expectation for all students should be the same. The reality is that whether you are 20 and living at home with your parents or a 40 year old single parent work...
  6. What is up with the level of entitlement?

    There is a lot going on with new nurses. Those who just finished in December or June had their clinicals and in person classes impacted by Covid. Virtual Sims and Case studies are great but they do not cut it. Lots of the reality, prioritizing, and o...
  7. ADN to CNM Bridge

    My daughter is in school for MSN/CNM. She started with an ADN. She got her BSN online after she had been a nurse for aabout 10 years. She could have gone back sooner, but she was happy with the ADN until the hospitals in our area, really started to ...
  8. SRNAs demeaning other DNP specialties

    I guess it is a bunch of generic CRNA students who think they know it all and are better than others. I am a CNS in a DNP program. We have a lot of practicing CRNAs. They are smart, articulate, and well mannered people. We have been in groups togethe...
  9. Can We Talk About Nurse Suicide?

    I have been so low, I have thought about it for months at a time. Right now, I am doing pretty well. I had a person who was my boss who was a liar and a narcissist. She violated our HR policy and interviewed and hired another outside person for a po...
  10. I hate fake call outs.

    So really why do you need to work an extra weekend when you take vacation? It is a 24/7/365 operation. I worked at a place where we got no weekend diff. We always had to cover our weekend off, even though we were paid on Sat like it was Tuesday! I g...
  11. RN school while in High School?

    There used to be a lot of vo-tech high schools with an LPN track. I think accreditation rules pushed most of the LPN programs into trade schools and colleges. I just tried to look this up and I see Fairfax County VA still offers an LPN program for H...
  12. So because she may have had a coag disorder, does that excuse this patient assaulting her? It is like a pregnant woman being hit in the abdomen and dying of an abruption. Does that mean the attacker should get a pass because the woman chose to be p...
  13. nurse educator options (need advice)

    Loved being a unit educator. Stupidest thing I did was to quit. Academia has a better schedule, but a few students can really make it or break it. They have a lot of "rights" even when obviously in the wrong!
  14. Anyone else been turned off to academia?

    I like the schedule and I like creating materials. Working with most of the students is great, but some are very challenging. Personally, I don't think the rigor of school prepares the students very well for practice. We entertain too much griping an...
  15. CNS for Later?

    I wish you luck. Your passion is admirable. I would say if you get the CNS degree and don't practice as a CNS immediately, it could be an issue. There also may be issues finding a preceptor. Doing something like nursing professional development may ...