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  1. by   TheCommuter
    I started attending an LPN/LVN program at age 23, and became initially licensed an an LVN about a month before turning 25.

    I started attending an LPN-to-RN bridge program (ADN) about a month before turning 28, and attained RN licensure at age 29.
  2. by   nursel56
  3. by   deflowerkidRN
    I was 18 when I started working in a hospital as a US/MT in the Telemetry and ICU, I became an RN at the age of 23.
  4. by   GooeyRN
    22 as an LPN, 24 as an RN. I am 32 now.
  5. by   lakepapa
    Graduated with a BSN when I was 50 years old. Critical care in Level 1 hospitals ever since. Got my 58th coming up soon. Don't see myself staying in the ICU forever though (work is very physically demanding). Been thinkin' about hospice as a "retirement" job.
  6. by   FA2Nurse
    31 for my ADN. but I've already got a BA and MHA. s
    I'll go on and get my MSN/NP or maybe even PhD NP. (haven't decided)

    but I'm pretty much done with careers. I'll move in and out of the floor and management. Already have a job close to 100K. So I'm good
  7. by   HAYNURSE
    Graduated in 2005 with RN degree at the ripe old age of 55. I have not had a second thought about it sonce. I work in a small hospital in Washington state. 8 bed. I am the med/surg, ED, and acute care I have one aide to assist. Love it...
  8. by   BreeeRN
    22 RN
  9. by   ebear
    21 RN busted my arse and went year round with >credit hours.
  10. by   free2224
    I was 22 when i got my LPN and 31 when I got my RN!!
  11. by   ICU_RN_BSN
    17 as a CNA will be 22 as an RN. First nursing school class started today!!!
  12. by   jahra
    23 RN
  13. by   HappyNurse2005
    23 when I graduated and became a RN. Will be 32 in 2013 when I garduate grad school and become CNM