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This may not belong in this forum but it will have nursing issues involved. On October 30th my 9yo child was ran down by another child on his mountain bike. I say ran down because this is what he... Read More

  1. by   tgb3rn
    [quote=cota2k;1978664]$1,0000. Hmmm. I hate to bring this up, does this relate to malpractice limitation? Would a million dollars have made it up to your daughter? Never. [quote]

    Not sure where you are comming from with this one. The figure quoted in here is 1000.00---one Thousand, and who ever mentioned anything about malpractice anything? Am I just missing your point?
  2. by   nuberianne_RN
    I can't believe some people want the father to get over it. :icon_evil:Anyways......

    Did you get a police report? Make sure you get a second opinion from another attorney about the $1000 limitations. One more thought, just because there is a limit to the amount you can be awarded for medical bills does not necessarily mean that is the only thing you can sue for. You said that your daughter stayed home from school for a month, sounds like pain and suffering to me. I would ask a lawyer if that is something that can be compensated for above and beyond the $1000 for medical bills.

    Some of you probably think that suing does not solve anything. Maybe it won't solve anything for you, but I bet it will make those punk parents think about watching their punk kid before he runs over someone else. It might also make that little snot (yes I called him a little snot!!!!!) think twice before he rolls on the wrong kid who shoots back instead of crying to mommy and daddy.
  3. by   nursecher
    That really ticks me off. :angryfire The neighbor kid definitely has some type of issues that need to be resolved. He is violent, impulsive, and out of control. It is obvious that parenting skills are contributing. I am so sorry about what happened to your daughter and your family. I have kids and therefore, have great empathy for you. Good Luck in however you decide to proceed.
  4. by   PeachPie
    Please try to press further charges. That kid is only going to get worse, as he obviously has no knowledge of right and wrong and no good examples to teach him. He sounds like a sociopath in the making.
  5. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from jimthorp
    Sounds to me like some country justice is in order!
    ...and how!

    Also, my son was bullied by this rotten little creep at a church social. After threatening to tear his head off, I called the sherriff's department who told me to go to the court house and file a juvenile assault charge.
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  6. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from justjenny
    Again, I am shocked by the flames and angry words on this thread....I thought posting on allnurses was something I could do without judgement...guess not.
    I am finding it hard to believe you have children...
  7. by   morte
    you could take this one of two nurses we know, paper trail, paper trail......return to police and firmly insist that the child/parents be cited...even if it goes nowhere the paper trail has been started....then "drop a dime" to social services or the local equivalent...this child is both being neglected and is out of control.

    now the other direction (if you can afford it) is to invite this kid over, couple times a week, feed him dinner, supervise him, set an example for him, and let him SEE what this has caused your daughter......of course he would only be allowed in the house if you were there! the interaction with persons with a healthy family would be good for this kid......

    as i said two totally different directions......good luck
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Whenever our children are involved, emotions can run high as evidenced by this thread. Let's take a break from this and I think we all agree that as much as we may like to punish this child, it is out of our hands. As several posters indicated, it may be better to just let it go, for everyone's sake.