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KnoxWarEagle has 12 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER, Surgery, Med-Surg, Pediatrics.

Worked in Medical Videography, Pharmaceutical Sales, Hospital and Primary care nursing

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  1. KnoxWarEagle

    What's your holiday bonus?

    I work for a physican for 4 years and got a bonus of $200. I left the practice and worked Pharmaceutical Sales for 3 years and just left that to come back to nursing. Because I left and have only been there for a month I only got $50. It's more that the hospitals ever gave me and my Pharma bonus was only $50 for Xmas too.
  2. KnoxWarEagle

    I know I've asked this before....

    That is awesome MBA!!!!! Congrats!!! I basically STALKED the dean of the nursing school to get in (12 years ago...UGH!). It paid off. I hope you love it! Just know there are so many different areas to work. If you get tired of one just switch!
  3. KnoxWarEagle

    I know I've asked this before....

    Depends on the school and if you are utilizing class credits from your prior degree. I got a BS in Biology and then went back and got a BSN. I used the initial credits from Biology to count towards my BSN. I graduated with a 2.9(4.0) in biology (had too much fun) so I had to make a 3.6 every quarter of nursing school to come out with a 3.0. When I have interviewed, each employer has always asked for my Nursing school GPA separate from the first.
  4. KnoxWarEagle

    Do you regret being a nurse

    Jadegypsy...Have you thought of working an outpatient surgery center? I went from surgery to endoscopy. You can't beat not having to be "surgically" connected to a pager. The pay is less but the sanity is worth it. Merry Christmas!
  5. KnoxWarEagle

    STUPID PARENTS!! (vent here)

    I have a friend whose dog was shot with a BB gun by his neighbors 9 year old son. John went to the family and their answer "boys will be boys." John, being the patient person he was, noticed the boy loved to play in the backyard with his dog. John collected seeds for poison ivy and spread it on their lawn after they applied their spring fertilizer. By the end of the summer there was a raging case of the itchies next door. :rotfl: Sometimes paybacks are a lot sweeter in the silence. Good luck with little Damien down the street. It would be a shame if he lost that little bike of his.
  6. I am a BSN that has to laugh whenever this comes up. We are nurses...period! I have practiced in three states. I have worked with LPN's that could run circles around me and I have worked with FNP's that actually learned alittle from me. It all depends on the program. In my area I would precept a CC RN program than the local BSN program. It also depends on what you put into your education. The eagerness to learn and take criticism. I got a BSN because I have a previous BS in Biology and got into the program. Do what you can do. A BS will help you only if you want management, get a Masters or jump into Pharmaceutical Sales. I have yet to get a pay increase just because I have a BSN. Do what you can do and leave the bickering up to Congress. ;)
  7. KnoxWarEagle

    A&P without Bio and Chemistry????

    Anatomy is all "stuff and chuck." Memorization! Physiology is how it all works together. If you have a basic understanding of biology you will do fine. It is easier to take bio first but the chemistry is not necessary.
  8. KnoxWarEagle

    Hiv In Adolescents

    I actually worked with AIDS patients in the mid-nineties. I was on a pulmonology floor dubbed "deaths doorway." Nurses would cry when they were pulled there. The youngest was an 18 year old hemophiliac. There were all walks of life. Gay men, a rape victim, transfusion case, hemophiliacs, etc. The worse was a girl who's boyfriend was an IV drug user. As she lay dying she was passing large clots and coughing up blood. She was so upset because here she was dying and NO ONE would come see her. She had a three year old her family wouldn't bring to say goodbye to her. She was so angry that she was throwing blood clots at the staff! No one wanted to go in. One of the nurses on my team and myself decided to suit up and talk to her. We told her we knew she was angry and scared but we would not let her die alone. We took turns all shift charting in her room so she would know someone was there. Luckily the dayshift saw how much this calmed her and continued. How sad it must be to be so scared. I am happy to know that I may have helped her in her last day. When I came back on shift I found out she had passed away. No one should ever have to feel so alone.
  9. KnoxWarEagle

    Pregnant but Negative Urine Preg?

    Both pregancies I had negative tests. I had low progesterone and had to take suppliments. I don't know if this had anything to do with this but I was WEEKS late!
  10. KnoxWarEagle

    New Grads - Rotten Shifts?

    If you are willing to go to Med Surg then there or more open positions in all shifts. There are many options. If you like nursing make the jump. It will all fall into place
  11. KnoxWarEagle

    My results are in...I failed!!

    Hang in there! This is not too uncommon. I am not sure about the days but go to your state Nsg Board web site. It is on Tennessee's so I am sure you will find it for New York. Good Luck
  12. KnoxWarEagle


    I love my Littman. My father bought my first one as a nursing gradution present. I love the single tube, it makes it lighter and less noise is noted. The single bell is nice because you can change what you are listening to without changing the bell (master classic II). Whatever you do, DO NOT GET BLACK! It will disappear faster that a diet coke in the lounge fridge. I got the ugliest color I could. Then I wrote my name on the bell with black sharpie. I still have to chase down doc's sometimes with my Magenta stethoscope. It's good for a laugh!
  13. KnoxWarEagle

    bevel up or down?

    First of all, What is substantial? Was this noted in a reputable journal with a substancial study group (ie: 12 is not substancial)? Over how long was the study and did the p value suggest reproducability? Never go against the grain without the proper tools. I am very open to ideas as long as there is evidence noted. Butterflys were designed for a bevel-up approach due to the angle. If you go in at a 45 degree angle and adjust to a lower degree you would dissect the vein in a bevel down position. This is just what I was taught. Advances are made through questioning. Keep the questions coming and let us know the answers!
  14. KnoxWarEagle

    How are you judgemental?

    I get tired of patients who are dead set on having an antibiotic for their runny nose. Even worse, they don't want to come in to be seen. They want you to call it in for them. The doctor I work for was formally know to call an antibiotic in when asked. NO MORE! He doesn't say anything. I think he may be alittle scarred of me! :wink2:
  15. KnoxWarEagle

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    When I worked urological surgery it wasn't uncommon for the Anethesilolgist to change the patients anesthesia before surgery. Many times a patient would have an epidural instead of a general esp if the patient might need lithotripsy for the stone removal. Well this particular time we prepared a patient for surgery placing his feet in the stirrips. The male scurb tech lifted the sheet and turned about and hit me in the arm. I turned to look and almost feel out. The mans entire penis was tattooed! We had to bite our cheeks to keep quiet because this patient was alert. Well, in walks the Doc, thinking we had a sedated patient. he sits down and announces "Holy ****, I hope he was drunk!" That wasnt even as funny as when the Doc jumped a mile high as the patient explained "Yeah, but it still hurt like hell!"
  16. KnoxWarEagle

    How many times did you take the NCLEX before you passed?

    It took just one time ten years ago. Get one of the NCLEX books and practice, practice. I also took one of those test-prep classes. That really helped and I am a horrible test taker.