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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   kim93079
    My best friend's mother in law always said do not put me on a vent for any reason or I will haunt you. She had an MI and her husband let them put her on a vent until all of the family could arrive. With everyone in the room the husband pulled the plug. She continued to hang on down to the very minute the same amount of time she was on the vent.
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    Awsome!!!...spooky :uhoh21: all we need is a campfire and some marshmellows
    I'm with you....a perfect addition to this thread.
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    when my Dad was receiving treatemtn for his heart condition in Boston, I was the only one who he would allow to drive him and stay in the office with him while the doctor spoke to him..he also wouldnt go to the ER unless i told him to (dont call 911 call Mary!!) the day before he died, i spent the whole day at his house with him, dh was doing work and i was ill so i just hung out, that night my sis and i were going out, had dinner and left him in his recliner, saying "night night daddy we love you " (joking around as we are both adults) welll, he never woke up the next morning...and for the longest time, i'd be driving in my car and look into the passenger seat and he'd be sitting there with me, just smiling... .had an awful time trading that car in!!!!
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    My husband has been dead for 5 years. One day I prayed very hard for a sign that he was O.K.
    Few days later I was sitting outside in the morning, which I usually never do, and a Monarch butterfly came fluttering out of nowhere and flew straight to me and landed in my left arm and stayed for a minute or 2.
    We used to love these butterflies that were numerous at my mother's house some 1 1/2 hours away. While we were dating he sent me a card with a picture of many of them.
    This happened over 2 years ago and I've never seen another one in my garden.
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    Quote from LasVegasRN
    Not sure if this is along the lines of death, but definitely creepy...

    I've had 3 dreams where I think I have experienced someone's deaths - right at the moment of their deaths.
    The first I was a Asian male, I think Japanese, coming home from work. I lived in either Japan or China, not sure which one. I was wearing a blue oxford shirt and navy pants. I had a small bouquet of flowers for my wife in one hand, briefcase in the other. As I was walking up to my front screen door, I was shot in the back. I sunk into the screen door, and thought how sad I was that my wife was going to find me like this, that she was going to be so distraught.
    The second one I was a hispanic male, migrant worker in California. I was on a truck full of lettuce heads we had picked that day and the truck brakes failed. The truck was going down a steep hill and rolled over. I died on impact.
    The third I was a young girl in the south. I was buying something from a convenience mart. When I walked out of the store, I was hit and killed by a stray bullet from someone shooting from a car passing by.
    These are dreams, but, not like any of the regular weird dreams I have, in these I was not myself at all and felt (although muted) the deaths of these people.

    Real story ... my cousin's roommate went to have a planned back surgery done. He died on the table VERY unexpectedly - bled out from a ruptured aneurysm or something. When my cousin came home, he went into his roommates room and found all of his insurance papers laid out, a suit on the bed with a note saying it was the suit he wanted to be buried in, and final letters to his closest friends and family. That still gives me chills. Whew.
    Dreams?? This is quite a long one, so make yourself comfortable.

    I was engaged to Joe for 3 years before we split, a great deal of animosity and aggression ensued the split so I made a life changing decision to emigrate from Uk to Antigua. During my time with him I always had a dread of loss and feared something was going to to happen. To cut a long story shorter, when I arrived in Antigua I told a friend over lunch that Joe would be dead within a year... and as predicted, he was killed rather horrifically in a vehicle accident. I was not surprised nor saddened by the news, but strangely felt relieved....? Perhaps it was closure.. i dunno!!
    Anyway, 3 months after he died I was lay dozing on the chair when I heard footsteps and a shadow move accross the gallery... then I heard the familiar "Hiya babe" and Joes face was smiling at me through the window. I rose up shocked and said " Hi.. what are you doing here". He told me he just wanted to come and see me and sat next to me on the chair. Then a young girl of about 12 years old, with long blond hair followed him in the room. I felt very confortable with her and held her close to me when she sat next to me. I sensed Joe getting quite agitated and the little girl got up and skipped in to the bedroom where my 3 month old baby was sleeping. As I turned to Joe and told him I think he should go, my baby started crying. In that same second I opened my eyes and the room was empty, yet everything was the same, my clothes, the TV program etc. I went in to my babys room and as I was feeding him I tried to analyse what had just happened. It didnt feel like a dream, it seemed like I was just in another dimension... and who was the girl?? Maybe it was the baby I lost when I was 15 weeks pregnant many years before............

    Two weeks later, I was definately in bed dreaming..... joe came to me again, he was keen to tell me how sorry he was for everything that happened between us. We talked and I asked him how he was, he told me he was fine .. just a little bored!! I asked if he had been to visit his mum, he told me nahhhh (aka no) but I encouraged that he should becuase she would be worried, I even suggested that he phone her... he laughed a little before saying.... Joshi....Im dead!!
    I proceeded to ask.... so, whats it like then? He looked at me quizzically before asking "what?". I said "you know... up there..." whilst pointing up to the heavens. He told me that this is it... this is all there is...???
    Finally he told me he had to leave but asked if it would be okay for him to visit me again. Of course I told him yes but that was the last visit that I am aware of,,,, although I do talk to him quite often when Im alone.

    Over the years I have experienced many many incidents that can only be described as strange. I can remember an old lady that used to sit and chat with me when I was a toddler and dismissing images that appear in my head which turn out to be a true event days later.
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    Quote from Brownms46
    I also believe love ones come for you! My mom once told us about our Great Gradmother...who was part Indian....coming for her one nite. She said she was dressed in a long flowing ..glowing white gown...her hair was down to her feet...long black and flowing. She floated under a flower covered archway...above her bed..and told my mother to touch her hand, and come with her. My mother's people believed if you touched the hand of someone deceased...while sleeping...you would join them. My mother said no.. my children are too young. My great grand mother beckoned her saying...all we do is laugh and play over here...come with me. My mother again refused. My great grandmother told her...if she didn't rest...she would be back for her. My mother had HTN...and was notoriously non compliant with meds...and was working on her Masters at that time! I wonder sometimes..if my great grandmother met my mother when she finally passed....and I wonder if my mother will meet me..

    My mum too was very sick in bed for 10 days with what was known as "the Red Flu". Many vulnerable people had died from it, but my mum was young and in her early twenties. One particular night she saw an image of a monk in the corner of the room who was beckoning her to follow him, she argued that there was no way she could since she had two small children to care for. The next morning we awoke to find mum fit and healthy in the kitchen making our breakfast.
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    Quote from dianthe1013
    Believe it or not, the one thing that freaks me out more than anything else is one of my father's cars. And this is going to be a long post.

    Several years ago, he bought a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle with the intention of restoring it. The red exterior was still in pretty good shape, but the interior had been completely gutted by a fire. I mean, hollowed out, to the point of having no front seats. He started small and kept trucking away at it, finally getting the interior cleaned up and a driver's seat in place.

    When he finally got a passenger's seat installed, I started noticing that every time I walked past the car, I'd do an automatic double-take. My eyes kept being drawn to that passenger's seat. If I looked dead at the spot or tried to see something, then there was nothing there. It was always when I wasn't thinking about it.

    I mentioned it to my parents and sister, and they all agreed that I was nuts. However... My mother, the Staunch Realist, admitted that it happened to her sometimes, too. My father never had much to say about it.

    One day, I realized that I'd never really seen something in the car, simply sensed a presence. Though it wasn't something I'd seen with my eyes, I had a feeling it was female, young, with long dark hair. After that, I avoided the car and said nothing more. I was freaked. I refused to set foot in the car, but wouldn't elaborate on why.

    Finally, one day, my father came home just wigging out. He kept saying that he'd been stung by a bee, which is a huge deal for my dad, because he's so dreadfully allergic that anaphylactic shock is a real worry. He said the bee had stung the back of his hand, but I couldn't find any marks or welts. He wasn't having his usual reaction, so we dosed him with Benadryl and waited for a while. He never did have an adverse reaction.

    Later, he told me the story about what had happened. He was leaning over to retrieve a CD case from the passenger floorboard - not watching the road - when he felt a stinging pinch on his hand. He looked up just in time to avoid hitting an SUV that had slammed on its brakes in front of him.

    He didn't want to hear my interpretation of that, but admitted that other strange stuff happens in the car, like how sometimes the radio volume will adjust itself. He maintains to this day that he just owns "a quirky old car."

    His near accident was almost a year ago. Since then, I have no problem with whatever - or whoever - resides in that Volkswagen. The way I see it, if she's watching out for my father, then I owe her the courtesy of not being freaked out.

    There are other stories, mainly about our house and family, but those are for another time, and another post.

    HMMMM....I thought this was gonna be a bad story about a car....it reminds me about the car named "Christine". Remember the movie?
    But your story was good....Christine was NOT good.
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    A few weeks ago, we had a pt. who'd been in for about 2 months(I'm a tech on a med-onc floor) with a variety of things--CHF, diabetic foot ulcer, etc. I had an awful night at work, and had been in her room putting her on the bedpan numerous times. When I went home, I was telling my fiance(fiancee?) about her, and I said, "Ya know, she's getting better, but I just don't see her leaving the hospital alive." The next morning she had an MI and died.

    About a year and a half ago, I was 5 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy. I'd miscarried the first about a year before. We went out to the beach that night and while I was sitting on the sand, I could swear that the spirit of the first fetus was there. Was a little creeped out at first, but I got used to it and started talking to her, asking her to watch over the new pregnancy, keep him safe, etc. When I got home that night, I went to the bathroom and saw that I was spotting, and miscarried the next day. I still believe that the spirit of the first fetus came to take the second one with her.
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    The biggest thought crossed my mind on the new tooth. I am unsure of your age or if you can birth babies...but...on the new tooth? Did you or a close friend have a baby? Was a very strong thought for me. By the way...I have "ghost stories of my own...happeneings at work and at home from youth....Have a great day! Lori
    Quote from NurseDennie
    I knew this spooky thread couldn't stay idle TOO long, but here it is me, reviving it!

    Okay - take this with a grain of salt, but I always have a dream about losing a tooth before someone I know dies. I've had the dreams all my life, and I've never had a tooth-losing dream without losing a friend or relative to death.

    Last night, I dreamed I was GETTING a new tooth.

    Probably doesn't mean a bloody thing, but it has me wondering.


  10. by   LilgirlRN
    I recently dreamt that my aunt was sick and in the hospital. In my dream she was lying in a hospital bed and she had all this stuff that looked like slime or pus allover her. One of my other aunt's wanted to keep it for some reason. So, I had a catheter tipped syringe slurping the stuff off of her. When I got about 40 cc's in there, I turned to the non-sick aunt and handed it to her saying " it'll either cure you or kill you." I called my mom the day I had the dream. SHe said your Aunt Ruth is sick, but she's not in the hospital. A few days later she was in the hospital. They ended up doing a bone marrow biopsy, she has lymphoma!
  11. by   Nurse Hatchett
    I have one not work related either. When I was little my mom had a baby born and she only lived for 2 hrs. Well I would see her outside on my swing set and beg my mom to let her come in and play with me. I described the dress she was buried in and the little stuffed bunny she was buried with. I didn't go to the funeral and never saw either one of these items. I look back now and think how traumitizing that must have been for my mom. To deal with the death of her baby and then me, about 4 yrs old, begging her to let her come inside. Mom said I would actually get very upset with her and say she was mean for not letting Heather come and play with me.
  12. by   gr8rnpjt
    This happened just last weekend, I was staying at my Mom's home for the weekend with my 3 yr old son, just us three. She lives on a farm surrounded by 72 acres of pine and maple forests. Very secluded.
    I had put my son to bed and Mom and I were watching a news program about the BTK killer. Mom had fallen asleep in her easy chair before the program was over. I turned off the tv and walked over to Mom to tell her I was going to bed. I tried to wake her calling, Mom, Mom, getting louder (she is hard of hearing). I didnt want to scream because I didn't want to scare her. So I took her hand and squeezed, and kept saying Mom. So suddenly she wakes up with a start, her eyes really big and is looking to my left. She says, "Oh my God, there is a man!" She is looking toward the big picture window, I see nothing but blackness outside. I say "Mom, there is nothing outside" she says "No, inside, in front of the window". By now, I am freaking out inside, but I am terrified. There was nothing there that I saw, but I followed her around the house while she locked all the doors. I was wondering how gay would it be if I asked her if I can sleep with her? (I am 47 yrs old) but instead I went into the guest room and slept in the bed with my son. So the next morning I asked her what happened, she said it was a ghost of an old man, and she really wasn't scared, because he had a kind face, and she has seen them before (when my grandmother passed away from leukemia, my Mom and I were the only ones present, and she said "Patty, do you see the smoke coming from Grandmas head?) She said she really wasn't scared this time, it happens a lot but she really had wanted to go right back to sleep so she didnt try to talk to me about it after it happened. I am just very glad that I don't have her gift (sixth sense)
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    Wow, funny to see this thread revived. What perfect timing for the season too.