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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how she can go back to the surgical suites and turn off the lights and return a little later and the surgical lamps over the tables will be on.

We had this med student with us and he walked back with her and they turned off all the lights, waited half an hour and went back to check.

Sure enough, the spotlights were on. well this was where a couple of the other nurses and I came in on this story and of course I jumped right in and so BS! So she did it again with us all with her.

we went back a little later and they were on again.

Of course we had to try it again. This time our med student went back and checked from the hall and the lights were still off, a short time later 3 of us went back and the 1st OR light was not on, but in the 2nd OR the light was on as was the anesthessia machine.

We decided to mess with the whole thing a little and adjusted the light and pointed it towards the wall to the right of the table and left, a short time later I peeked in and the light was on, pointed back to the center of the table and the machine was off. Then I pointed it to the wall at the head of the bed and left. Tight after we counted I peeked in again and it was pointed toward the wall at the foot of the table.

Our poor tech would not even go down there alone to collect instruments for CS without someone with her, after that she wouldn't even go down there with someone.

Now being the eternal skeptic, I tried to be aware where all of us were and watch for someone to go back there and did not ever catch anyone sneaking back.

What do you all think???


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I totally belive in ghosts..here is one from me....I was working 3-11 on a skilled floor at a LTC..set up... nurses station in the middle ..22 beds down each hall. Most of the staff was at dinner. It was about 8 pm and visitng hours had ended..There was a demented patient who contantly cried out the "MARGIE" like a mantra over and over for months "MARGIE,MARGIE, MARGIE"(you get the picture) This patient was in the second last room on the left hand side of the hall.I was half way down the hall with my med cart.There was an orderly on the floor with me,and he'd just come up and was talking to me at the cart.Suddenly the patient was quiet and the silence made us both look down the hall at the same time.Out of her room skipped a young girl..7-10 years old .She had long blond braids.She was wearing a sailor type top with a navy pleated skirt dark stockings and dark shoes. She did not look at us but "skipped across the hall" into a empty room.The last one on the right side.We both looked at each other and said"who the heck was that?" There were no known visitors on the floor. We went down together to check the rooms. The dememted patient was still quiet...The empty room the "GIRL" had entered was dark. Turned on the lights(with sweaty hands) and the room was empty. No one passes us in the hall.There was no other way out.We were on the 4th floor so she didin't jump out the window whih was closed.....Needless to say the orderly and I both knew we really had seen a ghost....Smoke break for us was needed immediately.......TRUE STORY FROM CLEVELAND :eek:

I've noticed that before some patents expire, they'll be "watching" someone. One nurse told me they're looking at "the light". I think it's a "guide"

One night, a patient( real crumb, drug dealer, pimp, end stage AIDS) started yelling "Get out of here!!" We asked him who and he replied, "That m* f* er in black!". Not one of us. He died within hours.

One nurse told us she's seen the "light" flash down the hall. A patient on that side died the same night.

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Creeeeeepy!!!!!! Totally have goosebumps.

This one isn't work related, but still creepy. The house I grew up in had an attached garage off of the kitchen. For some reason,my brother & I would get the feeling like someone was watching us from the attic (the entrance to the attic was in the garage as soon as you went through the door.) Well, our hair would ALWAYS stand on end when we stood underneath that spot. So when we were older & moved out, the neighbors told us that 2 owners prior to us moving in ( I hope that made sense) the man had hung himself from the attic. So we did some research, they remembered the guy's name & he had commited suicide at home.

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I've got a story that isn't work related either...

My sister-in-law was up stairs in her house one evening changing the beds. Her little 18 mo old son was running around in the hallway. As she came out of the bed room and into the hallway to see what he was doing, her son was running right for the top of the stairs at full speed. When he reached the top of the steps he stopped suddenly as if someone had kept him from going any further. A man appeared with a red flannel shirt and jeans standing at the top of the stairs with his arm extended and had actually stopped her son from falling down the steps! Then he disappeared. My sister-in-law thought she was going crazy, but she knew she saw this man standing there. So she and her husband decided to do some research on their house as to who lived there and if there was any unusual history connected with the place or people that lived there. They found out that 50 years ago a family lived there and they had three children. The youngest child who was 2 years old fell down those same steps and broke his neck!:eek: So they figured that this guy is the father of this child and he was protecting their son from falling down those steps. Sis-in-law also said that one night she was rocking her second son to sleep. The only lights that were on were the hallway light and a night light in the baby's bedroom. As she looked up she could see the same man standing in the doorway for about five seconds and then *poof* he disappeared!:eek: freaky.......................


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In our small ER, our trauma room isn't used very much (thankfully). But there have been a few deaths back there from either trauma or massive MI's and such. Anyway, sometimes the call light will come on back there for no "apparent" reason. We will go back there and turn the call light off and return to the nurses' station. Then the call light will come on again. Strange. One veteran ER nurse says it is the spirits in the trauma room. :eek: :eek:


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In our ER dept, we are staffed with 1 RN at night with alarms on the ambulance entrance doors by our desk and the entrance doors to the front lobby. each entrance has 2 sets of doors and the alarms will ring when they open to admit someone. One night when I was working, the ambulance entrance doors opened and closed repeatly for ~ 5min in a pattern like someone was walking thru the doors going outside and then turning around and walking back inside. No one or thing around to cause it to go off and there was no wind that night to make it accidently go off!!!

That was the only time that I experienced that in the ER but the lobby entrance doors do it frequently at night..I guess that our ghosts like the lobby entrance better:D We also had a sighting in our Radiology department. At the time, our main Radiologist's daughter had been murdered and her body was buried in another state. They had just found her body shortly before this and one of the house supervisors was making rounds thru the departments and when she took a shortcut thru Radiology she saw her hoovering in the hallway:eek: :eek: This girl was in Med School and would come to visit her father in the department frequently!!! My last story has to do with smelly ghosts!!!! We once had a frequent flyer who was rather large in size and admitted frequently. She had a particular odor to her that could be smelled quite a ways from her (like down the hall, getting worse the closer that you got). Anyway, she died one night, so they called the funeral home and then cleaned the room throughly after they took her body away. The odor was finally gone....or was it???? For 2 weeks after she died, doors would mysteriously open and close, followed by her particular odor that would linger in that area for several minutes...it happened at different times and places through out the hospital:eek: We were glad when she finally went out the lobby doors and didn't return!!!;)

i love ghost stories. this is an awesome thread. keep em coming!

this story isn't work related, but is still very good...happened to a friend of the family. one night the mom was washing dishes and the daughter was playing in her bedroom (they were the only 2 people in the apartment). the daughter managed to lock herself in the closet (it can only be opened from the outside) and began to yell for help. well, the mother heard none of this and all of the sudden the daughter ran out of the bedroom and said thank you for opening the door mommy. but how did you leave so fast? the mother said to the daughter i have no idea what you are talking about and the daughter said, i saw your feet under the door....

I agree with Dawngloves (really cool name, that!). I think that sometimes when somebody is having a really hard time leaving, that somebody or maybe a group of people, will come "back" and help them over.

My grandmother had no intention of EVER dying, and at one point in her life, she was in hospital and had actually "died" for a few minutes and then rallied (she was a VERY stubborn lady), she was lying in her bed, looking at a point at the top of the wall, saying "No, I don't want to go. \Leave me here. No, I want to stay here. Let me stay here." and so on - over and over!

My poor grandma was 96 at the time, and I gently told her "I think you're supposed to go with them."

Well, she didn't. She died about a month later, in her sleep. Do you think they had to "sneak up" on her?




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I have 2 stories, both happend in the last 6 months.

1. Had a patient that was pretty much goona die in a few months, lots of things wrong, out of control dm, chirhosis, esrd, anyway, i had to gime he a kayacelate enema (useless, but thats another topic), he was A&Ox3 and complaing about it, his k wasn't that high, like 6.1 or somthing (mind you i worked iona renal floor, thats not that high), he couldn't hold it in, called doc, asked for d50/insulin/bicarbiv, he said no, give it po (USELESS), walked to pharmacy, was in no particular hurry as this guy was about as stable as anybody, went into the room to give it to him and he was, just about dead!, called the code, which i believe i posted under a heading awhaiol ago cuz it was an ugly code, anywho, he died. here's the thing, awhen i wen tot pharmacy he told a nurse who walked in the rom for whatecver reason that he was "leaving" she said, no maybve you'll go home in a couple of days, he said, no, i'm leaving today. freaky

2. this one totally freaks me out. Had a younger patient that i really liked, moved him to a private room earlyer in the day, when back to do MN meds and the room reaked of cigarette smoke, i told him dude don't smoke in the room, if you want i'm going for a cigar in a bit and i'll take you with me. He adimantly denied smokein, said he never smoked a day in his life, he had too many other probs to worry about that too. OK, i believe you, room smelled all night, like i said i liked this patient and had anexcellent report with him. This is where it get weird, his dad came in the next day and pulled me aside and said "you thought Scotty was smking in the room?" I said yeah, smelled like it, he said "Scotty has never smoked a day in his life, but last nihgt his mother was talking to his discerased grandmother who died before he was born, she asked her to lok over Scotty while he was in the hoospital, turn out she was a chain smoker. I waled in the room and asked her not to smoke anymore, and that was the end of the cigarette smell.


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i have one just like dawnglove's story...

a sleeze bag guy has a massive MI and is rushed emergently to the cath lab. well...he must have been really sedated, b/c when he woke up he said to us "man...i've been having these really fu***d up dreams". when asked to explain further he said there were these black blobs calling his name, in spooky voices. later on, he fell back to sleep. well...immediately before he tamponaded, he sat directly up and yelled "no, dammit, i'm not going with you". his eyes rolled back in his head and he slammed back down on the bed...coded and died. FREEEEEEAAAAKKKY!!!

on a lighter note...

i worked in a nursing home as a CNA. one of the residents one night said to me "i see a beautiful angel, and she is tapping on my shoulder." she died in the morning.


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Love these spooky stories:eek: :eek:

I work in a hospital that has grown alot over the last 20 + years. The Oncology unit used to be on the 4th floor and quite often before someone died, they would tell "the kids" to go play somewhere else. They ALL described the kids the same, a boy and a girl about 6 or 7 years old, both blonde and they were playing at the foot of the bed.

Well, the Oncology unit moved to the 9th floor about 10 years ago and the kids moved too !!! I don't know it it is true, but the rumor is that 2 kids died in a house fire YEARS ago, well before the hospital was there :confused: :confused:

Whats strange is that is only happens in 2 rooms (the same rooms when Onc was on the 4th floor !!!):eek: :eek:

I have only experienced it once and I told the family that I thought they needed to call the family from out of town if they wanted to see her. But because the lady was still doing OK (eating and getting up with a little help) they didn't believe me.

You guessed it she died the next night about an hour after yelling at the kids again :D :D


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