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last nightI worked L&D in my hospital. I usually workNICU. Well, we were sitting around talking and the subject of ghostly inhabitants came up and our scrub tech went on to relate the story of how... Read More

  1. by   obtnt
    What do I think??? I think you all have WAY too much time on your hands!!! Oh how I miss those slow nights!!!! We don't have those anymore!:chuckle :roll :chuckle
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Lets plug a little physical science into it.

    First law of thermodynamics:
    Energy is neither created nor destroyed.

    I disagree with the not being created thing, but whatever.

    A digital camera without a flash should be used from different angles in that operating room,both before and after the occurence.

    A digital camera can pick up energy as expressed in a different wavelength(remember Biology 101 lab?) than your eyes alone can. Just as a plant absorbs light energy at different wavelengths,then so will the camera.

    It is my belief that spiritual energy is at a much lower frequency and the wavelength is too long for our eyes to register them.

    I have seen many photographs with images too varied to link to a common error. Without an alternate hypothesis I stand by this one.
  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I wanted to add that I have seen objects move and heard laughter out loud in the house where I used to live in Arizona.

    My brother saw a female in leg braces(think Polio) and an older woman talking in his room.

    My father heard someone in the laundryroom late at night on various occassions.

    The entity opened the sliding glass door and walked across our bedroom while laughing outloud. The floor creaked as it moved and a cold breeze was felt(it was summer in AZ).

    Both my brother and I heard the same thing,at the same time. That verified it for me.

    For a time a schoolbell would ring next to my bed as I was trying to fall asleep. It was loud enough to make me deaf for a few minutes. Nobody else heard it. In a fit of desperation I called out to God to take it away.

    It stopped then,and I think about God everytime I feel uneasy,like there's something there. I tell it that I will ask God to take them away if they don't stop bugging me.

    It must be a bad thing,cause it usually stops right there.

    Yup,I believe in ghosts
  4. by   nursedawn67
    You know stories like these would make a great book...does anyone know of one???
  5. by   goober4699
    not really a ghost story but kinda related. I am a very young mommy ( I was 17 when my 4 y/old was born) and when I became pregant with my daughter I was about to enter my senior year of HS. My period has always been very very off and so I wasnt really fretting being late too much. Id say about 5 1/2 weeks after my last period, I got what appeared to me to be a light period, I have had them in the past and so again i was not alarmed at all. The night I started bleeding I went to sleep and dreamt that someone was telling me that I was pregnant and the blood was not my period but early spotting. I was not even thinking of this possibility at the time and so when I woke up I freaked and went to buy a pregancy test, sure enough it was positive and the bleeding ended later that day. Talk about freaky intuition!
  6. by   SnowieRN
    Not a nursing ghost story but this happened to me and it scared the crap out of me..

    i worked at malco, and theres a malco ghost. bobby said a construction worked died while building it. i was in theatre 11 i think.. it was me and this girl that worked there. the theatre was closed and we were doing the final clean up and making sure no one was left.. we walked in, and the lights wouldnt come on.. so i said.. well we will have to clean it up without lights then.. so we start walking around cleaning up.. and the projector comes on.. and its on the movie screen with little patches and things like its playing an old film.. its gray and the patches are in it, and the sounds crackling.. then it goes off and the lights in the theatre come on!!

    Well.. we both ran out of there faster than anything you would believe. Bobby (the manager) told us that he had been in there a few times and had the same thing happen. Id also been in there a few times and you could see something bright near the projector in the room.

    Anyways, he still has trouble getting people to clean theatre 11 lol.
  7. by   JUSTYSMOM
    Here are some interesting things that have happend to me:

    My grandmother died 15 years ago. While we were driving to her funeral, I started smelling her perfume. She wore a very distinct perfume called Jean Natae (s?) anyway, it got stronger and stronger until I blurted out "grandma, I can't breathe!" The smell went away. NOBODY else smelled it but me!

    While growing up in my house, I always saw a greenish/black male figure walking past me. I could never look at him directly, but I always caught him out of the corner of my eye. I knew he was a male because I sensed it. But the striking thing about him was that he wore a brimmed hat from like the 1800's.

    When my sister was pregnant with my niece, she started complaining about seeing things. Whenever she was over the house, she said she saw a figure walking by. I asked her to describe what she saw. Yep, same figure with the brimmed hat! WEIRD!

    In addition, the day my mother passed on, I was struck with such an incredible feeling of peace! It felt that every fiber in my being was cleansed and renewed, alive & SO PEACEFUL! It was fantastic!

    The night of her funeral, my dad had this "dream" in which my mother told him two things. One was that she didn't like the idea that he was going to be on top of her when he died. The buriel plot my dad picked out was one casket under the other (she was buried on the bottom portion )

    The second thing she told him was to go back to the gravesite in the morning. She had something waiting for him there. My dad did just that. When he arrived back to his house, he was crying. In his hand was the bag of Israelie holy sand that was sprinkled over her casket the day before. This is a Jewish tradition in which the immediate family takes a turn and pours some sand onto the casket. It's a symbol of the family helping to bury the loved one in holy sand.

    The neat part was that the bag was still half full! We thought the rabbi had emptied the entire bag. So my dad thanked my mom for showing him the bag and promised the rest would be for him when he passed on. It was really stirring!

    My sister & I have gotten "dreams" in which our mother will visit us and either hug us tight, or tell us she is fine & we must go on. Whenever I feel down, I get this sense of my mother inside of me (hard to explain) and I feel better.

  8. by   nurse51rn
    And another one...
    My mom was dying of CA and I kept her here at home. She had lived with us for about 15 years before she died. Anyway, about 5 days before she died, (she was in a coma at this time), she was holding her arms up, pushing someone away, frowning the entire time and shaking her head 'no'. I kept saying something along the lines of, "it's all right, go to the light". But the more I said that, the more agitated she became. But, by Fri. night, she was smiling out and reaching for whoever came for her. She died peacefully early Sat. am.

    Yet still another one...
    When my mother-in-law was in ahospital dying, my hsband drove to the western side of the state to pick our dughter up at school, drove clear back across the state. then to sw PA. When they walked into m-i-l's room she sat up in bed, looked at my daughter and husband and said, "oh good, you're here, now I can die. She laid down and died.
  9. by   S-Tech
    I started reading this and could not resist adding my ghost story

    When i was still in uni i worked at a theatre/arts centre as a sound and lighting technition. One night (about 3 in the morning) i was walking around the building doing a lockup after a show that night. i was the only person there for about 2 hours before i went and did the lock up. (i had been working there about 6 months)

    Before i go on i have to add that about 20 years ago 6 months after the centre opend the cleaner fell in the orchestra pit onto the grand piano and died. and nobody found him untill about 12 hours later.

    Anyway... When i was walking around making sure the place was locked up i am 100% sure i herd somebody walking down the steps towards me and then call my name. i thought it must have been the other technition back for some reason so i answerd him. but i got no response. so i turned back to see who it was when i walked past the orchestra pit door i herd a huge bang. so i got out of there as fast as i could. i went in the next day and went into the orchestra pit and a leg on the grand piano had snaped off. i asked the othe guy i worked there with if he came back to get something and he said no. then he told me about when he first started working at the same place and he had the same experience but without the grand piano. instead he actualy sore a guy in overalls standing on the steps going into the orchestra pit.

    to all you non belivers out there i didnt blive in any of this stuf before this but i just can not explain what happened???

    To this day i dont know what happened. and i never did a lockup on my own again and i am a 6'6 300 pound aussie bloke and scared of ghosts.
  10. by   Mimi2RN
    A story that my mother told me.

    When she was young, she worked at a photographers. One day a girl came in to have a portrait taken. Something went wrong, and there was another woman on the print behind the girl. When the girl came back, they explained the problem, and told her they would retake the photos, showing her the prints. She exclaimed "That's my mum, she died six months ago!". They did not have any pictures of mum, so she took the prints.

    That always gave me chills!
  11. by   redshiloh
    I guess I'm not observant enough to see ghosts. The nearest I came to was walking into a room and seeing this rocking chair slowly rocking back and forth. I kind of freaked. The room was dark, so I turned on the light. Turned out, it was our old dog, who was black in color, sleeping by the back of the rocker and when she breathed, the rocker moved!
  12. by   snoogans

    Nursing home I onced worked at the call lights were always crazy. One would ring others would go off. One of the patients was in the hopital. One day all the lights lit up. Couldn't tell who was ringing. When we finally found the light, it was in the patients rooms who was in the hopital. Found out later she died at the exact time the call lights went off.
    The nursing home I work at now used to be a hopital. I worked the old maternity ward, on evenings. I could swear I could hear babies crying. And so could some of the residents.
  13. by   chipper
    when the gentleman first came to our N.H., He was pleasant, happy man. He would get up at night to talk to us night nurses. In the course of a month, he became cranky, hard-to-get-along-with guy that slept or at least stayed in bed all day and night. One night, he was crying and saying that he didn't want to go. We tried to comfort him, but he remained scared. A few hours later, he died. I wonder if maybe he was one that didn't see the "bright light"?
    There is one room down the hall that always gives me the willies. No one recently has past in there, but when approach the door and reach in to turn on the light, you find yourself tense, as if you are expecting to see someone in that empty room.
    Last night, a man that the doc says has maybe 2 weeks, sat in the lobby with his eyes closed, praying that the Lord come take him out of here. A little later, he started to cry, mumbling that he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. An aide gave him some tissues and very plainly said,"Thank you." Prior to that, you could not make out what he was saying.