So what's going to happen to health care now?

  1. So, for better or worse, we have a new President. What do you think will be the future of health care and the future of nursing as a profession? Will we be better off as nurses or worse? Will we be better off as patients or worse?

    Not looking for a political argument....god knows we've had enough of those in the past few days. Emotions are running high and we all have opinions. I'm just curious as to what we can expect.
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  3. by   E-commerce
    Stay tune....he did say give him the first 100 days
  4. by   Libby1987
    With the republicans sweeping everything, we're going to see something change for sure. And it won't be healthcare as an unalienable right for everyone.
  5. by   Meeshie
    The ACA will be..changed. It can't be repealed without a supermajority in Congress - which they don't have. Chances are the pieces that they tried to repeal before will disappear such as the tax penalty and the financial help in getting insurance. The additional medicaid funds from the government might also vanish.. but likely not until the next budget cycle.

    It will probably look a lot like 10 years ago but insurance will be more expensive now. The insurance companies know how far they can push and what they can get away with, after all.
  6. by   Libby1987
    I see some democrats jumping off of the ACA ship after seeing the how much support Trump received.
  7. by   Extra Pickles
    My opinion is that insurance will be much more expensive for those who can cough up the extra funds and much less attainable for those who can't. The Haves will keep on getting and there will be a greater group of Have Nots. Healthcare costs will continue to rise along with everything else that becomes more expensive as the economy struggles. That's what I expect.
  8. by   tina2005lpn
    I hope we can get something more affordable. We kept BCBS we had prior to Obamacare and it is going up to $900 a month in Jan. Mine is $10k deductible and hubbys is 3.5 k
    Checked into Obama care this yeat and mine alone was going to be 900. Not eligiblefor subsidy as our income is aprox 80k
  9. by   TheCommuter
    I may be affected in two ways. Firstly, I am a case manager in the Medicaid MCO division of a major health insurance company. My job exists due to Medicaid expansions that occurred a couple of years ago. If Medicaid is targeted for budgetary cuts, my job could be in limbo.

    Secondly, I was uninsured from 2010 to late 2013. Due to the ACA, I was able to obtain insurance in December 2013 spite of my pre-existing health conditions. Depending on what happens, I may rejoin the ranks of the uninsured in a few years. At this point we can only speculate.
  10. by   heron
    Get ready for ongoing pay cuts and general penny-pinching in the workplace. What do you think those insurance and medicare/medicaid tax dollars pay for? US!
  11. by   morte
    nothing good can possibly come of this election result. especially in health care. reduced patient care, let them die, it costs less, and of course fewer jobs d/t first thought.
  12. by   nrsang97
    I have no idea what to expect, and honestly I am scared.
  13. by   cleback
    I would hope that the ACA would not be repealed entirely, but I feel like certain aspects were in trouble regardless of the election results (companies taking themselves out of the insurance exchanges, requiring insurance despite climbing premiums, not seeing the cost savings that was anticipated). I would anticipate thrse aspects to be gone without a replacement in this political climate.
  14. by   kbrn2002
    I have always had insurance through my employer at a fairly reasonable rate, I hope that continues. But the ACA has been anything but affordable in my state. I was truly shocked at the insurance quotes with the sky high premiums and ridiculously high deductibles my daughter was getting. I actually advised her to just take the tax penalty that first year because it was much less than the insurance would have cost her. Not to mention unless something truly catastrophic happened there is no way a reasonably healthy individual would ever see a penny from the policy as the deductibles are impossible to meet.

    I am not at all certain what changes will eventually be made with a republican majority congress and a republican president but I do hope that somehow, some way the affordable part actually happens. But I fear that is an empty hope as the states with the highest premiums and deductibles on the open market have been the states that so wholly disagreed with the ACA that they refused any federal government funds in the first place. It probably won't be long before those federal funds go away for every state.