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Rocknurse has 33 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Critical Care and ED.

Acute Adult AGAC-NP APRN. ACLS, CCRN, CDN and EPIC certifications. Cardiac ICU NP.

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  1. Hi Rocknurse, 

    My name is Khue. I am an international nurse from Vietnam. I came across your posts about you and your agency in March 2004. I am currently in similar situation and my agency has not provided me any work for 2 months after my green card. I have been checked in with the agency CEO, Director, Regional VP, and my recruiter every other day but have not been offered any full time position. I am wondering if you could share a little more about what happened after that post. Did you end up breaking your contract? and did you have to pay any penalty fee? I assumed that your immigration status was fine since you are an NP now. I appreciate you for helping me with this matter.  

    1. Rocknurse

      Rocknurse, MSN, APRN, NP

      Hi there. I was only 8 months into my contract when I decided to leave because they were not able to place me on the East Coast where I wanted to be. I gave my notice and took a travel position on the other side of the country. They sent me a few threatening letters but they never followed through and I never tried to hide. Ultimately nothing happened and I stayed on the East Coast where I've been for 17 years. 


      I can't promise they will do the same with you, as things may have changed. It's been a long time. I would maybe plan on paying them as a worst case scenario but not answer their initial letters and see what happens. You need to work and they are not fulfilling their contract so I would look elsewhere. At the very least see a lawyer as their fine might not be enforceable seeing as they're not holding up their end of the bargain. There are tons of travel positions right now in Texas and other parts of the south. I really hope you find something. Good luck!

    2. knguyen2803


      Thank you so so much for your input! I will work with a lawyer to figure this out. Good luck to you as well.

  2. Hi, just wondering where you went to NP school?  It sounds like you got a really good education.  thank you in advance

  3. Hello, Rocknurse. I am an RN and I am currently looking towards pursing my NP education. Where did you pursue your NP schooling or do you have recommendations? Thank you ?

  4. Hello Rocknurse,

    I hope you are well. I wanted to send a message to ask about the UCONN AGACNP program because I read a few of your posts and I'm highly interested. I really want to specialize in cardiology. I have only been a RN for the past 2 years on an interventional cardiology floor, hoping to get maybe another two years of CCU experience and then apply. The one thing I'm worried about is my GPA. I have a 3.8 from my RN-BSN, a 3.2 from my nursing diploma, but I actually do have a previous Bachelors degree in Allied Health Sciences from UCONN from 2012 that is 2.5...hmm I'm hoping if UCONN would consider that I matured and learned from my mistakes. I just want to ask what the curriculum, online or in person, was like and any advice on how to make my application stand out. Also I don't really want to work in the ICU/CCU as a NP, more like cath lab or patients with CHF, would it make sense to still go for my AGACNP or just FNP. Thank you ?

  5. Rocknurse

    Nurse Practitioner GPA Requirements

    Depends on the program and specialty. In my acute care program the requirement was 3.5. I had a 4.0 so no problem, but there were over 100 applications for 15 places so the competition was fierce. Other programs are not so strict.
  6. Rocknurse

    Any tips for preparation of Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP ?

    You'll be have ICU experience. The program will teach you what you need to know and tell you which books to buy, but my advice is to invest in a copy of The ICU Book by Marino. Also, refresh your pathophysiology knowledge by watching lectu...
  7. Central CT - $60/hr ($55 base pay + $5 shift differential) in the ED with 30 years experience. Now I'm an APRN it's very much more than that.
  8. It sounds as if you don't know what NPs do either, as well as CRNAs. I'm a critical care NP with 30 years experience, also a CCRN, and I've worked with some absolutely amazing critical care NPs that can run rings around the residents. Not all of us h...
  9. Rocknurse

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    As a foreign-born graduate, I can assure you that the hoops one must jump through to be eligible for a US nursing license are considerable, and far stricter than for US born nurses. I can't imagine how anyone could cheat the system, having been throu...
  10. Rocknurse

    How Much was your First RN Paycheck?

    Back in 1989, I took home £600 a month which is about $850. It seemed like a lot at the time and I was completely self sufficient, and paid my own rent and bills. What helped was that my rent was only £120 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Those w...
  11. Rocknurse

    Half the class expelled... help.

    I really feel for you. What an awful situation to be in. All I can suggest is that you and all your classmates seek the help of a lawyer for a group action. They would have to reimburse you collectively if they lost. You have to have a united front r...
  12. I left the ICU to work in informatics for a few years. I loved having a regular normal schedule, being home for dinner every night, every weekend and holiday off, and working from home during snow storms. It was, in a way, the perfect job. I had a ni...
  13. Rocknurse

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    No one supported the patient or what he said, but the crucial point is that the patient doesn't work for this organization....Josh did. It's well known that patients are allowed to behave any way they want with little comeback. They're paying custome...
  14. Rocknurse

    NP and DNP students- hours studying??

    When I was in my program I worked 5 days a week. I felt like I studied every spare hour that I had and I had no days off for months at a time. When I switched to 3 days a week I still had no time off because I had to accommodate clinicals 2 days a we...
  15. Rocknurse

    New NP pay

    New grad in New England in a major university-affiliated Level 1 medical center. Acute care AGAC-NP in critical care/cardiac ICU. Starting out in first job out of school at $122,000. Differential is not included in this figure and is extra as some ni...