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Rocknurse MSN, APRN, NP

Critical Care and ED
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Rocknurse is a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Critical Care and ED.

New graduate Acute Adult AGAC-NP APRN. ACLS, CCRN, CDN and EPIC certifications. New cardiac ICU NP.

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  1. Rocknurse

    Nurse practitioner GPA requirements

    Depends on the program and specialty. In my acute care program the requirement was 3.5. I had a 4.0 so no problem, but there were over 100 applications for 15 places so the competition was fierce. Other programs are not so strict.
  2. Rocknurse

    Any tips for preparation of Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP ?

    You'll be fine...you have ICU experience. The program will teach you what you need to know and tell you which books to buy, but my advice is to invest in a copy of The ICU Book by Marino. Also, refresh your pathophysiology knowledge by watching lectures and tutorials on YouTube. There are some excellent ones available. The best thing I ever did for my program was to invest in a subscription to Lecturio. It's a site with medical lectures aimed at medical students. I watched the heck out of that thing. Really well organized. Get it.
  3. Central CT - $60/hr ($55 base pay + $5 shift differential) in the ED with 30 years experience. Now I'm an APRN it's very much more than that.
  4. It sounds as if you don't know what NPs do either, as well as CRNAs. I'm a critical care NP with 30 years experience, also a CCRN, and I've worked with some absolutely amazing critical care NPs that can run rings around the residents. Not all of us have completed online degrees. I myself went to a top 100 school to do my graduate degree, and it wasn't online. I also did my clinical rotations in the best hospitals in the state. As a student I was given my own patients and expected to perform at exactly the same levels as the MDs. There's a whole class of acute NPs who are very well versed in the role, and very well educated. When you spout personal opinion that smacks of derision and jealousy, it speaks volumes about the weight of your opinion. It's hard to take what you say seriously. As far as CRNAs go, they've been practicing safely and independently for decades and have proved their worth many times over. There are multitudes of studies to support this. This is a disproven theory.
  5. Rocknurse

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    As a foreign-born graduate, I can assure you that the hoops one must jump through to be eligible for a US nursing license are considerable, and far stricter than for US born nurses. I can't imagine how anyone could cheat the system, having been through it myself. You can ruin someone's life if you're wrong, so I suggest minding your own business and leaving her alone.
  6. Rocknurse

    How Much was your First RN Paycheck?

    Back in 1989, I took home £600 a month which is about $850. It seemed like a lot at the time and I was completely self sufficient, and paid my own rent and bills. What helped was that my rent was only £120 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Those were the days.
  7. Rocknurse

    Half the class expelled... help.

    I really feel for you. What an awful situation to be in. All I can suggest is that you and all your classmates seek the help of a lawyer for a group action. They would have to reimburse you collectively if they lost. You have to have a united front rather than working as individuals.
  8. Rocknurse

    Help...need AWAY from bedside but don't know where to go...

    I left the ICU to work in informatics for a few years. I loved having a regular normal schedule, being home for dinner every night, every weekend and holiday off, and working from home during snow storms. It was, in a way, the perfect job. I had a nice big cubicle to myself in a brand new office, a laptop to use and take home, free coffee, on site parking etc. After 5 years I was ready to tear my hair out. I was so bored and had no interest in what I was doing. I was, at the time, in NP school, and so the schedule worked out great for a while, but in my last semester I left to go to the ED because I wanted to be in a clinical position when I graduated so that I was a more attractive job candidate. I missed clinical but now that I'm back I'm also burned out and not enjoying myself. It was good for my career and resume, but now I'm a nurse practitioner I'm ready to move on. I'm waiting to start my new NP job in the ICU while my credentialing is processing and I'm not cut out for the ED honestly. I feel beaten up literally every day. Nurses are abused and treated appallingly. Mo wonder they want to leave. Informatics was an eye opening experience, and I was treat well there. I could come and go when I wanted to, take a day off whenever I felt like it, or work from home if I decided to. It wasn't easy and required a lot of training, but I'm glad I did it as it showed me how nurses could potentially be treated with respect. I love clinical, and I love medicine, so I'm excited to start my NP job, and I'm definitely looking forward to not having to deal with all the nonsense and being treated like a servant.
  9. Rocknurse

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    No one supported the patient or what he said, but the crucial point is that the patient doesn't work for this organization....Josh did. It's well known that patients are allowed to behave any way they want with little comeback. They're paying customers after all. An employee is a representation of that organization and I believe they frown on using cuss words in a public forum by an individual who is identified as working for them.
  10. Rocknurse

    NP and DNP students- hours studying??

    When I was in my program I worked 5 days a week. I felt like I studied every spare hour that I had and I had no days off for months at a time. When I switched to 3 days a week I still had no time off because I had to accommodate clinicals 2 days a week. I graduated with a 4.0 but it was very stressful. Plan on not having any time off.
  11. Rocknurse

    New NP pay

    New grad in New England in a major university-affiliated Level 1 medical center. Acute care AGAC-NP in critical care/cardiac ICU. Starting out in first job out of school at $122,000. Differential is not included in this figure and is extra as some nights and weekends. 40 hours per week with all the usual medical and dental benefits.
  12. Rocknurse

    ICU Nurse Practitioners

    I've been a nurse for 30 years, with more than half of that in ICUs at various facilities. I also have a CCRN certification. I was offered a job in a cardiac ICU of a major teaching hospital before I graduated and it was too good an offer to turn down. I suspect it was because I had 5 years experience in a cardiac ICU so they deemed me a perfect fit. My school is the major school in my state and hosted a hiring event and invited HR reps from all the large hospitals. I was shown interest at that event and had several phone calls within a few days of attending. That is how I found my job.
  13. Rocknurse

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet, but the reason he got fired was because he used a swear/curse word and had his hospital badge visible. He said that the patient told him to "go f&%$ himself" and I'm assuming that his use of this word, and the fact that he identified the facility, is what got him fired. I completely disagree with the person that reported him, but one made known the hospital had no choice. If he had used a different terminology maybe they might have just given him a warning.
  14. Rocknurse

    Spouse of nurse

    I am the breadwinner in my family as my wife doesn't work. I'm happy that she doesn't as she looked after me all the way through my NP degree. She cares for our 3 dogs, takes care of the house, does all the shopping, cleaning and cooking and I never have to lift a finger. I feel that we have an equal partnership because she has allowed me to focus on school and work and never want for anything, and in return I provide financially. That's how a marriage works.
  15. Rocknurse

    Listing Credentials

    First your degree, then your NP credential, then your certifications. Mine are now: Rocknurse MSN APRN AGAC-NP CCRN
  16. Hello Rocknurse MSN

    I've come across your posts several times while sifting through different posts on this website. You are one of the very few nurses on here that I've seen that have worked a M-F type of job while attending grad school. I also work this type of schedule as a Research RN. I am strongly considering pursuing my MSN FNP online, but have been feeling very discouraged after reading opinions about needing to drop to part-time or quitting work altogether while in school, which is simply not an option for me. I was hoping to pick your brain and ask you about your work/school balance. Please let me know if you are agreeable to this and I will happily send you my questions on this forum or via personal email. 

    Kind regards, 

    Kyla RN

    1. selina  keemah

      selina keemah

      ·         Clearly and accurately identify at least two academic individuals or teams to collaborate with to be successful in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse.

      ·         Clearly and accurately identify at least two professional individuals or teams to collaborate with to be successful in your MSN program and as a practicing nurse.

      ·         Clearly and thoroughly explain in detail why the academic and professional individuals/teams were selected to support success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse.

      ·         Clearly and accurately explain how the academic and professional individuals/teams will support success in the MSN program and as a practicing nurse.


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