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  1. Extra Pickles

    HELP....I still want to be a RN

    You asked for some really good advice. I'm going to give you some excellent advice. If you want to be a nurse at this point go back to a nursing school. Start over, do it again. Seriously, 23 years have passed since you graduated?? You have attempte...
  2. Extra Pickles

    Attention need advice please!!

    My first suggestion would be to edit your post and change your user name, you might find that having your full name known on a website as large as this isn't a good idea. Just a word of caution. Next suggestion is to let go thinking about specializ...
  3. Extra Pickles

    Am I worth being a nurse?

    Online programs are for people who already hold nursing licenses and wish to get a higher degree. You cannot attend nursing school online to become a nurse in the first place. Hands-On is necessary but it is required, not as a matter of preference b...
  4. Extra Pickles

    Help!! I'm not sure I can / should finish nursing school!!

    Don't sell yourself short. Like the others here said, you're predicting a dismal outcome based on nothing at all. Some of the very students you admire as having all the answers might turn out to be the ones who freeze in an emergency/panicked momen...
  5. Extra Pickles

    Choice of 2 different courses

    Hello! I think you'd probably get the most useful information if you posted these questions in the World Nursing forum, this one tends to be very USA-centric. A consideration to mention before I go is that you should be careful about requirements fo...
  6. Extra Pickles

    When do nursing programs do drug tests?

    So OP, what do you think of all this? Since now you know you can get tested upon acceptance and/or at the start of a semester and/or at the start of a new clinical placement and/or at the end and/or randomly and/or never, LOL, what's your next move?
  7. Extra Pickles

    After NCLEX fear

  8. Extra Pickles

    After NCLEX fear

    In my opinion anyone who has a brand new license and on their first job who doesn't have that fear is a walking danger zone. Of course you are afraid of what you don't know. You don't know much yet, LOL, and that's where the learning begins, after th...
  9. Extra Pickles

    Mandatory Vaccine Waiver in Nursing School/Clinicals

    To the OP since you started this thread with the intention of finding out if anyone has ever heard of a nursing student successfully avoiding mandatory vaccinations I will answer no to that. I have worked in a variety of healthcare settings, have had...
  10. Extra Pickles

    When do nursing programs do drug tests?

    Maybe a better question than when they do drug testing is when are you planning to quit using drugs? Based on this thread, you could get tested at the beginning, part way through, the middle, the end, never, or randomly. Doesn't seem to be of much he...
  11. Extra Pickles

    US RN looking to work in UK -- ER

    So many differences in nursing! Although I would have expected significant differences between the US and some other country's, I had no idea that the UK would be so very different from us. Interesting indeed!
  12. Extra Pickles


    It's a horrible spot to be in but all you can do now is wait. Hang in there!
  13. Extra Pickles

    Failed twice, PLEASE HELP

    whatever you did the first two times didn't work so you now need to go a different direction. I would think that the desire to pass the exam and become a nurse would be enough motivation, if it isn't I'd have to wonder why not. The candidate perfo...
  14. Extra Pickles


    265 questions means that you were inconsistently above and below the passing standard the entire test, determination couldn't be made before that point. People pass and people fail having taken the maximum number of questions, means nothing. Not hav...
  15. Extra Pickles

    US RN looking to work in UK -- ER

    Grumpy I am personally not looking to be a nurse in the UK but I found this a very interesting and informative read! Thank you for posting it.

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