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  1. Extra Pickles

    When do nursing programs do drug tests?

    so OP what do you think of all this? Since now you know you can get tested upon acceptance and/or at the start of a semester and/or at the start of a new clinical placement and/or at the end and/or randomly and/or never, LOL, what's your next move?
  2. Extra Pickles

    When do nursing programs do drug tests?

    Maybe a better question then when do they do drug testing is when are you planning to quit using drugs? Based on this thread, you could get tested at the beginning, part way through, the middle, the end, never, or randomly. Doesn't seem to be of much help. What Would be helpful is to avoid the issue in the first place!
  3. Extra Pickles

    US RN looking to work in UK -- ER

    Grumpy I am personally not looking to be a nurse in the UK but I found this a very interesting and informative read! Thank you for posting it.
  4. Extra Pickles

    Pvt-No pop up but passed!!!

    I wonder what pop up it is you were waiting for? You said you got a message that it wanted to take your payment, that is the message everyone gets and you are supposed to try to submit payment. The pop-up you should have been looking for would have been AFTER you pressed submit and all of your credit card information was sent to Pearson VUE. Sounds like you didn't do any of that.
  5. Extra Pickles

    Nursing Schools that do not require exams for entry.

    How is it that you have "a pretty good nursing GPA" if you have not yet gotten into nursing school?
  6. Extra Pickles

    NCLEX rn help

    I'm sure you're looking for more than "study hard and answer the questions correctly" so help us to help you. What's the problem?
  7. Extra Pickles

    No results since may 5 nclex rn exam..

    The person who started this thread, the one you just posted too, has not been on here since November of 2014. I don't think I would wait around for an answer. Good luck!
  8. Extra Pickles

    how to write the exam

    Foreign students often say "write the exam" when a native would say "take the exam" or "sit for the exam". A whole lotta verbs to equate with answering questions
  9. Extra Pickles


    I love Bare Minerals!! I know you didn't ask me lol but I figured I'd give them a plug since it's a makeup that doesn't melt off my face and just a light powdering is all you need to even skin tone unless you've got serious corrections to do :)
  10. Extra Pickles

    most non-caring branch of nursing

    Most non-caring branch of nursing? The ranks of the retired. Or did you have someone specifically in mind who we shouldn't care about?
  11. Extra Pickles


    Is what draws you to nursing all the makeup and fashions? Are you worried you are not shallow enough to fit in?
  12. Extra Pickles

    nursing for money

    When I use the word "care" in the context of patient care, I always mean in the nursing sense not in the emotional sense, and that is what EVERY good nurse should be striving for. One can emotionally care about another person and yet do them absolutely no good, even harm them, because they are not providing good nursing care. For instance, I had a patient whose daughter was there all the time at the bedside, sitting there when her mother was sleeping and watching tv with her when she was awake. I had no doubt that the daughter cared about her mother very much but I also know that the main reason that the mother was in that hospital bed was because her very loving daughter did not want to place her in a nursing home where she COULD get the right kind of care that was needed, physically. Emotionally, the daughter was wonderful. But caring about someone and giving good care aren't the same thing. The mother arrived to my unit with pressure ulcers and dehydrated, with her meds all screwed up because the daughter should have hired help and didn't. Tell me, is this how she should care for her mother? She can love her but should delegate the care of her physical body to those who can do it best. In this case, ME! I care that my patients get better and leave to go back to their homes. I take pleasure in knowing that I have helped people to feel better and sometimes regain some independence. I am not a mean ogre who doesn't care if people live or die, of course I care about that, but you need to be remember that good nursing isn't about emotional attachment, caring about someone with the kind of depth you would for your own family. I think that being attached to patients is what burns out too many new nurses honestly, they try to become some kind of personal angel to people who will use them up and then they have nothing left to give. ME, I can give great care and still go home to love my family because they aren't drawing from the same well.
  13. Extra Pickles

    What do you wear under your scrub pants in winter?

    Underwear, same as in summer! I move around so fast I can't imagine getting cold, the facility keeps the rooms like 78° anyway!
  14. Extra Pickles

    nursing for money

    I PROVIDE them with good care, even excellent care. I do not get emotionally attached which is what is implied when you say "care about your patients". I care that they get better, I am invested in TAKING care of them to the best of my ability. But care about them the way I do my friends and family? No. Think about it this way, do you honestly expect a doctor to care about his or het patients at that level? He or she should take excellent care of them. He or she should provide the best treatment plan. He or she should care that the patient's health improves. But care about them like loved ones? No, they don't. And shouldn't.
  15. Extra Pickles

    nursing for money

    You I know if you had just switched the two positions around, and were talking about the nurses who went into it with a passion and a calling being the ones who burnt out first I could have written it myself LOL! Seriously, in my experience, which I think has got a decent longevity, I have seen many fresh young things who after a year or two of nursing are disillusioned and disappointed and in general destroyed because the calling and passion that brought them to nursing was crushing them. They were disillusioned by the lack of appreciation that came their way, by the ingratitude and insufferable demands of family members who seem to care less about their own family than those fresh new nurses. They felt that they were giving 110% every day and there was nothing left for them to give to anyone else, even themselves. In other words, going into nursing NOT for the money but for an emotional reason was chewing them up. Those of us who can separate our emotions from career goals seem to be doing just fine from what I have seen.
  16. Extra Pickles

    Why so much Negativity in Nursing?

    Helping people through the best and worst moments of their lives has been important to me and so has been earning the best income possible. Know this: I would not do this job for less money than I make now. If it were to be announced that nurses with my level of experience or skill set could only be paid say half of what I am being paid, you can bet I would retire the same day. I have never been disappointed in working as a nurse for the money. I think it is a little elitist to suggest that money is not a proper motivator. No disappointment here :-)