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  1. tina2005lpn

    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    I hope we can get something more affordable. We kept BCBS we had prior to Obamacare and it is going up to $900 a month in Jan. Mine is $10k deductible and hubbys is 3.5 k Checked into Obama care this yeat and mine alone was going to be 900. Not eligiblefor subsidy as our income is aprox 80k
  2. tina2005lpn

    How often do you go to the office?

    Our paperwork, including daily nurse's sheets, timesheets as well as Monthy MARS are all faxed in.
  3. tina2005lpn

    How much do you make 2016

    NC LPN since 05 currently work as a PDN nurse (Private Duty Nurse) My base is $22.60 but we get 1.5 times base when we work any,weekend shifts so I average between $25 and $26 an hours
  4. tina2005lpn

    PN Program

    PDN- Private Duty Nursing - $18-$25