RN with two jobs? One non nursing

  1. Hey all!
    I am a brand new nurse awaiting my new orientee schedule on a cardiac unit, (one that I have worked on for 3 years as a CNA). While working as a CNA I also kept my first ever job that I got in high school working at a clothing store (where I buy all my regular person clothes- because who doesn't love employee discounts?)
    Since I've worked in the retail store since high school the staff has become so close with me- they were so supportive of me in nursing school and I couldn't ask for more from them! They offered me a few hours a week to work in the store, so I can keep my discount. Which I'd love, of course!
    So now I'm curious how most RNs with a second job feel? Do you enjoy working two jobs or wish you hadn't made that commitment?
    Nursing has always been my dream job, I can't be more grateful to be beginning my career as an RN. I just wanted to see if any other nurses have some words of wisdom on whether they think a second (low maintenance job) isn't too much!

    thanks a bunch
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  3. by   Atl-Murse
    Keep the side/fun job, sounds like you enjoy working there. Few hours here and there would not matter in the big picture.
  4. by   CardiacDork
    I only have one job but I would say... go for it! Becoming a nurse is a very stressful time. Being a CNA, even on the same floor will not compare. Once you actually walk/work a few days in the shoes of a fully fledged licensed RN, you'll get it. Seems like this side job brings you joy and fun... and clothes! So as long it doesn't overwork yah... why not?

    Congratulations on your employment and welcome to the club.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I kept a part-time graphic design/desktop publishing job for a few years after I became a nurse. If your schedule allows it, why not?
  6. by   purplegal
    As someone that works both a nurse and a non-nursing position (although still in health care), I do not recommend working two jobs, unless you keep your hours at your second job VERY limited. I consider my non-nursing job to be fun, but it's just been very stressful constantly being at work. For me, having two jobs means I barely have any time off. So, if you do so, make sure you have plenty of days to rest and do other things besides work, no matter how fun your one job may seem.
  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    If you enjoy it then keep it for as long as you want to. I have had two jobs since I graduated nursing school 10 years ago, and I enjoy each of them in there own way. I mostly like the ambulance, not gonna lie there!

    As long as you remember to have balance and don't work your life away. Free time is far more valuable than working even at a job you like.

    Good luck and enjoy all your new clothes!

  8. by   JKL33
    Keep it for now, as long as the hours are minimal. You write that they are supportive people with whom you've developed good relationships. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up helping you, actually being therapeutic, for you to have a place to connect with supportive people and get paid a little to do something that has nothing at all to do with nursing and isn't the stress of being a new grad orientee.

    Best wishes with your orientation!
  9. by   adventure_rn
    Lol, I've thought about moonlighting as a bar tender just because I used to have such a blast tending bar, even though I'd make much more picking up OT nursing shifts. Fortunately I love my RN job, too, so it's a win-win. If you work 3 12-hr shifts per week, on those 4 days off it's nice to have a productive, fun, social activity to look forward to.

    As PP suggested, I'd also recommend pulling back on your hours for at least the first few months of your new RN job. The first new grad year as a nurse is notoriously stressful, and you don't want to get burnt out.

    Best of luck!
  10. by   Ddestiny
    I worked with a nurse who worked part time (1 afternoon shift every week or two) at a high-end restaurant while also working as an RN in a doctors office 4 days per week. She liked getting the cash tips each shift and she had a lot of school loans to pay off so it just worked for her. We worked together for 3 years and she was still doing this when I moved.

    You're going to be learning a lot when you start your orientation and the first year of being a nurse can be a LOT to take in. But if you enjoy the second job and it's not taking away from your ability to do your first, plus you get a few bucks out of it and a decent employee discount....what's the harm? Do what feels right, there is no wrong answer here.
  11. by   Gizmopup1
    I have been working as a nurse for over 15 years. I also worked a lot of retail in my life and know how fun it can be!
    I see nothing wrong with holding onto your old job until you get settled into your new position completely as an RN. As a new nurse, you will not be the person management will be calling to cover extra shifts for a while.
    However, as you do get oriented and integrate into your floor, there will be an expectation that you will be a team player for your unit and help fill in for sick calls, high acuity and vacations now and then. This means you are going to have to make choices about how to spend your work week hours and balance your work/life. A discount isn't all that great if you are too exhausted to use it.
    You will also need to think about the eventual fairness to your retail family. I'm sure your retail manager will also want you to be available when they need you, and not have to play second best week after week.
    Luckily, you do have some time to make your choices, so enjoy your retail perks for now! You will know when the time is right to let the first job go and be a full nurse.
  12. by   Everline
    I've thought of getting a part time, fun, non-nursing job. For some reason, I think it would be good for me. But the problem is I just don't want to be at work on my days off. Maybe I'm just lazy, lol. If you can swing it, I'd say go for it. As long as it remains fun and doesn't wear you out to have two jobs, I don't see why you shouldn't.
  13. by   NurseCard
    Sounds great! I've thought about getting a second non-nursing job
    myself. I would love to work either somewhere like Michael's, or
    maybe a coffee shop. Maybe Starbucks.
  14. by   NurseLife88
    Go ahead and keep the side job. The discount is always nice. And sometimes a second non nursing job can help decrease the burn out many nurses face. I have a friend who has been a nurse for years but maintains her job at a major department store for the discount and also for a break from nursing. If you feel it can easily be accommodated with your lifestyle and schedule then go for it😊