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  1. Meganmcm

    Need advice from my fellow 40 hour night shift nurse

    Hey! i always go the afternoon before my first night on, and sometimes the next shift (depending how I feel). If I'm on a stretch of a few nights in a row I always feel like the exercise that first shift helps me sleep. Then I try to make it to the gym on my off days. (Plus do some ab circuits at home if I can't make it). Just don't punish yourself or feel guilty when you're too pooped to make it to work out!!
  2. Meganmcm

    Keeping up to date?

    Hi! I'm a recent grad this past May (2017). I work on a cardiac telemetry unit and feel like I'm learning so so so much. I get many cardiac patients (obviously) but we do get a good deal of medsurg esque patients as well. Weirdly though, I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. Med surg is so deep and I don't feel confident I'm staying up to date with some diagnoses/signs/symptoms: the whole sha-bang. I am wondering if anyone knows any nursing apps or websites that I could use to stay sharp and soak up as much knowledge as I can? (I feel like without studying I had in school I'm slowly losing so much!) I will much appreciate any suggestions! :)
  3. Meganmcm

    Taking my NCLEX soon...what to expect?

    The staff at the testing facility I went to was so friendly. -Upon walking in you must show your ID and have your palms scanned into the system. -You will receive a locker where you can place your bag (if you brought one) and any personal items. - your phone will be placed in a plastic bag and sealed by staff members. It can only be taken out of the bag once your test is completed. - immediately before the exam your palm will again be read. - your clothes are checked to assure there are no loose pocket just wear leggings and a tshirt- anything simple and comfy! - they sit you at a computer where they give you a marker and white board to write on. - there is a headset if you may need to listen to an audio clip. - read the instructions, take your exam! best of luck xoxo
  4. Meganmcm

    Jobs during nursing school?

    Being a tech is a wonderful idea! I worked as a PCA throughout nursing school and loved it! I even ended up staying on the same unit as an RN. There are so many routes for nurses aide positions. You can look into CNA courses, PCA positions, student nurse tech positions and many more! Check online for job postings and before applying make sure you have an updated resume with some references if needed! I also kept a job at a retail clothing store throughout school- I just wanted something non medical related to fuel my senses some days! I did that 4-8 hours a week and loved it. That worked to balance my life, but everyone's different! I still work there now haha. Best of luck!
  5. Meganmcm

    OB question

    Don't!! Just read every question twice, and I with your gut! You'll be fine!
  6. Meganmcm

    Will it get better?

    All I can say is, yes! It gets so much better. The schoolwork, hours of studying, cramming, and sleepless nights will be worth it. This doesn't go to say that nursing is a breeze, and you're not going to ask yourself, "what did I get myself into?". But having a real human in front of you and not just a mannequin will be incredible. The moment you may make someone's day, change someone's life, of even save someone's life will make it all SO worth it. You're almost there! Keep your head high and grind through it!
  7. Meganmcm

    RN with two jobs? One non nursing

    Hey all! I am a brand new nurse awaiting my new orientee schedule on a cardiac unit, (one that I have worked on for 3 years as a CNA). While working as a CNA I also kept my first ever job that I got in high school working at a clothing store (where I buy all my regular person clothes- because who doesn't love employee discounts?) Since I've worked in the retail store since high school the staff has become so close with me- they were so supportive of me in nursing school and I couldn't ask for more from them! They offered me a few hours a week to work in the store, so I can keep my discount. Which I'd love, of course! So now I'm curious how most RNs with a second job feel? Do you enjoy working two jobs or wish you hadn't made that commitment? Nursing has always been my dream job, I can't be more grateful to be beginning my career as an RN. I just wanted to see if any other nurses have some words of wisdom on whether they think a second (low maintenance job) isn't too much! thanks a bunch :)
  8. Meganmcm

    i don't know

    It may not be ideal, but go for the ADN program. Stick it out- do your thing and go back for the BSN. School isn't for everyone and I have seen so many close friends of mine fail out in the last semester. The struggle academically is no reflection of you as a nurse! Not everyone tests well If you have the dedication to stick it out- I have no doubt that you will make an incredible nurse. Do what you have to, and you'll be so proud of yourself in the end. (Plus, id hate for you to regret walking away from the opportunity to be a nurse.) you got it!
  9. Meganmcm

    Patient care tech vs. Patient transporter

    If you're looking for experience, the PCT job without question. I worked as a patient care tech throughout school and it helped me immensely. You're submerged in the actual community of your unit and learn how the floor runs. These are skills that will form the foundation of your nursing career. In my opinion- go for the PCT! You'll thank yourself in the long run. Best St of luck!
  10. Meganmcm

    OB question

    We learned this in nursing school, hopefully it helps. On the left is the type of FHR strip, and the right the reason of nurses action. Variable - Cord compression Early - Head compression Acceleration- OK (as in this is ok) Late - Placental insufficiency For your question, I remember having this as a VATI test prep question. The answer was stop the Pitocin as its effect on the body increases oxygen consumption. Second action is oxygen application. Hope that helps! Best of luck tomorrow!
  11. Meganmcm

    Pharm Advice (Using UWorld, Kaplan)

    If you're trying to learn pharm in such a short time period, my best advise would be to just learn the major classes and their sub categories, their big hallmark side effects and corresponding endings. Like "olols" are Beta Blockers Or "prils" are Ace Inhibitors and cause a dry cough so on and so forth. one thing that REALLY helped me learn pharm was making charts for all of these Meds based on class and color coding them. In my charts I included drug name, action, dx used for, desired effect, side effect and contraindications. i created charts in word (and even went a second time and hand wrote them on plain printer paper). I color coded my charts based on system action. Such as cardiac, respiratory, sedative, NSAID. Hope this helps! Best of luck!
  12. Meganmcm

    When did you receive your ATT?

    Hey! If you're in a crunch, I would say try to start the application asap. And if you really want to speed it up, call the office you sent the application to (be really nice) and they can help. I did that, and I am SO fortunate this nice woman literally pushed my paperwork through (would have taken two more weeks had she not done that). Best of luck!
  13. Meganmcm

    Passed NCLEX with SUPER SUPER LOW scores

    I'm in the same boat as you! Only difference is that I used VATI! I failed my exit predictor exam, and was told not to take my NCLEX which was three days away! I took my NCLEX, and passed at 75 questions! Shout out to you for staying confident and doing your thing!! And CONGRATS! ~ anyone else reading this, don't let your prep course rule you!
  14. Meganmcm

    75 questions, got the bad pop up

    Stay positive if you can! I recently took the NCLEX on July 1st and when I finished I was SO positive I failed. I was too scared to do the PVT. I'm from MA so once I got my quick results i again was almos too scared to look, but when I did, I found I passed. I hope this is the case for you! ~ even when I thought I hadn't passed though, I texted my professor who was so reassuring. What she said was so true, everybody has their off days! Just because once exam didn't work out is not at all an indication of anything in the future! Keep your head up and go treat yourself- regardless of the outcome! best of luck :)
  15. Meganmcm

    Kaplan and NCLEX...CANNOT get over 50%. Suggestions?

    I took Virtual ATI as a prep course and failed my exit exam 4 days before I had my scheduled NCLEX. I FREAKED OUT. I sat my bum down and did hundreds of questions a day. I would recommend investing in a good question bank and just doing as many questions as you can before going cross eyed! Questions really boosted my confidence and helped me memorize content. I took my NCLEX on my scheduled date and passed at 75 questions! Be confudent, sleep well and always always always go with your gut!! Best of luck! :)