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Critical care, Trauma

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Ddestiny has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical care, Trauma.

LPN: May 29, 2012

ADN: December 13, 2014

BSN: December 16, 2016

3 years of Primary Care

2 years in acute Post Surgical/Oncology

2 years in Critical Care

2.5 years in MSTICU

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  1. Ddestiny

    Switched to LVN from the Business World and am UNDERWHELMED!

    No this is not normal. I did my LPN at a community college in KS in 2011. It was a 9 month program and cost $5,000 for everything, including books and the cost of taking the NCLEX. I didn’t deal with any of that stuff. Obviously Covid wasn’t a factor...
  2. Hello, I noticed your reply on nursing shortage is BS. 
    I’m originally from the city you are in.

    Could I ask you a few questions about job market in that area?




    1. Ddestiny

      Ddestiny, BSN, RN

      In Toledo? Sure. I haven't been here long and I've only looked at trauma/critical care listings but I'll help if I can. ?


  3. Ddestiny

    Nursing shortage is BS

    Shortage or not, is all about location. I just recently moved but before that lived in Kansas. I lived throughout the state at different times and there is a legitimate nursing shortage there. New grads can get into the "hot" specialties (at least IC...
  4. Ddestiny

    Forgot to unclamp the secondary

    Whenever I have a student or I'm precepting a new nurse, I point out one of my favorite pieces of advice to avoid this very common problem: Always make sure that the correct drip chamber is dripping before you move onto the next task. That being said...
  5. Ddestiny

    I hate being a sitter

    I would definitely recommend putting a lot of energy into looking at RN positions. The sooner the better, really, with the upcoming need for maternity leave. Nursing orientations in the hospital are usually anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending upon the...
  6. Ddestiny

    Is this interview process unprofessional?

    I've been involved in peer interviews in multiple different facilities. Some were more organized than others, as far as guiding what questions could be asked. The last place I worked didn't even offer the general refresher of "these are illegal/inapp...
  7. Ddestiny


    There was no separate program or special process. I don't know if it is different now.
  8. Ddestiny


    I think a lot of those specific questions would be better fielded by current members of the program, since I graduated so long ago. I found the program less challenging than LPN program. My tests were all online, not proctored. I don't remember if we...
  9. Ddestiny


    It's kind of hard to keep track of everyone since we only were all in the same place at the beginning of the first semester. Since so many are from out of state, not everyone attended pinning. I only know of two specifically that didn't graduate with...
  10. Ddestiny


    I don't think the Kaplan exam was required when I was going through this. The HESI was required at that point, which was really simple, especially for someone that's already an LPN. When I was applying the program would typically get ~200 applicants ...
  11. Ddestiny

    I should be happy with this new "dream" job

    I think the responses to this post illustrate that there are many different things that one can value or prioritize in their work environment. For example, I am pretty apathetic about working holidays, and I'd much rather work 12 hour shifts because ...
  12. Ddestiny

    Is it worth it?

    Agreed! I enjoy my job. I don't enjoy every moment of every day, but overall I have no major complaints. In my 7 years of nursing, I've worked 3 different areas of nursing (primary care, post surgical/oncology, and now ICU) and I've decided that the ...
  13. I'd admit I didn't read all of the responses so far, so maybe this has already been mentioned. When I am being notified by my CN that I am getting a patient, I am also getting the very basics of info about them. At least a diagnosis and including whe...
  14. Ddestiny

    Variation in nursing job markets

    It's definitely something I've considered. It's hard to know the real reputation of a hospital when you've not been within 500 miles of their city. I don't like the idea of job hopping or the added stress of multiple periods of orientation, but it mi...
  15. Ddestiny

    Variation in nursing job markets

    Not yet, but it is definitely on the "to do" list. It's been a definite goal for this year but if my upcoming interview doesn't prove fruitful then it's definitely going to need to be expedited!