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CardiacDork is a Registered Nurse with  5 years of experience in general surgery, surgical/trauma ICU, and medical ICU. 

CardiacDork RN, CCRN  

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  1. CardiacDork

    Med passes

    The worst for me is: I am assessing my critically ill patient and the family calls. The HUC comes to the room to inform me the family is on the phone, I tell the HUC that the family can either try calling back in 15 to 20 minutes or better yet I will call them within the next few minutes once I’ve done all my safety checks. Here is what makes me mad. When the family says they’ll just wait. I tell the HUC, tell them then they may be waiting a while. I dont give a RATS A** I am not leaving the room to answer your phone call.
  2. CardiacDork

    Non-Nursing Master's - Considering Nursing

    Just do PA school and safe yourself the trouble of nursing.
  3. CardiacDork

    Non-Nursing Master's - Considering Nursing

    I don’t want dissuade anyone from their dreams but I should intensely shadow nurses and get to know what real nursing is all about. It would be a shame for you to regret leaving your current position. Nursing is HARD. Especially bedside nursing. What is your perception of nursing? If it is the Nightingale Fantasy, than you are in for a rude awakening. As a nurse you will have so much responsibility and so little authority. All the possible things that could go wrong, YOU will be blamed for. Housekeeping didn’t clean the room good enough? Your fault. Cafeteria screwed up a tray of food? You fault. Pharmacy is late with medications and your patients are in pain? Your fault. Physician doesn’t order appropriate treatments and you don’t catch it? Your fault. You catch it and inform MD? You fault for disturbing the MD. You are busy doing chest compressions on patient A, and are unable to tend to patient B? Your fault. (I’ve had families actually walk into the room of a coding patient and DEMANDS attention). For medsurg: You’ve got 7 patients to assess, medicate, and make comfortable. You’re being spread thin. Everyone wants something from you and usually at the exact same time. Radiology on the phone, family on the phone, patient needs to pee, other patient in pain, family member mad because patient isn’t getting pampered enough, doctor on the phone, and charge nurse keeps nudging you about a transfer or discharge because you’re getting a new patient in that room. ICU 2-3 patients. All possibly dying. You run run run run ALL shift. No pee no food no water. Family is pacing outside their room just waiting to complain or make comments about some small obscure observance they’ve made. They ask you why the patient is coughing every damn time they cough while the patient is on a ventilator (where they'll naturally cough). They ask you to suction every 10 minutes even though you’ve explained frequent suctioning can cause damage and irritation and you need to let them cough on their own. Oh the best is having a vented and agitated patient the doctors won’t order sedation for..... and if they self extubate it’s YOUR fault! Lol. I could go on forever. Cant forget the drug seekers. The ones that throw things at you (including urine) and all you names. Hope you enjoy nursing.
  4. CardiacDork

    Student Loans and Debt

    What is your opposition to getting a traditional BSN, working a year or two and then entering a masters program whilst working PRN or Full-time? I believe that although a nurse practitioner is a provider, they are still a nurse. A nurse is a nurse. You don’t learn to be a nurse in nursing school, you learn it in the role of a nurse. At the bedside in the ICU, at someone’s home as a home health nurse, in the trenches of the ED, in the public school system. I always find it unsettling when these people want to go from nothing to an NP, let’s skip learning being a nurse. Some will way, oh well you don’t have to be a nurse at bedside to learn to be a provider, that may be true. However first of all, from what I’ve gathered people already feel that NP education lacks - so just imagine the inexperience you’ll feel as an NP without a lick of intuition or bedside knowledge. However most importantly, NPs are still nurses. That’s what makes NP unique and different than say PAs. If if you want to be just a provider, then go to PA school.
  5. CardiacDork

    ICU Nursing

    Although a great career for some, I definitely don’t see myself being a CRNA. I do enjoy the cerebral aspect of ICU, and thus I believe I would also enjoy the theoretical nature of anesthesia - while despising the technical. I am not too excited to be putting in lines and tubes in patients all day. My preferences are patient education/speaking with patients and their families. Don’t have a liking for putting in IVs for example. Would much rather educate a patient about CHF.
  6. I see job openings for utilization review RNs in my area, most ask for a BSN which I will receive summer 2020. Has anyone ever worked as a utilization review RN whilst in NP school? How did this work out with clinic rotations & skills check off days? Did you work at the hospital? Or at home? How was your transition from the bedside to utilization review nursing? Biggest stressors cons? Biggest satisfaction or pros of the job?
  7. CardiacDork

    ICU Nursing

    It’s actually like a few days. I’ve been thinking about case management but I need my BSN but I won’t have that until the end of Summer 2020. End of Summer 2020 I’ll have over six years of experience, BSN, RN, CCRN. I’m sure the possibilities are endless. I’ll be in graduate school in Fall 2020. There has got to be something beyond this ICU. I know this is not the be all and end all of nursing.
  8. CardiacDork

    ICU Nursing

    I do not know what has changed in recent months. I have always had a love-hate relationship with my job. I’ve always had a little bit of anxiety going in to work, expending the unexpected. Recently though this has taken a turn for the worse. My sleep is in ruins. I keep waking up, I only sleep 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep. My eating habits have worsened. I rely heavily on food for comfort, and it’s taking a toll on my physical health, further deteriorating my emotional state. I am constantly anxious and on-guard at work. Either I’ve come to realize how truly easy it is to commit a mistake, or I’ve become obsessed with making sure I do everything as perfect as possible. I cannot stand my manager. I cannot fathom him. He is all about the numbers, and picks favorites. Our unit is always the one that is floating and staffing for other units, other units have it easy. Other units don’t struggle the way we do to take time off. Our manager doesn’t approve time off until a few days or a week before the new schedule comes out, and he almost always tries to find a way to cancel your time off. Then we get stuck covering other units and their time off because we are all staffed to work the unit. We are self scheduled but I’m so over the schedule not coming out until the weekend before the schedule rolls out! That’s ridiculous. I am also constantly moved around and my work days changed. I have so much resentment, anger, and an anxiety. I keep fantasizing about quitting but then I hear how much more bad other hospitals have it with tippled ICU assignments and it scares me because the max right now we get in the ICU is 2:1 for all ICU assignments unless they are an impella. I am just so tired of the culture of bullies and back talk. Some nurses on days thinking they know everything and yet they are the ones that make the most mistakes. They are the bosses pet and I’m so sick of it. I’m also sick of covering for other units and being the b**** ICU of the hospital. I don’t know what to do. I’m so sad. I’m so angry. I’m so anxious. I need OUT!!! But I am also scared. I will be vested very soon, meaning their retirement contribution I will get to keep. I should have my BSN in August 2020. Right now I’m an RN, CCRN with five years experience.
  9. CardiacDork

    ICU to Psychiatric Nursing

    Hi there psych nurses!!! ICU RN here with a little over 5 years experience here! For any of you that bridged from critical care or acute care to psychiatric nursing; Please tell me how do you enjoy psych nursing versus ICU/ER/MedSurg nursing? How is it treating and caring for patients with psych history in psychiatric facility versus the hospital? For example the patient that meth overdosed in restraints in the ICU? The suicidal ideation patient? Do you regret the change? Ever consider being a psychiatric NP?
  10. Listen, I just need to vent. I’m SO fed up with the petty a** drama involved in nursing. It’s so DA** annoying. I don’t get it! What’s wrong with YOU? Heres the story. I work in ICU. I checked out to my pod partner to go eat lunch. I’m eating lunch now. Charge nurse opens door *huffs & puffs*. Makes eye contact with me and leaves. Charge nurse comes back in five minutes. Charge RN: Next time you go eat please tell someone Me: I did, I told Joseph. Charge RN: Well please tell more than one person. Me: Okay sure. So I eventually wrap up my break and clock back in. I walk down the hallway and the charge RN signals at me to come to her, I comply. Charge RN: Were you off the unit a lot? Me: No? I checked out to Joseph once to go pee and once to get a drink. Then I checked out to come get lunch (((it’s 3AM, so that’s three times since we’ve been here and literally going to pee and get a drink took but a few seconds, and none of my patients even called))). Charge RN: Oh because while you were at lunch your call light was going off and I kept hearing it and you know I’m way on the other side but I came to the other side to see what was going on and I saw Maria just sitting there and I asked her to get the call light and she said “No I’m not getting it”. Me: Yeah well I don’t know what to tell you. FFW: I come out of utility closet and I see Maria sitting at her pod. I’m walking down the hall (behind her) and I see her shaking her stupid head side to side. Seriously? Am I under a prank? What TF**** is going on with people?
  11. CardiacDork

    How much have you changed?

    I wish I could understand with more depth the change that has occurred within me, and why. I’ve been a nurse for five years and I am not the same nurse I was when I first hit the floor. I’m not even the same nurse I was two years ago. What caused this change? Time? Switching from medsurg to ICU I mean, it’s sorta comical. My level of cynicism and the joy I take in dark humor. Also, going to work as a newer nurse was always a little stressful but it was a different kind of stress, the stress I have now is still a little bit of fear of the unknown but like 90% annoyed at what I’ll experience. Thank God I am going to PRN, I’ll be working PRN ICU and PRN Nurse call center whilst getting my masters degree.
  12. CardiacDork

    Clinical NP

    Seems like even reputable schools down in Texas don’t find placement for you. I’ve done research over several Texas universities. Moving across the nation for NP school isn’t an option either. This is discouraging!
  13. CardiacDork

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    This is an open thread and the rules don't say anything about an expiration four days s/p initial thread creation date?
  14. CardiacDork


    Tell about your experience being a PMHNP What patient population do you work with? inpatient? outpatient? adults? children? Tell me what lead you to the decision to become a PMHNP? Did you work as a psychiatric nurse prior? If not what specialty of nursing did you work in? How easy was it finding a job after graduation? What are things you enjoy about being a PMHNP? What are things you wish could change about your job? Are these things specific to your current job or things generally associated with being a PMHNP? Are you satisfied with your compensation? If you feel comfortable sharing - what city/state do you live in and what is your salary range? What are your hours like? Do you take work home with you? Is there anything you want to specifically share with me that wasn't asked or listed in this questionnaire? I am gathering this info for my own future career decisions Sincerely, CardiacDork RN, CCRN
  15. CardiacDork

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    I was a bit rough, I apologize. It’s hard to read tone over text and the way I approached your comment, well I read it sarcastically without needing to be read such way.