post code icu stay mandatory?

  1. Quick question...are all post code blue patients admitted to an intensive care unit for observation for a mininum amount of time? or can they stay on a regular floor afterwards with monitoring
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  3. by   Caffeine_IV
    I don't know if it's written anywhere as in a protocol but that is our standard. If we code someone, they were just dead so they are at risk for coding again until the cause can be determined at the very least they are now in critical condition (in many cases).

    They definitely need a higher level of care than a regular floor can provide.
    Even when we have a rapid response, we usually move them to a monitored floor (telemetry or stepdown)
  4. by   Flo.
    Code Blue = ICU Rapid response = IMC or tele. Sometimes we will keep a rapid response pt but they usually transfer to a higher level of care.
  5. by   danegerous
    Our Rapid Responses are basically on their way to coding, but we got there first. Well, at least that's how it's supposed to be. Often times the floor nurses get freaked out by what they may not understand and call a RR to prevent unknown trouble, which I guess is good. When we get there, we assess and determine (alongside the doc) what needs to be done. Often times they are either fine (and they stay on the floor) or they really were about to code, then they come back with me to ICU.

    Our Code Blues will always either head to the ICU or the morgue, unfortunately. If they are really coding, as stated above, they are dead. If we are successful in resuscitating them, they need very close monitoring, and that requires ICU care.
  6. by   kaliRN
    The one exception I have seen is when there is a change in code status following a resuscitation (a newly documented DNR allowed to stay on the floor).

    That is not to invalidate what the above posters have mentioned.
  7. by   catshowlady
    I've only seen one pt not transferred to the unit post-code. The pt was choking, with complete airway obstruction. Heimlich maneuver successfully relieved the obstruction, and the pt was fine. She stayed on my unit, which was a stepdown unit anyway.

    I had a pt once (as a green new grad!) that we called a code on. DFO'd right in front of us (was sitting in bed already, thank god). Monitor showed an 15-second period of asystole, which resolved spontaneously. (We barely had time to start CPR and he started breathing again.) Even though he seemed fine once he came around, we still sent him to the unit. Never did find out what the docs thought went wrong.

  8. by   casi
    The only "code" I saw go to plain old tele was a pt who vasovagal-ed when getting an IV put in. Nurse started CPR when his heart rate dropped to 10, but he came around quickly. Not really a code.
  9. by   suanna
    Most of them are transferred to that nice quiet room in the basement where they await thier limousine ride for a post code makeover.
  10. by   GooeyRN
    We keep them on the floor.
  11. by   ImThatGuy
    If not, it probably ought to be.
  12. by   Dalzac
    Mine always went to ICU unless a visitor coded then they go to ER and then us if they make it
  13. by   ZippyGBR
    last cardiac arrest i had

    patient arrested on the unit, pulseless VT shock and one 2 minute set of CPR - ROSC, and attempts as ROSR then , assisted vents until ROSR - Emergency transfer for PCI then back to our CCU and back with us the day after

    the other successful cardiac arrests with ROSR i've had have gone to CCU those without ROSR go to a levle 3 bed for invasive vent and weaning ...