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  1. Bathroom? What's a bathroom ... ???

    I think it's a little ridiculous when I read posts here where other nurses say they don't pee all shift. It takes one minute. Go pee. Come on. If there's ever a nursing job I have where I can take a few minutes to go to the bathroom...I'll. Find a ne...
  2. Priorities Can Kill: When Passing the Buck Gets Dangerous

    Wouldn't it be appropriate to call an actual. Code Blue in This situation vs just a rapid response or am I in the wrong on this?
  3. Vancouver job applications

    how about provincial health services authority (PHSA)? look into their positions...BC Childrens, BC Cancer, etc....
  4. Check out the front page of CNN. it just says it's a health care worker-I'll bet its another nurse.
  5. Masters in infectious diseases vs public health?

  6. Hi, I've been looking into the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine. I'm Canadian and studied in Canada for my RN :). I was comparing the Masters in public health vs their masters in infectious disease. Both programs are fully distance onl...
  7. Welcome to Canada, where we typically have 4-5 pts on days and 5-6 usually on nights and most hospitals (at least the ones I've been at) don't have UCPs at all - each nurse takes care of their patient load. We do everything... Bathing, all toileting/...
  8. Isn't NSO insurance in the States only about 100$ a year for RN coverage ? I've seen that figure quoted around here alot.
  9. Hmmm I must have then....Guess I can't recall. I just remember it was so expensive to write my exam in Ontario and then get my BC license on top of that with all the paperwork and fees. Isn't it ridiculous how much we pay for our license per year com...
  10. When did this change? I graduated in 2009 from Ontario and moved directly out to BC for my first RN position. I wrote my CRNE exam in Toronto....I really dont recall ever registering for a license through the CNO...I simply wrote the exam and then ap...
  11. Thinking about become a (male) Nurse, parents disapprove

    In Ontario they have clinical externs - same thing as the ESNs in BC except that's in only for the summer between 3rd and 4th year - BC ones can work during 4th year after the summer. I know bc i was a clinical extern in toronto during nursing school...
  12. medication mismanagement?

    And btw that's treating a nurse like they are 5 yrs old and can't make the appropriate decision to give the other available dose - its not like you gave the '' wrong'' dose or even the ''wrong' 'form - there was NO error.
  13. medication mismanagement?

    Um I've done this same exact thing before (all the time actually if the one I need isn't available) , albeit not w a narcotic but if it was a narcotic I wouldn't have an issue with it. That is absolutely ridiculous - some of these hospitals I read ab...
  14. I Lost a Medication: Controlled Substance

    No I've even asked my nurse manager that shouldn't we be keeping track of them and our manager was like no we don't count meds like Ativan. For example if we drop a pill nurses just discard the pill (people were just tossing them in the sharps bin u...
  15. I Lost a Medication: Controlled Substance

    I don't think pharm tracks the count in our situation I'd be really surprised if they are. I see them come up and they never take a look