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Spinal Cord injuries, Emergency+EMS
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ZippyGBR is a BSN, RN and specializes in Spinal Cord injuries, Emergency+EMS.

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  1. ZippyGBR

    Do you need business insurance to work as a community nurse?

    yes you will need class 1 business insurance as thisallowes you to travel between multiple places of work. class 1 is rarely much more expensive than the same mileage on SDP and commuting and in some cases is actually cheaper , go and speak to the meerkats or the robot and see what they can come out with
  2. ZippyGBR

    becoming a midwife in uk, if you completed high school in US

    as gem says UK residency will be the issue, rather than your education background if you want to undertake any Pre-reg course in the UK.
  3. ZippyGBR

    Prerequisites for American nursing programs in London

    the biggest provblem you face is that UK Higher education students generally enter a named programme with a set time frame from day 1 week 1 rather than the US liberal arts model where you don;t have to nominate a Major until later in your studies. also there is no aspect of completing HE courses before entering programmes - UK Nursing programmes include all the level 4 - 6 study required by the NMC's standards / EU driective ... there also isn't the culture of part time HE study in the uK that there appears to be in the US.
  4. hi Kelly glad to hear you have had success with a sensible policy , i presume your exclusion of 'trauma code' patients is because of the way in which that will work with respect to ATLS type methodology and puts the decision if and when with the trauma team leader doctor ...l
  5. ZippyGBR

    Shocking story of the day

    it might be plastic but it;s still a sharp ...
  6. ZippyGBR

    Shocking story of the day

    and how are you supposed to draw up a med through a bunged container without a sharp of some kind ?
  7. two issues there " no -one ever got sacked for transporting" is a mantra among the lazy in the ambulance service , it's also the path of least resistance with less than appropriate callers and for the leftpond - you don't get paid if you don't transport ...
  8. are there any responses that actually say that or just responses from people saying that it;s someone's loss if they reject the care offered by a professional on the basis of an characteristic of the carer ... exactly how far are you prepared to allow the wants of patients to go vs the needs of the patient, the service and the unit as a whole ? there is also the issue of those who should know better ( i.e. other Nurses ) not only supporting patient choice ( within the bounds of the service) but suggesting that it is their opinion as well ) Opinions which are common among the population at large are not really suitable among health staff and especially among professionals.
  9. why is it different what is the rationale for saying it's different ... while we should respect the wishes of patients within the limitations of the service, we need to consider why people find it acceptable, rather than something that is done to suit the irrational wants of patients ...
  10. to be brutally honest it's their loss, not ours ...
  11. this was the key issues that people struggled with when the thread was new they couldn't seperate the position which I advocate which seperates removing the patient from the Long Extrication Board from clinical clearance of the spine, as that might be Step too far for the US posters even though Nurses and (health professional) Paramedics in the UK practice selective immobilisation and use the Canadian C spine rule or the very similar selective immobilisation decision tool in JRCALC . As a further to that we have an inpatient falls assessment document recently introduced which now suggests that All Nurses working for the trust I work in should be aware of selective immobilisation and how to fit a collar ... and guess who is suggested as the best resource and givers of advice on this topic ... not me personally, but me and my colleagues as part of the team on the Spinal unit ... (we've even been known to go and properly fit Aspen collars for the ED staff before.. )
  12. hence my reference to the OPs medical director / lead Nurse being happy they are competent...
  13. ZippyGBR

    Calling Code Blue in ED

    other than a few busy and poorly staffed nights where we were struggling anyway , it's been very very rare in my ED experience to put a crash call out, yes we've fast bleeped the senior ED if they were off the department and fast bleeped an anaesthetist if relevant but not put the crash call out - as it does especially in hours is bring more and more bodies into the resus room , which is pointless if you've already got a an ED doc or 2 and a couple of ED nurses ...
  14. in those places where you cannot work as a 'Nurse' until your registration is at least in process if not in place ... In terms of the original question OP and NP airways are basic airway adjuncts and if you weren't capable of using either or both I'd question what you had been taught in Basic Life Support classes whether that's through your school of nursing or any other employer. the fact the OP has done an EMT course adds evidence of competence because s/he will have inserted them on airway annie there as well and on any clinical placement if the opportunity arose... various of the supra-glottal airways ( LMAs and derivates like I-gels ) are sold by their makers are not requiring theatre time and anaesthetist supervised practice to claim or maintain competency ( unlike conventional endotracheal intubation), so unless there was an explicit ban or explicit requirement by the BON to use them then assuming the medical director and/or the lead nurse were happy with the OPs competence ...
  15. I saw the topic pop up as an email notification and my first thoughts were ' holy thread resuscitation , batman ! ' Esme thanks for helping the Doc out with your protocol as for the individuals complaining that their X-ray techs wont image unless the patient is on the X ray table ... are your ED trolleys not X ray compatible with a film holder ? because i'm aware of the converse situation being posited that despite the assertions of the manufacturer over x ray translucently / transparency , x raying on a long extrication board produces poor images in the opinion of the radiographer and radiologist,plus of course all the artefact from handles, speed pin clips etc ... as for staffing issues it's interesting that the immediate assumption is that it will deplete the ED of staff, despite ATLS methodolgy over doing initial imaging in the ED resus room and it seems to assume that there will be no patient transport porters etc ... to assist ... as for ct well yes they do need to be moved onto the CT scanner table but this is where the scoop hoist previously mentioned comes into it;s own ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/backmanmal/5430726840/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/backmanmal/5430125729/in/photostream/ the scoop used in 'backmanmal's' pictures above is a ferno 65 exl which is UK ferno's standard scoop stretcher Product: Scoop 65 EXL (010795900) | Ferno
  16. ZippyGBR

    Nursing in France

    the only difference for a Nurse from an EU state vs a none EU state is free movement of labour stuff within the EU that means you wouldn't need work permits etc in any EU state if you are an EU citizen .