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danegerous has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/CCU.

28 year old ICU/CCU nurse in the US Air Force

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  1. danegerous

    Need help understanding an insulin drip

    Cerebral edema is a phenomenon often found in peds patients during the discovery of there type 2 diabetes. Often times they will discover they have DM due to a DKA episode. Very rarely will it occur in adults. S/s to watch for are: increased lethargy...
  2. danegerous

    Active Duty Air Force RN Interested in Med School

    Ok Whykai, here's the scoop...ROTC is a pretty good deal, but I never did it, so I'm unfamiliar with the benefits and requirements. All I know is that some friends of mine did it and now outrank me, and they're 2-3 years younger. In order to get ICU,...
  3. danegerous

    Active Duty Air Force RN Interested in Med School

    My prereqs are mostly done, but I will want to revisit some classes for GPA reasons, and others will need to be added. I have not prepared for the MCAT at all, but I'm currently deployed and have endless time, so I will begin that shortly. Also, the ...
  4. Hey there, folks. I know this will probably get mostly people saying, "why would you want to go to the dark side" or some garbage like that, but let's give it a shot anyway. I'm an active duty ICU nurse in the Air Force. It just so happens that I am...
  5. danegerous

    Entering Grad School With Subpar GPA

    Hey folks, long time no type. Well, I'm sad to admit that I have a less than stellar GPA from undergrad. I did fine, but I hardly ever studied and just did what I needed to in order to survive. Well, now I'm looking to enter my Grad program (Acute Ca...
  6. danegerous

    RN with BSN and feeling stupid

    Believe me, you did it right. As of right now, a few places in the country don't treat BSN nurses any differently, but they are the exception. The rest of the advanced/intelligent nursing world has taken note. Many leading hospitals require at least ...
  7. danegerous

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    I dont know the specifics of the openings for these boards, since they change each time. However, I was overlooked 6 times and picked up on board #7. Im an ICU nurse from a busy chicago trauma center. Sometimes they just dont have the need right then...
  8. danegerous

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    I dont know anything about this board in particular, but I did just start actually nursing for the USAF. It's a long, tough process that often results in illness, fights with your spouse, late nights and weeks without pay. But I wouldn't trade it for...
  9. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    Yes, it is up and alive and well. It's got quite a few members, we'll try and get you in, hang tight.
  10. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    The Facebook group is under USAF COT 12-01, I was able to find it with a quick search. The admin is in this forum, too, hopefully she'll add you.
  11. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    So, in three hours I'll be the newest 2nd lieutenant in the USAF...the newspaper and ROTC and all that are gonna be there, too.
  12. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    HEEEEY!!! I just got word! I will be commissioning this Thursday or Friday (whichever works best for the General doing the ceremony with me). I think I will be doing it at my old High School as a little farewell to my old life. I think they'd like th...
  13. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    i thought i would post my workout routine for the remaining time before cot. this will start this next monday and continue through to the last week we're home. the goal times are specifically for me. i want to be able to complete my 1.5 mile run in 1...
  14. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    I don't have Facebook now, but Ill create one.
  15. danegerous

    October 2011 COT

    Have any of you been able to commission yet? I submitted my federal background check three weeks ago today, and I still haven't been given the ok to do it. I want to tell my job, but not until I commission. I also want to go to base to get my uniform...