Poll: What type of report?

  1. What type of report does you unit do?
    We currently do taped report on night shift for day shift, and day shift does written report for oncoming night shift. So 2 different types of report.
    Its a busy general med unit.
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Nothing like a verbal report. From bedside nurse to charge nurse. From charge nurse to oncoming shift.
  4. by   zambezi
    Our charge RN gives us a brief report on all of the patients in the unit, then we do an indepth report on our individual patients with the RN that has been working with them throughout the day. I work in critical care, we have 16 beds so we are usually only giving the indepth individual report on 1-3 patients.
  5. by   Renee' Y-Y
    Nurse to nurse...wouldn't have it any other way.
  6. by   USA987
    On postpartum we tape report. Works well for us and we are out the door 9 times out of 10 by 2330. On L&D we give verbal report....
  7. by   fergus51
    We do nurse to nurse, and it's good, but at least with taped report you have a chance of getting out on time.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    The nurses from the ending shift and the nurses from the oncoming shift go into the doc's dictating room and do verbal report.

    Some of the nurses are longwinded though and don't follow the "script" so to speak. But we are usually out in 15 to 20 minutes.

  9. by   NursesRmofun
    but the nurses are allowed to write there report on paper if they wish at one of my per diem jobs. Most do not. I actually do like the paper ones, especially if the oncoming nurse is very late. I can just hand her the paper. If the oncoming nurse is ontime, I will usually give a verbal.
  10. by   nurseygrrl
    We have a written report, but we go over it with the oncoming shift in case they have any questions before we leave.
  11. by   Elenaster
    Nurse to nurse, we've got to have an opportunity to ask questions.
  12. by   Tweety
    Nurse to nurse. Works well for me.

    There's a med-surg unit that uses a written report. You fill out a form and leave it in the bedside chart for the next shift. You leave without talking to them. At first they resisted it. Now they love it because the get out quicker.
  13. by   Shed13911
    The last bedside nursing job I did, we did oral report. We had a lot of BS that took forever to get out on time. I think written report is good on most occasions so that they can ask questions after they have seen the report. That gives you more of a chance to get out on time!!
  14. by   nekhismom
    Nurse to nurse. Good way to make sure important stuff is communicated, but BAD for leaving on time!