No more visitors EVER!

  1. Well I had a hell of a night in OB, a sullen rude labor patient even after the epidural, and whining about keeping the moniter belts on- yes they HAVE to be there. Her SO pissed and moaned about it taking so long ("when do you think this will be over?") I offered to get him the stuff for a shower and some slippers so her could get more comfortable. So I do all that and he leaves soggy towels on the floor and asks for a pillow- wjich I get- and no thank you or kiss my ass.

    So meanwhile she's stopped dilating, ctx are irregular, FHR baseling is up 20 from what it was, no accels, intermittent decels of all types, and variability sometimes not so hot...hmmm. And I'm keeping track of all this, plus her whining, plus the 6-7 people going in and out, and WAKING her, after complainging that she's been up for days. And the OB says "just 2 people in the room" as we've been saying all day. So a couple of them come in and quiz me up about just HOW LONG will this take, as they have been here all day.

    Well I say, if we could start pushing now, 1h pushing, and possibly as long as 1h stitching and clean up before the whole clan will be OK to come in. WHY she asks, arguing the pt doesn't care if we see her splayed out to the world (well I do!) And I don't need 6-7 visitors to trip over while I resuscitate this kid, and it's for mom's safety etc. Well sh'e not buying it- "Can't I just peek in???"

    All OB nurses know where that road leads, esp with 5 others in the hall just wanting a "quick peek" too. Get the cameras and videotape...

    So I explain we just need that time to get everything settled, and then the free for all will be open. (not good enough for her) She goes down the hall and I hear her mimicking me, esp the part where I say she's welcome to spend as much time as she wants now supporting mom. (They want to see the good stuff)

    So anyway, mom delivers by Csection, bleeds out and the HCT is 10 points lower than baseline, baby has Apgars of 2,3,5 and 8. And the family follows us like puppys staring in windows, craning their necks past drawn blinds, and FOB jumps in the bed bedside mom's and goes to sleep, without coming in to see babe, or waiting for the transport team. Oh yeah- when I go in to get a consent to transport he requests...a pillow. And there they are, three pillows, right on the chair at the foot of the bed.

    And we have NO security, I am the labor, and NICU nurse and my fellow RN is OR gofer, 2nd baby resuscitator and postpartum nurse. Supervisor comes to help but has to cover the house in addition so we have to move fairly fast.


    And if we need less than a posse in the labor room to allow us to think straight for just an hour-jeez is that too much to ask? I am ready to put huge deadbolts on all the labor room doors- once you go out- that's it baby.

    Sorry about the rant, and thanks for listening.


    Not to mention the doc who wants to put in a UV- has never done it before in the 7 years I've worked at this hospital. Arghhh.
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Holy crap. You were SO much more patient than I would have been!! Congrats on being such a professional and juggling all those clueless people and still managing to do your job (altho they apparently thought taking care of THEM was your job!)
  4. by   RyanRN
    Remember these sentences:

    If you would like a towel and shower, go right ahead and remember to clean up after yourself, (smile).

    You are welcome to any pillow you can locate yourself, stay out of restricted areas, please (smile)


    It's up to you if you want to wake her, or do you think YOU would like to stay asleep after being awake and in labor for 2 days.

    How many people do you think YOUD like to have at your bedside all at once, while in labor.


    I am you sure understand and will agree that my primary responsibility is to this mom and baby, would you have it any
    other way?

    I am just a tired as you are but need all my facilities and attention so get your own pillow Buddy, and don't ask me again. (smile)

    And finally, No.
  5. by   ERNurse752
    Geez...are they really that STUPID, or do they just not freakin' care?
    That sucks that you don't have can't even use the "comply with my rules or you'll be escorted out," line...not to mention what might happen when "people" (once again I use the term loosely) like this get up in your face and go crazy.

    Where'd that bottle of chloroform and the ropes go?
  6. by   Cherry Soda
    it really is scary how clueless people can be.
  7. by   labornurse
    Sounds like some of my days. I hope tommorow is better.
    Sounds like you handled everything great. :kiss
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    I think every healthcare facility should post a sign,
    Visitors by Appointment ONLY!
  9. by   moonchild20002000
    Sounds like you handled a difficult situation very well. I personally liked the days when the nurses had more say so in how many visitors,how long they stayed etc. Guess I'm tellin my age.Hope your next day is a lot better!
  10. by   NRSKarenRN

    Into each nurses life some rain must fall. I know the East Coast is having a drought, but to have a hurricaine night. Yikes!!

    Chalk up another story for the book... Have a candy bar on me. Sure you handled the situation with great tact. HOW many Tylenol needed for the TMJ pain due to grinding your teeth. . Wishing you an easier time tonight.

  11. by   fedupnurse
    NEVER say never. My suggestion when I chaired a visiting hour committee was the 6th Thursday of the 13th month of the year but only during leap year. That was when they could come out of the wood work. And they could call during the 25th hour but that was any day of the week.
    Sad thing. I was dead serious when I said it at that meeting. That was how bad a week I had with numerous families on my unit.
  12. by   mattsmom81
    Unfortunately, I suspect this is what is happening EVERYWHERE in acute care today...keep fighting the good fight....visitors are feeling more and more entitled...even with our stingey staffing.....and I blame hospital administrators for both !!!!
  13. by   cmggriff
    Tough night. You have my sympathy. Vistors and significant others such as you have described are the reason I believe all RN's should be armed. I think packing a 9mm or 40 S&W sidearm would do a great deal inb encouraging courtesy from visitors. And it would solve the security problem. I wonder if the ANA would champion such a proposal? Gary
  14. by   Susan M
    Not a bad idea Gary. Think our Mr Blair would go for it over here? Me neither. Pity. Susan xx