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  1. RyanRN

    Sheez! She's back and venting AGAIN!!

    If my patients' pressors run dry I ether do pharmacys job and mix my own or they die, If there is a spill on the floor or needle boxes are overflowing on the counters ether I do houskeepings job or someone(maybe me) gets hurt, If my patient needs turned, cleaned up, watched ether I do the N.As job or my patient suffers, If the docs want a stat Xray, central line kit, labs- if the unit clerk doesn't enter it I have to or my patient is at risk. As a nurse I have to do everyone elses job when they don't or my patient suffers or worse- I'm not willing to let a patient go down the tubes to make a point. And the fact of the matter is THEY COUNT ON IT!!!! They may or may not realize that the nurse has NOONE to 'count on' but themselves!!!
  2. RyanRN

    Sheez! She's back and venting AGAIN!!

    So did the Unit Clerk get called to the office too? 4 hours is too long for picking up ANY orders - "now" ones or not? (gonna bet not) WHO would be held completely and totally responsible for any negative outcome of this patient? (only you) The doc will just say he did put the little red flag up "it must have falled down". You know he's off the hook. (reality check) I feel your frustration and have been there. However, blowing off steam in the middle of the unit does tend to set a negative atmosphere in any workplace. And you are the outsider, in this case. Maybe privately speaking to the charge nurse about some of the real problem issues you see would have been better. As you said it did help with the insulin coverage - so they proved they will listen. Anyway - you sound like a conscientious worker who is willing to really 'hear' what is being said to you and make changes. I'D WORK WITH YOU IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!
  3. Here's the ticket - listen politely, don't make a big deal and DO THE HELL WHAT YOU DARNED WELL PLEASE!! No way would I fall for this crap. It'll disapear as soon as everyone 'forgets' to follow through. And people get PAID to dream up this stuff!!!!!!!!
  4. RyanRN

    Should nurses strike?

    "------- teeituptom Senior Member- Just remember what goes around comes around, Some day she(/he) will get her(/his) just rewards----" (NURSE VS>NURSE THREAD) Yeppers, truer words were never spoken! __________________
  5. RyanRN

    eICU...is it for you?

    So technically we become a cross between a NA and a Tech with continuous monitoring, distant assessments and second guessing. What about our experince, will it count? I mean if you have some off campus people just sitting there ready to act on any minute change in status without first hand input won't it lead to overkill? For example, if I have a guy with uncontrolled hypertension, assess that, use my judgment and PRN treatment(IF I feel it necessary, only I know if he's upset, anxious, excited, in pain etc.) I'm gonna keep a close eye, not jump in too fast, wait for a nice mean and a 'feel'. Are these guys gonna be calling me every 5 minutes or let me make the judgment call? I hate to poo poo everything new, but I don't have a handle on whether this will turn out like they think. You do though. Keep us posted.
  6. RyanRN

    "Shift goes to the lowest bidder..."

    Wrightgd---"But if I could outbid you for a shift, and I was willing to work for free, then the only concern anyone should have is that I provide competent care for my patients. I hope that is sincerely everyone's concern who has posted here... Not ego, not pride, not professionalism..." So far off based can hardly contain the millions of words in my head. And how many other professions would be willing to act the same? My guess, none. Groveling with thanks for filling positions with such 'creativity' so I don't have to work short handed after 'THEY" caused the very problem doesn't get the candy. Not for one minute do I believe this innovative marketing ploy was created for the benefit of bedside nurses. It IS all about money and in this case - the hospital is beneifiting. And, yes, I DO need money to live on. And that shouldn't in any way be in opposition to the compassionate,professional, competent, safe,knowlegable and prideful experienced way with which I care for my patients.
  7. RyanRN

    Cva, Tia Or Migrane

    Just had a bout with a 3 day migraine so I was surfing WEBMD.com and found this information (never heard it before either). Hope it helps. "Rare migraine conditions include these types of neurological auras: Hemiplegic migraine: temporary paralysis (hemiplegia) or nerve or sensory changes on one side of the body (such as muscle weakness). The onset of the headache may be associated with temporary numbness, dizziness, or vision changes. " WEBMD.COM
  8. RyanRN

    "Shift goes to the lowest bidder..."

    jadednurse I literally, spit-my-coffee-all-over laughed out loud! This IS crap!! If the hospitals had done the right thing for Nursing to begin with, there would be NO need to seek outside agency help. They got themselves into this mess and I personally resent being used as a guinea pig to try and save their own arses. I thought we were all striving to remain PROFESSIONAL - this would be a giant step backwards.
  9. RyanRN

    Renal dose Dopamine question.

    rstewart - stated so well! Strange how we hang onto treatment ideas because 'that is what is always done' even after valid research. I work with docs who do both! It's up to us, the nurses, to tactfully initiate conversation that may drive them to check out the newest use of drugs/treatments. Yep, these drugs can be dangerous but the hospitals have a self-serving interest (money/staffing) on why suddenly they are allowed on step down units where today you have 6 patients to monitor and yesterday in was 2! Yeah that safe and in the best interest of the patients! NOT!
  10. RyanRN

    Haldol IV??

    PDR say no IV only IM
  11. RyanRN

    NY Times story

    Congratulations and thank you. Well done!
  12. RyanRN

    Our Infection Control nurse is a control freak....

    Personally, I might like someone watching out for us. Ours is so politically hooked up we are forced to house MRS, VRE,eceterbactor (sp) and c-diff with CLEAN patients in four bedded rooms!!!!! When they need a bed - anything goes. As far as the docs and IC nurses having differences - why not refer one to the other and stay out of it!
  13. RyanRN

    Is 32 too old to start nursing school?

    If 32 was 'too old to start' then you's lose a good proportion of working nurses!
  14. RyanRN

    Lazy, demanding staff

    ZuchRN - nurses can and have been fired on the spot, without incident at my hospital. Things are not always equal, I suppose.
  15. RyanRN

    Lazy, demanding staff

    Here's just one example (of something?!) Busy bee nurse fills in every single box on every single piece of paper, completes every single extra form created by the hospital, JHCAHO, and the health dept., follows up on every single lab or change of pt. status, charts litigously, caters to familes for the sake of PR, makes most of the inservices, labels every single IV and piece of tubing, updates the careplan, EVERYDAY, yadayadayada. Lazyass nurse does the bare minimun, completes no forms, (I didn't know we had to do THAT one),doesn't change out of date IV sites, leaves treatments for the next shift, disappears or takes lunch during visiting hours, EVERYDAY. yadayadayada. Everyone KNOWS who's doing what, and yet the Busy Bees are chastized by being forced to complete the undone stuff, make sure everything is updated, has to review all the forms and get charts and tasks up to par and this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. BusyBees and Lazyss Nurses are both still employeed. And although we realize the prediciment middle managment is in, we are also TOLD to folllow the chain of command, and YOU'RE IT! We're stuck between a rock and a hard place with no place else to go. That's part of your job too.
  16. RyanRN

    Stupidist question

    What's an AMBU bag? Very nice, graceful, kind instructor - just explained it to me and moved on.