My Name is BlueHenRN and I Almost Ate my Young Today

  1. My mouth began to water in anticipation. My stomach was already growling, and I entertained the thought of what wine would go best with the new nurse I was about to devour.

    Before I could sharpen my knife and fork, however, a realization came over me. I've only been a nurse for three years. How was it that I was ready to snack on a youngster, when I'm barely out of training pants myself?

    The statement "kids these days," that played in my head is what whet my appetite. The funny thing is, the "kid" in question is older than I am. Become a nurse at 21, you're soon a young veteran, especially on the floor. And I couldn't help but think to myself "you were raised better than that! You were raised here, by good nurses. You know better!"

    So, instead of taking the hatchling under my wing, I was ready to take a big bite. For that moment, fleeting as it was, I understood why more experienced nurses desire to do what they do (or don't do, it depends on what side of the debate one happens to be on).

    I can't be the only one who's felt this way. Come on, you know when you hear the newbies complain about nurseatient ratios or the latest protocol, you think to yourself, "we used to have twice as many patients when I started working nights," or "back when I was new, we didn't have a nice protocol for acute constipation. We had to hound doctors for a Colace order!"

    Help, stop me before I sink my teeth in!
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    bluehenrn, this was too funny !! thanks for the morning laugh....i really needed it ! and yes....we have all been there. you are not alone.

    praiser :heartbeat
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    I almost signed my name to that list a few times... At least you caught yourself!
  5. by   heron
    Have a cookie ... this too shall pass.
  6. by   Flare
    I've been in that boat and I certainly know what you mean about your "young" being older chronologically than you.
  7. by   LisaDNP
    Stop, take a deep breath and remember that the new interns will be out on July 1st. They are much more fun to chomp on!
  8. by   rholman
    Too funny, I love the way you described you emotions. I am nowhere near being a nurse so I can't relate but I had to reply. That's for the laugh, it reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood and you were the wolf disquised as her sweet little grandmama.
  9. by   Lucky0220
    I am 59 and a brand new nurse. Graduated in December, 2008 and am working on a med/sj floor after having a horrible 2 months at another hospital after being told "you are going to be perfect for ICU". I didn't like ICU, and other than my preceptor, most of the nurses resented the fact that newbies were being put on the unit right from school, so they had an attitude and were not friendly at all. The nurses where I am right now are wonderful and helpful. They all tell us how they appreciate us being there! Your post was funny and very real to me. It's nice to know we have nurses like you!!:heartbeat
  10. by   RNgonewild
    Hey you could hardly help yourself, they are so tasty and available!
  11. by   chicookie
    =o I don't really taste that good. Trust me.
  12. by   Virgo_RN
    Funny! Thank you for sharing!
  13. by   SoundofMusic
    I had a preceptee the other day I would have liked to have taken a bite out of. Talk about clueless and, dare I say it, just OUT THERE. She cannot smile. She cannot stay with me. She runs around doing God knows what and I have to try to find her because I'm too nice to constantly call her on the phone. I mean -- I sit there and try to talk to her about stuff and she acts like she's barely listening.

    As a preceptee, I hung on my precetor's every word! I wanted to be by her side every minute! I wanted to learn from her. I don't get these new kids.
  14. by   nursemary9
    I wish I could write as well as you.

    Consider writing articles!!