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  1. Thanks... yes, my plan is to pursue a Masters degree. However, I don't know how I will feel when that time comes but at least I will finish with a bachelors. congratulations that you were excepted at your school of choice. Hopefully I will not have...
  2. Today starts the first day for the application period for the Spring 2011 Associates program. I finished all my pre-reqs last spring to be eligible and i was very excited but after much thought, I decided not to apply and finish my pre-reqs to app...
  3. Spring 2011 Sem. State and UCF-SSC Concurrent Program

    Today starts the first day for the application period for Spring 2011 program. Good luck to all that is applying
  4. An Open Letter to (Micro)Managers

    I am not a nurse yet, however your letter applies to all professions. I Hate micromanagers, they bring out the worst in me. Thanks for sharing
  5. Seminole State College of Florida (SCC)

    The wait is over, Congratulations and enjoy your summer!
  6. McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    I just sent you a copy. Good Luck
  7. How are you celebrating the end of Spring finals?

    I am redecorating my home, painting all the rooms and planting flowers. I feel like I can breath now that I have removed all the books and paper from my living room and kitchen table. The freedom feels good
  8. McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    Thank You for the copy
  9. McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    Good Morning, please someone send me the link as well rolandaholman@earthlink.net
  10. I survived A&P I&II!!

    Congratulations, i know the feeling, I finished AP2 last week. It was a lot of information but very interesting. To everyone that are starting these courses, it may seem overwhelming but be patient with yourself, study a little everyday and don't fa...
  11. I DID IT!!!!!!

    Absolutely.. I plan to take it in July. I will start studying June 1 and give myself 1 month, I should be ready by July.Thanks
  12. I DID IT!!!!!!

    Passed AP2 with an A and Micro with a B... OMG, I am sooooo happy, i really can't find the words to explain it. This has been a loooooooong 2 years of taking pre-reqs,and I wasn't sure if I was going to pull through with Micro but I did it. I feel...
  13. Microbiology: Spring 2010

    Look up malaria,Some of the symptoms are:Fever, chills, sweating, headaches, muscle pains. Bacteria is passed on by mosquito bite, which causes the RBC's to lyse, resulting in anemia. Which may be causing pale skin and blue patches in some area.Jus...
  14. Microbiology: Spring 2010

    I have a final exam next Thursday. I am hoping to end with a B.. I am just soooo happy its over.
  15. Thank goodness, things worked out for you.My daughters father had his identity stolen years ago. He found out when he got rejected for a job because his background check came back that he was in jail. Okay.... people, how is he in jail and able to ...