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Soon to be Nursing Student

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  1. rholman

    An Open Letter to (Micro)Managers

    I am not a nurse yet, however your letter applies to all professions. I Hate micromanagers, they bring out the worst in me. Thanks for sharing
  2. rholman

    Seminole State College of Florida (SCC)

    The wait is over, Congratulations and enjoy your summer!
  3. rholman

    McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    I just sent you a copy. Good Luck
  4. rholman

    How are you celebrating the end of Spring finals?

    I am redecorating my home, painting all the rooms and planting flowers. I feel like I can breath now that I have removed all the books and paper from my living room and kitchen table. The freedom feels good
  5. rholman

    McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    Thank You for the copy
  6. rholman

    McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    Good Morning, please someone send me the link as well rolandaholman@earthlink.net
  7. rholman

    I survived A&P I&II!!

    Congratulations, i know the feeling, I finished AP2 last week. It was a lot of information but very interesting. To everyone that are starting these courses, it may seem overwhelming but be patient with yourself, study a little everyday and don't fall behind. There is a lot of information to learn and memorize but you can pull thru with persistence and focus. Good Luck
  8. rholman

    I DID IT!!!!!!

    Absolutely.. I plan to take it in July. I will start studying June 1 and give myself 1 month, I should be ready by July.Thanks
  9. rholman

    I DID IT!!!!!!

    Passed AP2 with an A and Micro with a B... OMG, I am sooooo happy, i really can't find the words to explain it. This has been a loooooooong 2 years of taking pre-reqs,and I wasn't sure if I was going to pull through with Micro but I did it. I feel like I am out of jail and I have my life back.. at least for now. I am taking a long needed break for the rest of the year.I finished with a 3.8 GPA, and all I have to do now is take the TEAS test and apply to the Nursing program for January 2011. Yeah!!!!!!!!Good Luck to everyone and I'm off to finish my bottle of champagne I started last night LOL!
  10. rholman

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    Look up malaria,Some of the symptoms are:Fever, chills, sweating, headaches, muscle pains. Bacteria is passed on by mosquito bite, which causes the RBC's to lyse, resulting in anemia. Which may be causing pale skin and blue patches in some area.Just a wild guess
  11. rholman

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    I have a final exam next Thursday. I am hoping to end with a B.. I am just soooo happy its over.
  12. Thank goodness, things worked out for you.My daughters father had his identity stolen years ago. He found out when he got rejected for a job because his background check came back that he was in jail. Okay.... people, how is he in jail and able to come in and apply for a job. Anyway...turns out the person who stole his identity was in jail and when they did further investigations, found out this criminal had 3 different identities. It took my dauthers father a few years to clear it up and get it removed from his record.Again, glad this turned out good for you.
  13. rholman

    Losing my superpowers

    Thank you for the compliment. I have told my professor what was going on, but unfortunatley, the school has a strict schedule for lab hours for each class and I work full time Monday - Friday 8 to 5 with class 4 days a week. No way I can make it up.. I am going to hang in there and hopefully I will pass with a "c" or maybe get lucky and hold on to my B. I absolutely have to be there for my daughter 100%. As parent's we have to make sacrifices everyday and I have not reqrets or second thoughts for doing whats right for her. I can make up the class if necessary. This are my last 2 pre-reqs and I was going to apply for January 2011, hopefully my plans won't be delayed but honestly I don't even care at this point. I just want to focus on getting my daugher settled, then I will refocus on myself. As long as I keep my A in AP2, I'm okay. Also, we have a quiz every week in Micro, so I am already down 2 test. Btw... Happy Easter everyone. It's a beautiful day in Sunny Florida, the weather is warm, the birds are chirping and the bee's are buzzing. I even saw a tiny garden snake in my backyard this morning. I could go for a nice cold class of Iced Mint Tea while sitting on my front porch and watch the kids in the neighborhood play. I haven't opened a book today and I ain't gonna. Life is short... you have to remember what's most important in life. All work and no play is not good for the soul.
  14. rholman

    What would you do?

    Okay, some may know my story, but anyway. I currenlty work as a administrative assistant in a sales office. I had wanted to get into a sales manager position for a few years but realized about 2 years ago that it wasn't going to happen. My company is 90% men, a lot of nepotism and the good ole boy club going around. Anyway... I decided 2 years ago to pursue nursing, and currently working on my last 2 pre-req classes before I apply for NS in january 2011. My boss just got a promotion and he tells me i should apply for his position, he has been kind of grooming me for the position and knows i can do the job. This position has a company car and almost double my current salary, however, i have a few concerns. First, I know the V.P. has got his favorite lined up for the position and I most likely will not get the job. Secondly, if it happens, that hell freezes over, and they offer me the job, there is no way I can pursue nursing school because of the job responsibilites. lastly, I really don't want the job at this point, my career direction has changed and I don't want anything to get in the way. I have worked too hard for the past 2 years on my pre-reqs. My question is...should i apply anyway since I am almost 1 year away from NS. Honestly, my passion is not there anymore. My friends and family say i should. The only thing appealing about the job is the company car and income. However, as I mentioned, I could bet my last penny, that I won't get it anyway.. but I don't want to deal with the rejection either. At this point, I just want to be left alone, to lurk in the shawdows until I move on to my Nursing career. Why couldn't this happen 2 years ago... what's the point in applying
  15. rholman

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    Happy New Year everyone, I am also taking Micro this semester, my first class is on Tuesday... Yikes! We are using Microbology a Systems Approach. My teacher has great reveiws on ratemyprofessor.com and a former classmate recommended her as well. I am anxious and nervous to get started. I started reading my text and it was interesting so far..hopefully it will remain so. I have already mentally prepared myself for a challenging semester and committed to more hours of studying this semester. Good Luck to everyone
  16. rholman

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!....I hope the new year is filled with joy, good health and prosperity to all.