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  1. I think it depends on the state you're practicing in. Some allow a new NP to practice for a specific time frame while getting certified. Other states require certification before you can practice as a NP.
  2. LisaDNP

    MD, DO, NP, DC, OD -- Who deserves the title Physician?

    Should the PhD prepared nursed take an exam to prove him or herself? I took a certification exam and passed it. I'm not a physician. I'm a nurse practitioner. When I complete my DNP, I can be addressed as "Doctor" because of academic credentials alone, but not physician. A physician is a MD or DO. PS: A chiropractor can do pelvic exams?? I think NOT!
  3. Another nurse/pilot couple here. I'm a NP and my husband makes about 3x what I make. He also works less hours than I do!
  4. You should contact ------ at the Little Rock VA. She's been researching this topic for quite a while.
  5. LisaDNP

    Should I renew my licence now?

    NEVER EVER let your license expire even if you have to pick up aluminum cans to pay the renewal fee!!!
  6. LisaDNP

    Night shift my only choice as a new hire?

    I'm not trying to be rude, but usually seniority rules...and you have none. Sorry.
  7. LisaDNP

    Knowledge or Information Hoarding

    right, and of course that is not what i was referring to at all. i can't tell you how many times a week i tell my son to "look it up" instead of giving him the answers! i'm looking for incidents more like cookienay and keymaster described.
  8. LisaDNP

    Knowledge or Information Hoarding

    Some examples of what I'm referring to are not giving complete information in order to make the other nurse look incompetent. Or knowing someone is going to do a procedure or give a medication incorrectly and letting them do it in spite of the fact that it may hurt the patient. I'm not referring to letting a new nurse figure out problems on his/her own when it doesn't cause the patient any harm. I'm in a DNP program. I've had experience with this type of behavior in the past and was just curious about others having the same experience. I also collaterally work with someone who hoards knowledge. I'm looking for some approaches to take with this person. Thanks for your posts so far!
  9. LisaDNP

    Knowledge or Information Hoarding

    I'm interested in hearing any of your experiences with nurses or other medical personnel deliberately not sharing important information that could or did have an effect on patient care. I know I've experienced this in the past with the "offender" stating they just wanted to see how long it would take me to figure so-and-so out. A trial by fire in their eyes, but a danger to a patient in mine. Anyone want to share?? Thx, Lisa
  10. LisaDNP

    NP attire

    Thanks for the information! I've never heard that students should wear the shorter lab coat before. I wonder if it's a regional thing or if I'm just clueless!
  11. LisaDNP

    NP attire

    It's a faux pas to wear a long lab coat? I had no idea!
  12. LisaDNP

    The VA's CPRS

    I agree with Missbecky that CPRS is great! It can do just about everything you may want or desire. I've also worked with Cerner in the past and the two systems are very comparable. Actually, I heard that the people who developed Cerner basically "stole" their ideas from CPRS. I, of course, have no idea if that is true or not but there are many similarities!
  13. LisaDNP

    Tripler Medical Center- New Grads?

    You have a great attitude! I treasure the 3 1/2 years I had there. It was a hard transition but well worth it. I learned so much about many things. Living there is a great experience.
  14. LisaDNP

    Can you run your own clinic as an Adult/Gero NP?

    It depends on the state you live in.
  15. LisaDNP

    VA benefits, must have had my head in the sand.

    No matter how much you have or you make, a vet can be treated for any condition that is service connected at any time.
  16. LisaDNP

    Tripler Medical Center- New Grads?

    Good luck to you on getting a RN job in Hawaii! It was a totally different situation when I was there. Basically, a RN could write his or her own ticket. Just don't get discouraged and don't give up. Also realize that you're in a different world over there.....learn and adapt. You'll be just fine!!