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  1. LisaDNP

    Anyone applying to UAB MSN program?

    work not woke!
  2. LisaDNP

    Anyone applying to UAB MSN program?

    I'm totally confused and this is not my first rodeo, so to speak! I applied for a post-masters program since I'm already a NP and also have my DNP. I applied to UAB because I could start (I thought) in January 2012. Friday, I got an acceptance letter to start in August! Maybe I'm delusional, but I would bet money that I applied to start in January since I have some commitments this fall that I considered before deciding to apply for the post-masters program in the first place! For those of you who have been in direct communication with the faculty, who should I call to straighten this out? Also, is there an online course we can take to satisfy the OSHA requirements? Of course I do this at woke yearly, but I'm not sure if UAB would accept that.
  3. LisaDNP

    RN job fair

    I have no idea about that but good luck to you!
  4. LisaDNP

    RN job fair

    If anyone is willing to move, the Memphis VA is having a job fair 10-23-10. They are looking to hire RNs ONLY in many different specialty areas. In the advertizing, there is no mention of experience needed. There is more information on their website if you're interested.
  5. LisaDNP

    I've had ENOUGH (vent)

    OP, Be careful!! Don't burn any bridges! Write the letter you want to write but don't send it until someone objective as a chance to look it over for you.
  6. LisaDNP


    A friend of mine graduated with a post-masters certificate in PMHNP, so yeah, it's real! She was already a FNP.
  7. LisaDNP


    The University of South Alabama has a distance PMHNP program. What's going on in Florida? Moratorium???
  8. LisaDNP

    I'm allergic to.....(laundry list)!

    Hey Kerry, While an ACE cough is not an allergy it is a very annoying side effect some patients have from taking ACE-I. Another class of medication should be prescribed for HTN if an ACE causes a cough.
  9. LisaDNP

    PMHNP in Private Practice

    I'm a FNP and the longer I practice, the more I realize that everything comes down to psych. Any physical illness can cause mental stress and vice versa. My FNP program was sorely lacking in psych epxeriences. I also work with PTSD patients and I wish everyday that I had the skills a PMH-NP has. I'm seriously thinking of getting a post-master's certificate in psych.....after I finish my DNP...if my DH promises not to divorce me !!!
  10. I think it depends on the state you're practicing in. Some allow a new NP to practice for a specific time frame while getting certified. Other states require certification before you can practice as a NP.
  11. LisaDNP

    MD, DO, NP, DC, OD -- Who deserves the title Physician?

    Should the PhD prepared nursed take an exam to prove him or herself? I took a certification exam and passed it. I'm not a physician. I'm a nurse practitioner. When I complete my DNP, I can be addressed as "Doctor" because of academic credentials alone, but not physician. A physician is a MD or DO. PS: A chiropractor can do pelvic exams?? I think NOT!
  12. LisaDNP

    what will happened to MSN NPprograms in 2015

    ->>>>>Also- just saying that it will happen doesn't make it so. It's a similar issue with the push to phase out ADN programs. States have tried it on occasion (and failed), but it is up the individual state BON, and there is no way you will all the sudden get everyone to agree on this issue. Saying it WON'T happen also doesn't make it so..................
  13. As an RN, I took two different certification exams and passed both. As a FNP, I took the ANCC exam and passed it. I'm out of tests at the moment!
  14. OP, thanks for posting this. I took the NCLEX back in the 2 day, paper and pencil era and to me it was anti-climactic after nursing school. I didn't even study for it. So when I see these posts on here about failing the NCLEX multiple times, I wonder just how different the test is now. Or is it that nursing education is different? I would like to take a practice NCLEX just to see how I would do.....of course I wouldn't want it to count or anything !
  15. Another nurse/pilot couple here. I'm a NP and my husband makes about 3x what I make. He also works less hours than I do!
  16. You should contact ------ at the Little Rock VA. She's been researching this topic for quite a while.

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