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I started a new job as an ICU RN in January, and I'm still on my 6 month probation. I work for a large University State hospital and mostly it's a good place to work, but now I'm starting to think... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I did not make this about unions, Steph. I am sure you saw what I wrote. I said what you said, essentially. If its not in the contract, say "no" and hang up.

    I dont' need a union to say that for me, either. For me, unions are useful in other areas. But I agree, saying "no" is an individual thing. And yes, this pro/con union debate thing has been done to death here already, I agree.
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  2. by   Mulan
    I'd leave and go agency. I would also contact the state board of nursing and see if they have anything to say about this, and also the state labor board.

    Good luck.
  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I did not make this about unions, Steph. I am sure you saw what I wrote. I said what you said, essentially. If its not in the contract, say "no" and hang up.

    I dont' need a union to say that for me, either. For me, unions are useful in other areas. But I agree, saying "no" is an individual thing. And yes, this pro/con union debate thing has been done to death here already, I agree.
    I know - and agree with you.

  4. by   fergus51
    I have never heard of this happening in my hospital. If you do want a unionized work environment (and I always have to help avoid situations like this) you can look in California. We have a lot of unionized workplaces.
  5. by   fergus51
    BTW, I also hate the fact that hospitals here seldom seem to cancel non-emergent surgeries or transfers. It may keep wait times down, but it comes at a great cost. That never happened in Canada, so I do think the financial realities of healthcare in the US can have a negative effect on our care.
  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Now, do you see why there is a so-called "shortage" in the U.S.?

    There is no shortage, but there are plenty of nurses not working, as they are sick of being abused.

    I agree. Clearly this nurse was abused.
  7. by   NancyJo
    Where I worked before they had began to mandate on a fairly regular basis. We were told at that time that we were to just assume we would be mandated and plan accordingly. The only exceptions were if it would cause considerable family hardship(which of course they determined if it was a hardship) or if it would be harmful to your health. If you got an excuse from your Doc then they deemed that you were then unable to perform your work duties and you were out of a job. If we refused to stay and then left they called it pt. abandonement and you were out of a job. It was a no win situation. Happy to say I got out of there shortly after and no longer have to deal with that.
  8. by   gwenith
    Agreed - this is bullying pure and simple. You are right - elsewhere in the world this would NOT be tolerated!!! (says the girl who just got pleaded with to do an extra shift lol) But that is the difference - here we are asked and there is NO pressure if you say NO!

    Keep a diary of these sorts of incidents and when you leave (I cannot forsee you staying) I would send an anonymous copy to the CEO of the hospital outlining how you were driven away by bullying. However I would send this AFTER I got my next job.
  9. by   Antikigirl
    My husband, a paramedic, use to have trouble with this all the time! They had one-two mandatory overtimes per month according to their contracts but it wound up being much more!

    We learned to screen our calls via our message machine after two vacations of his almost got ruined...then the doo doo hit the fan when he got tagged for mandatory overtime via being threatened of being fired during his grandfathers funeral...DURING the funeral (a fire fighter attending heard he was needed badly by work and my hubby looked at his pager...10+ messages and called). My husband was on the call and held his grandfather as he died, and they ask him to work before he is was laid to rest during the funeral!!! ENOUGH! He worked the shift and said if they call him again when he is busy or has plans he will not be available and will walk off the job! It took that much! So for us (me and my children) he worked so he didn't loose his job, and we all regret that choice to this is more important! but it did work out...

    Soon everyone was outraged that his work did this too him...from fire fighters, to police, to hospitals and other paramedics! Enough was enough and his company got so many complaints that mandatory overtime was cancled and they were forced to hire more paramedics! (our paramedics are privately owned not state owned). And yes, the threat of UNION was mentioned...boy did the change happen fast after word of that! My hubby was not the only one that had important events cancled in moments notice via threat of being fired!).

    I too started getting called way to much on a salary job, but on salary I had to go! Even the day after my hubby had a heart attack. Left the job that day because they threatened me and said "well, it isn't like you can do anything for him!" I was outraged..heck yes there was something I could do, hold the hand of my very scared husband who had a heart attack at 31, or be there if I needed to say goodbye to my love! If they didn't care that I was needed to be with my husband...then I felt I could find another employer that had more compassion and respect!

    I see it now this way...I am a wife and mother...nurse on the side, and not a nurse then mother/wife on the side! Nursing jobs will be there, but wife/mother jobs...very time oriented and some things can never be done over or put off! There are jobs out there and I will find one that fits me and not the other way around. So far so good on my hours (job isn't the greatest but I can't complain too much) and they understand if I am gone, that is my time! They also know that I don't normally answer the phone unless it is urgent and if I want to work, I will pick up...other than that I am busy (so for all extensive purposes 'not home').

    Look for other employement that works for your schedule, there are jobs out there...may take a while but you will burn out within a few more shifts...I mean, you will have to comprimise, but be true to yourself about what those comprimises will be and what you truely will accept! Good luck to you!!!!
  10. by   UnewmeB4
    That is horrendous. The hospital I work at in nonunion. They may ask if you want to work OT. However, they have never forced it on anyone that I am aware of. The nursing office will call and leave a message, and you may call back or not. What many nurses do, will be a trade-off, "I will stay, if I may have off tomorrow." That often works, as it buys time another 24 hrs to look for help for the next day. They also shut down beds if we do not have the staffing for the next day. The weekends are usually NOT a problem, as we have a nice weekend program. There are an incredible amount of nurses working the "weekend option" program. Hope you can get out of there FAST.
  11. by   barefootlady
    Thank goodness there is a law here to prevent mandatory overtime unless it is a true emergency like floods, blizzards, rockslides, and etc.
    I would start looking for other employment options that allow you to have a life outside of work.
  12. by   Rocknurse
    They did tell me that I might be mandated when I applied for the job, but being from England I didn't really know what that meant. I've never heard of of it before, and I thought it would only be initiated if it was an emergency. I had no idea they routinely used mandation as a way of solving their staffing problems. It never occured to me that they would make you do that after a 12 hour shift. I thought they would only expect you to come in on a day off. How naive I was! In the 4 months I've been here I've never seen an agency nurse here...everybody is mandated instead. In fact one of the day staff, who starts at 7am, has been mandated to come in at 3am this morning...and then go on to do her 12 hour shift ntil 7pm tonight. :angryfire Interestingly enough, despite this being a state hospital and there being a protocol for absolutely everything, there is apparently no protocol for mandation. How convenient!
  13. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Nursing employers today are just rediculous.
    I will never be a regular, full-time employee again.