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What a heavenly idea, don't you think? How many men reading this would take a shot or pill as a birth control method since it is OBVIOUS that the condom isn't being utilized to control "unwanted... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    It would be so ideal if everyone could start out their sexual life by chugging the 20+ pills AIDS victims eat, or having the razor-blaze urination sensation, the itching from H*ll in a place you can't scratch easily, or the 2 inch raised bumps of an STD and deal with it for a month, then have it just disappear on its own.

    I tmight help people to remember that they need to wrap it up anytime, everytime.

    The pill should serve as EXTRA protection from pregnancy only, not as pharmacological means of going latex-free.

    Trying to get people to listen and DO THAT is a whole other problem.

  2. by   mobileLPN
    This is one guy who thinks the time has come to have some contraception choices of our own. The thought of reproducing scares the crud out of me. I'll happily take a pill or shot. Remember though, that it's no good against STDs, so a barrier method should still be used when indicated.
  3. by   Rustyhammer
    I'd do anything (short of the "V")
    I'm not fond of shots but would even take one of those periodically.
    I'm willing to do my part.
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Ahhhh Rusty . . . the fear of the "V" got my husband a new baby boy when he was 48.

    He is of course thrilled now but the ride between scared and thrilled was a long one.

    I almost think that taking the consequences out of sexual activity makes it easier for people to just use each other . . . not that I'm against protecting ourselves. Sort of a double edged sword. The consequences are not just physical but emotional too.

    I'd think I'd worry about the effects of something hormonal on my boys . . . the same as I worry about the effect BCP's may have on my daughter one day. Read a book called "What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Menopause" . . which talked alot about the early introduction of BCP's and possible problems.

    And I agree with the posters who say that getting a shot doesn't help with the most dire and widespread consequence . . STD's.

    Rusty . . by the way, my husband had the dreaded "V" when I was 5 months preggers and was surprised by how easy it was. Not that the shot didn't hurt a tad. But the actual procedure and the aftereffects were not a big deal . . .BUT go to a urologist who does them all the time . .not a GP.

  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    zoinks, stevie. at least he is "all taken care of" now.

    you bring up some good points re: hormonal side effects
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    zoinks, stevie. at least he is "all taken care of" now.

    you bring up some good points re: hormonal side effects
    Yep-ALL TAKEN CARE OF . . . :roll

  7. by   caroladybelle
    Yes, I think that it is lovely idea for men to have other contraceptive options.

    But would I trust a man's word that he was using it appropriately and reliably..............that I would have my doubts.

    I have had enough arguments over condom use (if they knew that I was using something, they didn't want to use a condom - I believe in both partners being protected). I have dated plenty of book smart men that couldn't balance a checkbook, couldn't sort clothes for the laundry (denim blue underwear and shrunken sweaters), and couldn't figure that metal does not go in the microwave. I had to make sure that the epileptic took his meds - he kept "forgetting".

    Do you think that I would trust them with contraception when they can't even ask for directions?????
  8. by   Tweety
    I think it would work well in a loving stable relationship.

    But I'm with Deb. If I were female and active and not in a trusting relationship I would look after myself.
  9. by   MtnMan
    Short of seeing the scars would you really trust one of us if we said we were on the pill??? Especially after meeting the young stud at the bar. HAHAHAHAHA
  10. by   Tilleycs
    As a man, I think it's a shame how a thread that could be an intelligent discussion about male contraception (which is what I was hoping for when I started reading the thread) cannot go just a few posts before the male-bashing starts. I'm surprised that some of the men on the board even responded.

    Honestly, it makes me not even want to bother to give my opinion. So I won't. But I will say this: there are women out there who are EVERY bit as guilty of EVERYTHING you want to bash/stereotype us for. So I hope you've printed enough labels for everyone of both sexes. And after you finish slinging your mud, you may want to check your clothes and hands - you've probably got some on you.

    Peace! And much respect to Deb for her posts.
  11. by   debyan
    My two sons. god bless them,are 25 and 26 and when it comes to condoms,(condoms, comes:roll ) they are idiots. When they were in their early teens I explained to them the reason using them, showed them how to use them and even bought them some. I still speak to them about it at times now and am fully aware that even though they know the reasons they should use them if the opportunity arises and there are no condoms around at the time, they take their chances. My husband had the big V right 6 weeks after my twins were born, not soon enough we still had my youngest 11 months after the twins OOPS-IE. Who would have thought! and I told him to wear condoms too. Which is why my daughter was on the pill as soon as she even thought about boys and I do believe in taking control of your own sexuality and not depending on others to do it for you, no matter how much you trust them. I don't want to appear cynical, just realistic. deb (as you can tell this was learned from experience)
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  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Man, just once I'd like to go to a post where SOMEONE didn't take what is said as a personal/gender insult.....
  13. by   Tilleycs
    Man, just once I'd like to go to a post where SOMEONE didn't take what is said as a personal/gender insult.....
    And I like to read threads where there aren't any...