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  1. O.k, I found out that the local comm. college won't take online A&P courses since I can't take an accompanying lab. So I looked into other prerequisites,and I'd like to look for an online statistics course. Does anyone have any that they can recommend? Thanks in advance.
  2. Tilleycs

    Why do women seem to........

    I agree. Too much testosterone or estrogen in one room is NOT a good thing!!! :) It really is an individual thing and not a gender-specific thing, though.
  3. Tilleycs

    do you have to read to make good grades?

    I agree. Would you want to be operating on by a surgeon who found HIS textbooks too boring? Would you want your taxes done by an accountant who found the latest changes to the tax code too boring?
  4. Tilleycs

    School Retention Rates

    My thoughts exactly. I originally went to college for engineering. At orientation (before classes even started), they said, "Look to your right and to your left; one of you will graduate as an engineer". This was true, but not for the reasons they were trying to portray (they were trying to flaunt how "tough" it is in engineering and how "elite" a group it is). A lot of people get out because it's just not "them". When I got out of engineering, it was because I finally realized and admitted that I'm not an engineer and didn't want to spend the rest of my life trying to be something I wasn't, not because I couldn't "hack" it (I made good grades, I was just had no interest in the material). You're either "wired" a certain way, or you're not. Better to find out early and do something about it. Good advice. I agree! :)
  5. Tilleycs

    I got accepted into a program

    Congratulations to you!!! Way to go!!!
  6. Tilleycs

    Online A&P course recommendations?

    Great, thanks for the info. I've got to have my manager's approval (and some form filled out) before I sign up for the course (to get my tuition reimbursed by my company), and he's out all this week, so I'll have to look into the ccconline. Thanks! Anyone else?
  7. Tilleycs

    competition in class.....out of control

    I think there's a big difference between wanting to be the best (or do your best) and wanting to be better than everybody else. Some people can't feel good about themselves unless they think they're doing better than everyone else. Some people have more important things to concern themeselves with. And remember, how well people do in school doesn't mean diddly squat as an indicator of how well people will do in their careers and in life (marriage, family, community, etc). There are a LOT of things (flexibility, balance, getting along with others, respect, having a good work ethic, leaving "work" at work, dealing with stress and not taking it out on other people, integrity, being pleasant, being able to bounce back, taking good care of yourself, etc.) that are never covered in school that have a LOT more to do with your long-term success in your career and life than whether you had the highest grade in some course you took in school.
  8. I'm looking to get "back on track" with my nursing courses (took some courses in the past, wasn't sure if it was what I wanted to do, took some other kinds of courses, and am wanting to look into nursing again). The spring semester at my local community college has already started, and the evening A&P sections are VERY small (two sections of 18 people each) and fill up VERY quickly, so I'm thinking about taking A&P I online. Who has taken it online? Can anyone recommend a good source for online courses and the books? And, did you check with the nursing school you planned to attend first and make sure that it would transfer? Who do I talk to? Thanks in advance for your help. Chris
  9. Tilleycs

    Rubs me the wrong way

    Honestly, what she really needs is love and sincere encouragement. All this is screaming "insecurity!" She probably, in her heart, hates herself and this is how she wishes she really was. But, in her heart, she knows the truth. Someone else quoted a verse that is very true. How about this one for us? "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them." - Luke 6:32 Not trying to point fingers, it's tough for everyone to do this. Hang in there!
  10. I would not have thrown away my comic book collection when I lost interest in collecting. I'm getting back into it now, but MAN I wish I still had the ones I spent all that time and money collecting, and all those hours enjoying!! On a personal level, I wish I'd been more patient with life, myself, and everyone else. Obviously, that's something you have to learn and grow in over time, but I wish I'd had more patience growing up. I would have been a lot happier and a lot easier to deal with at times. I'm glad that I was never able to marry any of the ones I thought I was going to marry! I'm getting married for the first time this November (we're both 32, and it's the first time for both of us), and it was worth the wait. I'm so glad I haven't had to go through the pain, heartache, loneliness, and financial damage of a divorce. I wouldn't have bought into the mindset of my former church - that when you stopped going to church there, you were headed straight to hell. It's taken me years to get over that mindset and the guilt that came from deciding to not attend there any more.
  11. Tilleycs

    Too much testosterone at work- frisky doctors

    As a man, in some ways, I'm shocked that these doctors/interns are doing or saying anything close to this - especially with the uproar over sexual harrassment over the past few years, the muti-million dollar lawsuits, and the careers and marriages that have been ruined. I am hesitant to even so much as compliment the women I work with - and I'm talking a "You like nice today" compliment, not a "Hey baby, nice , whatchoo doin' after work?" comment in front of "the boys". Sexual harrassment is SO dangerous, because it's all "in the eye of the beholder." All it takes is one bitter person with a big axe to grind or who's looking to file a lawsuit to take something well-intended and blow it out of proportion. Even if it's proven false, if it gets out, it can damage your reputation. So, it's safer to not even risk it. I smile and say hello to people at work, and make small talk in the hallways and the breakroom, but that's about it. Even if a smile is misinterpreted and used as ammunition against me, everyone can attest that I smile and say hello to EVERYONE. We had a "sexual harrassment avoidance training" class at work, and everyone made jokes about it afterward ("I like your sweater, and I mean that in the most sterile, non-harrassing way possible..."), but the tension is still there sometimes. Like I said, all it takes is one person who is having an emotional day. If any ladies ever wonder why they never get complimented at work, this could be the reason. I'd like to compliment people, I know compliments are encouraging to hear...but there's not a woman out there who's worth risking MY career over.
  12. Tilleycs

    What did SANTA bring YOU this year????

    Man, I made out like a BANDIT this year: - gift cards to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Books-A-Million - "The Stone Cold Truth" (Stone Cold Steve Austin's autobiography) - 3 games for my Playstation 2 (Hulk, Batman: Vengeance, and Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain) - the 2nd season of Dawson's Creek on DVD - a new lightweight jacket (something I've needed for quite a while) - 3 new lightweight sweaters for work Christmas is always a HUGE deal for my family. We have a great time and get each other lots of presents. We're pretty frugal most of the year, but for Christmas, we let loose and have a blast. We have SUCH a great time.
  13. Tilleycs

    I Quit My Job Today! I'm so relieved!

    I respect you making the decision to leave and for standing up for what you believe in. I wish everyone would make the decision to report/confront businesses that have wronged them. Last month, I reported my old apartment complex to the Better Business Bureau and my ex-insurance agent (who I recently FIRED before taking my business elsewhere) to my state's Dept. of Insurance. It's *definitely* worth the time to file a complaint, and it goes on their record. I wish you luck in your decision regarding the lawsuit. Just remember that in the eyes of the law, just like you said, the hospital is ALSO "innocent until proven guilty". Despite your feelings, it does go both ways. Now if they ARE proven guilty, then they deserve everything they get. :) I wish you the best, and I hope you enjoy your vacation(s)!!!!
  14. Tilleycs

    I'm not a people person....

    I guess it depends on how you define being a "people person". I've worked with and known people who said they weren't that, when what they REALLY should have said was, "I'm spoiled, selfish, inflexible, stubborn, and do not want to have to be part of a team. I'm happy as long as I get my way, because I'm the most important person on the planet and shouldn't have to be subjected to the same hassles and inconveniences as everyone else." I've also known and worked with people who DID claimed to be "people persons" who were really just people PLEASERS (i.e., they had to have others' approval and attention so they could feel good about themselves, wanted someone to constantly gossip with so they could run down their co-workers and/or management all the time, couldn't make decisions and operate independently, or were politicking for a higher position). I think the more secure you are in yourself and the older you get, you realize that you do need some time away from everyone. It doesn't mean you're not a "people person", you've just learned the value of rest, quiet, and recharging your batteries.
  15. Tilleycs

    Moving to North Carolina

    My girlfriend, who is an RN, and I (I'm currently taking my prerequisites) live in the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill). Where in NC are you moving?
  16. Tilleycs

    "salary requirements"

    NEVER be the first to give a number. Keep putting the ball back in THEIR court.