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What's the most useless piece of equipment or stocked supply in your facility or on your unit? What would you replace it with? I thought of this thread when I was drawing up a 3 cc NS flush... Read More

  1. by   JaneyW
    We just did a huge clean out in our dept and our manager found education tapes on beta! How long has that been???
  2. by   AgentR
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    And those emesis basins! Have you EVER known anyone to actually hit the thing without splashing or spraying all over the place? Completely useless! How about some larger-sized (or disposable--even the baggie-type might work better) emesis basins!
    When I worked as an extern on post partum we had these bags that had a cardboard rim and a plastic bag that unfolded. Oh, they were wonderful! You could stack 6 beside a nauseated patient. They held up to a liter! They had graduated markings on the side. And the best part was you tossed them right in the trash.

    I hope whoever invented them is making a lot of money.
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from JaneyW
    We just did a huge clean out in our dept and our manager found education tapes on beta! How long has that been???
    We found laser disc ones last month lol.
  4. by   Larry77
    We have laptops that we use for all our charting...well that we are supposed to use...they hardly every work...grrrrr

    Our thermometer's stink..they take forever and often give an error message...grrr

    Would love to throw my pager (I'm forced to carry while on the floor) on the ground and stomp on it...grrr
  5. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I wish we could get rid of those glass ampules you have to break the top off to get to the med. Why DO certain meds still only come in that kind of packaging? There must be a reason.

    Also, our cribs have the NOISIEST and hard to move side rails; trying to lower them to examine a patient can be a challenge, never mind on night shift trying to do it without waking up the baby or their parents. Sometimes I avoid the issue by just sticking my stethoscope through the railings :imbar If I were a little taller I could reach over the side, but that is okay!

    And then there's those IV poles that can adjust way up to the sky so I can't hang a bag on it... that's aggravating but at least it usually gets a good laugh from the kids!

    OK I'm done complaining (for now!) let's hear some more!
  6. by   UM Review RN
    I would dearly LOVE to get rid of all hospital beds that did not have a weight function on it. You just wouldn't believe how often we get CHF'ers who also can't stand up to get on the scale, or people on TPN who have to be weighed daily.

    Love the "Barf bag" idea! Do you recall the company that sold them? I'd be happy to do a cost comparison myself if it meant getting cheaper, more efficient, safer (infection-control-wise) stuff.
  7. by   ERERER
    emesis basins....... great for dividing up a bag of M&Ms, dip for your chips, leftover cake..... I usually try to beg a few of those civilized plastic bag thingys from the paramedics.
    bet our EKG machine is older than yours...... all the while there are memos all over about how important a timely EKG is......
    how about not being able to get an accucheck or do an EKG without a patient ID number???? tell that to the diabetic lying on the lobby floor.
    safety needles........safety for whom???? i've had more stupid incidents with them than the old ones.
    found some old red rubber "Levine" tubes in our pedi cart
  8. by   starfrek1
    Ok yes I agree come into the milennium people!! The one place I work at, using way old charting system that a 5 year old could do. A communication book, yes, pen and paper, and very old thermometers that take forever also!! I am just tired of 'older' nurses who cannot handle ANY change what so ever. We are suppose to go to a level 3 NICU soon and I am scared to death for our poor patients with some of these nurse (and doctors!!!). Please pray our 'new' unit will have updated equipment and technology!!!!
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    MEDITECH. Talk about OLD and USELESS.

    Trash it. It's dos-based and 20-plus year-old technology (I use the term loosely) that is MORE work than ever worth it.
  10. by   Antikigirl
    Where I worked (asst. living) they has this old millitary style HUGE metal irrigation syringe that we used for ear irrigations! This thing, I am sure, was intended to actually scare the wax out of folks before having to be used! LOL!

    The scope for it was worse! LOL!

    So I reminded the DON that we may want to update those to disposable or something at least from our centrury! LOL! So she updated the scope...but not the syringe...

    Bummer...I offered to buy both of them for my antique medical collection...they were wonderful! Alas, they are keeping the old ones in case they need them...grrrrrrr! I really wanted those!!!
  11. by   mustanggirl
    One of first things I learned working where I do now was to use towels for when patients have emesis. They seem to work well with patients who are still pretty groggy and unable to "aim" to hit a receptacle. This year they finally got rid of the very old Marquette monitors that would keep showing up when ours broke, granted ours are hand me downs from other units, but these are harder to read than our "newer" ones which seem to work pretty well except when you put the leads on a living, breathing patient and can not get a telemetry reading for the life of you.
  12. by   veegeern
    Prefilled flush are the best thing since...

    I'd love to get rid of those glass vials that you have to break the top off of...someone mentioned those earlier.

    How about those insulin syringes that either leave the needle in the vial or in the patient? Our facility started using a less expensive syringe a while back. The hub of the needle just slides right off of the syringe when you're not literally holding it on.

    Last but not least, our telemetry units are so old that the hospital can no longer replace them. I can't count the number of days that I've wasted precious time trying to get a unit to work only to return it to the CCU and exchange it for a different one. We're in the process of remodeling the hospital (one floor at a time), but we can't replace our out-dated telemetry system. Hmmmm....
  13. by   kimmicoobug
    We need to get rid of ALL our dynamaps. One of our machines, we had to wrap silk tape around it to keep it on the pole. Do you think our director is sympathetic...well, we still have them.

    Also, I think we need to do away with the Polaroid cameras for documenting decubs or any other skin condition. A good digital camera would be more accurate in showing detail if taken to court, IMO.

    We also need new rooms. Our sinks drip, light switches don't work, TV's are fuzzy. Our chairs in the nurses station have rips and tears. We look so ghetto. Also, I am very tired of the old, stained pink and green wallpaper...bleh.