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Larry77 has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Trauma/ED.

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  1. Larry77

    Epic Charting System

    I've used both computerized Tsystem and now Epic, you will hate Epic at first. It is not nearly as straight forward as Tsystem but after awhile you will get used to it and have a new normal. There is nothing like left clicking for circling and righ...
  2. Larry77

    difficult ETOH pt

    I would talk to your Medical Director and come up with an ED care plan, you do not need a PCP for that. On some of ours over the years we would have a plan in place to only treat objective findings (i.e. withdrawal s/s). We would have a plan to NOT...
  3. Larry77

    Protecting yourself from disgruntled patients

    It was an uncomfortable change for me because I also came from the Inpatient Psych world, but I have not run into any issues. Usually I'm one degree away from what the patients are "disgruntled" about. Most of the complaints I deal with are patient...
  4. Larry77

    Job interview

    Most facilities are going with "Behavior Based" questions like, "Tell me about a time when...". I would have a few stories in mind that happened to you, a touching one, one involving conflict (possibly with another staff member), and one where you m...
  5. Larry77

    BSN or CEN?

    I look at both but I am strongly encouraged to only hire BSN prepared RN's. We are on the "Magnet" journey so we are required to have 80% BSN RN's house-wide. That being said I would not discourage you from sitting for your CEN as well. I would lo...
  6. Larry77

    After the Evidence

    Your statement, "staff want to be managed" I find is not true. I feel like that translates to micromanaging and I do not think staff appreciates that at all. I think staff need a strong leader yes, and one that does act on unresolved issues. When ...
  7. This question is very specific to the type of facility and/or the organization. I can give you a quick hospital answer but even that is variable depending on the organization. In a hospital you usually have, in order: Staff Nurse ---responsible for...
  8. Larry77

    Help with college paper

    FYI, requests like this do not usually go over well on this site. Most of us are here to see how things are done in other facilities, to vent, to get advice, but not to help others with homework. That is why schools have websites and chat rooms... ...
  9. Larry77

    8-vs-12 hour shifts?

    Almost all 12
  10. Larry77

    how to deal with management?

    I'm used to promotions or opportunities (like working in trauma) coming after hard work, not after someone asks for it. If you put your head down, show up to work, and get along with your coworkers great opportunities will come. I was asked to appl...
  11. Larry77

    Hindrance to professional growth

    Wow, I've never heard of this as a policy. What part of the country is this in? I've been wearing scrubs for 20 years and have worked in many hospitals in the NW as agency and I have never been told I couldn't do peri-care or cath a female. I hav...
  12. Larry77

    Being an ER Nurse, is it worth it?

    I'm curious why the ED Manager is looking for you to apply, do you know him/her or someone from that dept? If so, what do you know about the department, are people happy there? I ask because the good department's I have been involved in don't reall...
  13. Larry77

    Shouldn't that patient go the ICU??

    If you knew the nurses name could you send him/her an email to ask why they charted what they did. Maybe you could meet for coffee and discuss both points of view? I'm sure she was covering her bum but to direct quote something that wasn't said is ...
  14. We had a lot of PA's that worked with the Trauma service and some of the other specialties (Surgery, ENT, Urology) but I don't think I've seen many NP's. I'm used to seeing them in the clinic and the Fast-track areas of the ED. I have a couple NP's...
  15. Larry77

    Iv mag or k+ which do I hang first?

    I was merely being facetious. This is an interesting topic and I was pointing out that it is not a typical discussion that is had in ED's, but rather one that my ICU friends would spend time looking up. I'm wondering if those ACTUAL ED nurses were...