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  1. how much do you pay for your health ins.

    Thanks Ashkins--I am doing well. I have had outstanding medical care and was lucky to find it early. Get your mammos ladies!
  2. how much do you pay for your health ins.

    I am faculty at a public ADN program in CA. It's a unionized position. I pay nothing for my medical, but pay 100% of the premium for my family (about $800 a month!) for an HMO. That does not include vision and dental. That is another $200 a month...
  3. Could it be positioning?

    I am not an OR nurse other than circulating through c-sections as an L&D nurse. I have no experience as an RN with long surgeries and positioning. I'm not looking for medical advice, I am just curious. I had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue ...
  4. My original thought process in reaction to the OP was that I disagreed with the idea that education is the answer. That may not have been what the OP was saying, but what I thought was that it came down to educating about the LGBT communityand nurse...
  5. Wow! Thanks for the personal attack! I was basing my answer on the nurses quoted in the OP's post and not out of some deep personal bias against people of any particular religion. And to answer all of your questions about my ability to give compas...
  6. I agree that this needs to be addressed and encourage you in your research. I have to say, though, that I don't agree that it is always a matter of education. A nurse's religion may make it impossible for them to see this population in any other te...
  7. A Short History of Anti-pathophysiologicalism

    Pathophys is sooo cool! I am constantly telling my students that if you understand the physiology and pathophysiology on your patient you will not make mistakes because you will have a deeper understanding of why you are doing what you are doing. H...
  8. Hep B

    Unless you are hiring pediatric employees, it is the Tdap. Do some homework. These vaccinations are really important for people working in healthcare. In CA, RNs can give immunizations independently--no MD order needed in the community setting. T...
  9. male labor and delivery nurses

    Michigan- I can see where you might feels this way. I have no problem with male L&D nurses, but there is another reason for having maternal child training for all nurses. You will sometimes have pregnant and newly delivered women on other floor...
  10. There is a reason those classes are prereqs--you will build on the knowledge gained from those courses from day one in nursing school. I teach nursing fundamentals and beginning pharmacology and you better believe that I have an expectation that my ...
  11. Pinched Nerve causes stroke like symptoms?

    I have had a pinched nerve in my neck (C5-6) that gave my weakness and loss of function in my arm for a while, but my leg was not affected. I have another issue in my lower bag where my leg is affected, but it is a different origin out of my spine. ...
  12. just want to ask..

    I am hearing from my students--current and former--that the 'foot in the door' of being a CNA or lab tech or unit secretary or whatever is extremely helpful in today's new grad job market.
  13. Thank you staff nurses!

    I think I've said this before here, but I would like to repeat a big thank you to all you staff nurses out there who work with student nurses sometimes. I know we invade your units and you have no real choice, but you are so very appreciated!! I am...
  14. New RN very nervous about starting out in L&D

    I started in L&D--it can be done! Be ready for a steep learning curve and a lot of fear and anxiety, but I don't think that is much different from other areas!