Thank you staff nurses!

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I think I've said this before here, but I would like to repeat a big thank you to all you staff nurses out there who work with student nurses sometimes. I know we invade your units and you have no real choice, but you are so very appreciated!! I am an instructor with 10 students and I cannot tell you how much help you can be and what a very positive impact you can have on these students. There are so many negative posts about staff and nursing students, but I see far more positive interactions when I have my students on the floors. You are training the next generation--those who may be caring for you someday! I just finished two days with great staff and happy students. Thanks!!:nurse:

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Love nursing students!


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We get to both train them as students, and then again as new hires. We might as well start early, and then hopefully it will be easier the second time around. :)