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If tomorrow you had to leave nursing what career would you got to?And do you think your prepared for it and do you think you would be happy doing it?... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    Re: Librarian that Hoolahan mentioned. My daughter DID just that. Believe me Nurses are not the only ones who eat their young.

    At age 34 with over 15 years of library experience, she finally LEFT the library she loved and went to work in a hardware store, due to the hounding and harrassment of the senior branch librarian. So much for the 2 masters degrees.

    That woman called, wrote, visited and generally stalked her until she finally said enough. She is happy now, and the library is on the downhill slope having had 4 librarians in 6 months!
  2. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of texas

    If I was to leave nursing, I would love to try and and attend Q school for the senior PGA, either that or open a driving range along with a 9 hole par 4 course designed by ME.

    keep it the short grass yall

  3. by   eldernurse
    I always said that if I could do anything I wanted I would be a hermit. No one will pay for that. I feel that as a nurse I am on "stage" of a sort. No matter what my mood I am cheerful and courteous. No matter how I am treated I respond as a professional. If only I were young and beautiful, I might consider a stage career.
    And hey, stop throwing cold water on the librarian's dreams. Maybe it would be a small library and she would be the only one! The coffee house idea is incredible. Would someone else keep the books?
  4. by   thisnurse
    i would hand out smiley stickers at walmart
  5. by   Brita01
    I'd go back into accounting. What was I thinking when I left my desk job?
  6. by   BadBird
    I would move to Las Vegas and become a black jack dealer.
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Something with computers....there are times that I wish I had gotten into computers.....not that I don't love nursing....I just happen to love dealing with computer work.
  8. by   eldernurse
    To thisnurse, after the days you've been telling us about, handing out smiley stickers at Walmart would be therapy!
  9. by   Stargazer
    I would move to Las Vegas and become a black jack dealer.
    BadBird, a friend of mine worked her way through nursing school as a dealer in Reno. She haaaated it.
  10. by   Medusa
    I, too, "left" nursing for a while. Actually, I think nursing left me! When I moved to a different part of the state there were no positions available for an experienced LPN beyond changing table paper part time in a physician's office. Sorry.... Since I had to find a job to take care of my family, I utilized other skills and started out as an administrative assistant. During that time I decided to develop my skills and interests in the information technology (I.T.) field and worked as an IT Specialist and Network Administrator for a couple of different entities.

    Now, almost 8 years later, with all kinds of computer experience under my belt from network administration to repairing computers to database management, I'm going back to nursing.

    Why? I got no respect in I.T. Since I'm not a 20-something, hirsute male no one thinks I can possibly know anything. I didn't have that problem when I was working as a nurse. I miss the camaraderie in nursing - the team effort. I.T. is too competitive and there is far too much arrogance from people who have no right to be that way.

    Hopefully, I'll be a better nurse now that I've been away for a while and I know my computer skills are going to come in very handy.
    ...i'd go back to school & become a cosmetologist....heeeeeeeeee :roll :chuckled:chuckle :blushkiss
  12. by   bernarma
    I am moving out of nursing as we know it.... and am involved in a virtual franchise. Marketing a whole food supplement and having a ball! To truly help people is awesome! No night shifts, no nursing shortage inflencing my decisions, no mandatory meetings, no union garbage! It is great! AND...in about 2 more years thats all I will be doing!
  13. by   ceecel.dee

    I'd go to auctions all over the place and buy, trade, sell to other "old stuff lovers". (I'd keep all the best stuff!)