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I am an ER nurse in a busy big city hospital

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  1. eldernurse

    Anyone sick of the "Drama Queen" patient?

    I swear y'all work in my hospital!
  2. eldernurse

    I've Had It! Nursing is NOT what it use to be!

    Speaking of hotel, last night someone came to our ER via ambulance for (get this) DRY MOUTH! Talk about hotel!!! with limosine service!!!!! I, too, am sick and tired of catering to all of the idiots who think that we are the enemy or the handmaiden. What a bunch of crap. I would love to know what else I could do. What else makes this kind of money? I don't want to sell anything.
  3. eldernurse

    Beware Gastric Bypass with stapeling!

    I had a friend who is also a nurse who had gastric bypass surgery. She was unable to eat ANYTHING for a year. She was on TPN via a picc line in her right AC. Then, she developed ulcers that began bleeding and she almost died. Then, she needed surgery to repair the ulcers that wouldn't heal in her stomach, at least the part that was viable. Then, she developed a deadly arrhythmia because of her inability to get enough nutrition. They had to put in a permanent pacemaker. Here it is almost 2 yrs later and she is certainly thin. She looks like a skeleton and can only eat baby food from a jar. And this because she felt fat at 210 lbs. Was it worth it? She says she did it because she didn't feel "pretty". She still doesn't feel pretty. But now she doesn't have her health either.
  4. eldernurse

    New breed of bullies!

    Unfortunately, every job has its group of a$$holes working. Sometimes they outnumber us and sometimes we outnumber them. I came to our ER 2 years ago when management had just changed over and the breaking up of the nasty clique had begun. A nurse that I had fought and argued with for a long time (when I was a floor nurse) left about a year after I came on board. Now, my ER is a nice place to work (except for the patients ha ha).
  5. eldernurse

    Nurses are not Doctors

    Actually, I agree. If doctors realized what we do then they would give us a little more respect. I am tired of trying to second guess that ones that think we should be able to anticipate their every need. I am sick and tired of the ones that think that their time is more precious than mine or the patient's. And I am really sick and tired of those that order test after test after test and wonder where the patient is when they show up to finally examine them.
  6. A frequent flyer is a person who has visited the ER instead of going to an MD's office for any ailment that is non-emergent. He may have visited more than one ER (ie, "the other hospital gives out cab tickets and meals"), or his doctor may have made an appointment for him in the next day or so, but they can't wait (the instant gratification type). In your case, if you are truly doing everything you can to PREVENT a headache, and you understand that the ER is only a temporary solution for a chronic problem, most ER nurses and docs will not label you a FF or drug seeker. By the way, narcs only exacerbate your problem. Did you know that?
  7. eldernurse

    Do all surgeons think that they are Gods?

    Simple answer, YES! I work in a big city hospital, I have worked with all kinds of surgeons and the answer is YES, YES, YES. I have said to several of them that if humble was a requirement they would have failed.
  8. eldernurse

    What do these people do?

    They just aren't there all at the same time!
  9. eldernurse


    I am scared of SARS like I have not been afraid of any of the other dangerous things that come through the door. SARS is killing some of us. I have no problem asking patients to mask when they have a fever with cold symptoms.
  10. eldernurse

    Hypothetical Question re: prn meds

    Shandy Lynn has the right idea. Our hospital actually has a policy about that. It has guidelines. I hate it when a physician writes an unclear order to give 1 or 2. It feels like I am prescribing. This is one of the reasons I love the ER. There is always someone (MD) to ask, and clarify.
  11. eldernurse

    Dealing with angry MDs

    these stories are why i have lost all respect for doctors. who taught them to treat people that way? what happens a lot of the time is that i see nurses go with the flow so they don't have to have encounters like that----the patient loses out on that one. i, personally have just thrown up my hands and gone with the flow. if the *******wants his patient treated that way, fine
  12. To nurse Lou, vigilant families are OK as long as they don't have unreal expectations on how long this care should take. I can turn, clean, do mouth care and medicate in about 3 minutes, see ya in a couple of hours! I hate the ones who say, you haven't seen my loved one in hours! and I just did everything 5 minutes ago while they were in the bathroom! I really hate those mag's that have the cutsy new nurse (or old nurse) stories that are supposed to warm your heart. If I wanted to read Chicken Soup for the nurses soul I would buy it!
  13. eldernurse

    Nurses, do you routinely do beds and baths?

    I have voted and I am in the emergency room! We have beds in the holding area. I am supposed to have help back there to clean and make beds between patients but they are never around. I go through 10 to 15 patients a shift and I make 95% of the beds in between. My aching back!
  14. eldernurse

    Too funny...

    We had one come in by ambulance the other day for "hives" of all things. Then, when we gave her body creme (that she could have bought in a grocery) for her dry skin, she wanted social service to find her a way home. Of all the nerve!
  15. eldernurse

    what can you say

    I hate it when they send patients to the ED with change in mental status and we have to ask "How could you tell?" But one of the latest reasons to be admitted to our ED is "inability to ambulate!" Just because a person needs to be placed in a nursing home does not mean they need to get there via the hospital. We house many patients who really need to be admitted because our hospital is clogged up with patients waiting for placement. Something needs to be done.
  16. eldernurse

    Need Encouragment

    It takes at least a year. Settle down and don't try so hard. Pull your share of the load and it will come to you. (And food is always a winner!)