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well the thing I have been dreading more than anything else has happend I have been taken off my permanent nightshift and am being forced to rotate to days .... wouldnt be a big deal except I went... Read More

  1. by   CashewLPN
    wendy--- recently, the same thing happened to me.... basically, I go to school with a horiffic commute, and I asked my manager to help with my schedule... she told me: too bad, go back to your school and redo your schedule, I cant give you any days off....so.... I up and left... (when I handed in my letter of resignation, her words were 'Cant you stay and do some per diem shifts? I'll work with you')
    I got a better job... better pay, better hours, and the DON is willing to help with setting up scheduling while I'm in school....

    its wonderful
    best luck... in this market, a job is not too hard to find....
  2. by   fab4fan
    And administrators are scratching their butts wondering why they can't hold on to experienced nurses...gee, it's a mystery.

    Wendles, I am sorry this has happened. Boy, where I am, managers would kill each other trying to get nurses who want permanant nights. I think it is time to dust off that resume; you deserve better.

    Still thinking of coming to Philly? Just think, you could be working in the city of Superbowl Champs 2003! LOL!

    Anyway, I'm rooting for the sparkly and glittery girl!
  3. by   -jt
    <its technically against our union contract>

    so call your rep, file a grievance, & let it put a stop to the abuse.
    The process is there to be used for this kind of stuff.

    If you decide to look for another job, this months AJN came with a 170 page career guide that covers all regions. Good info, tips & opportunities are there. Check it out in your hospital's library. (Jan 2003 issue)
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  4. by   Little One2

    I'm glad I got out of there when I did. I'm sorry to hear she did that. I think that stinks.

    Not fair. Make a greviance (she is going to have a lot of greviances to deal with).

    There are a lot of jobs out there.
  5. by   sjoe
    "I can't believe they are actually forcing people OFF night shift. Just when you think you've heard everything."

    Yeah, I've stopped using that phrase myself, given so many surprises on this BB.

    "They whine that they don't have enough quality staff and then they screw over the ones they have."

    Kind of makes you wonder what their REAL goals are, doesn't it?

    "but its tiring to have to deal with this sort of thing"

    You're right. It's tiring and depressing and makes you realize that they appreciate nothing about you or your efforts. I'd go to the director of nursing (HR will be a waste of time), offering that person what suits YOU in terms of hours and shifts. If she/he accepts it, get it in writing and stay as long as you get what you want. If your offer is not accepted, other places will likely give you what you need.

    Best wishes.

    Unfortunately, my motto proves its accuracy once again:
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  6. by   Tookie
    Wendy- I think give them the flick - but if you believe in the union (I do ) then get them involved and see if maybe you can get some support from the other nurses with whom you work - if they are doing this to you - your workmates will be next

    Good Luck with what ever you decide - BTW we have nursing shortages over here too!! So use your skills and travel !!
  7. by   fergus51
    Want me to beat em up for you when I am in Toronto?

    Otherwise if I were you I would threaten to quit. There are a lot of good jobs out there.
  8. by   meownsmile
    Wow, wendy. Sorry to hear they are making it difficult for you to get to classes. I agree time to move on and cut the losses when they get in the way of you bettering yourself. Are they saying that all schedules will now be day night rotation regardless? I know there are nurses at my hospital that are begging not to have to do nights and they let us do exchanges week to week in order to keep the straight shift. On the books it still remains a rotational schedule but we fill out monthly exchange sheets and send to staffing after both employees have signed it. It works as long as both work the same rotating schedule, are agreeable to it and one doesnt quit or transfer out, then you lose your straight shift. We have both 8 hour and 12 hour staff trading like this.
    Maybe there might be someone willing to do a permanent week to week trade with you. Try to arrange it yourself and both of you go to staffing and fill out the schedule trade weekly. We found as long as staffing doesnt have to figure it out they will pretty much let us trade as needed. Just a thought.
  9. by   Agnus
    Wendy, I am VERY sorry this world is filled with such idiots. You can do better. Take care of thyself. That is exactly what management is doing.

    My idiot nurse manager was stupid enough to tell me today infront of most of the administrative staff that if corporate told him to fire me based solely on having 6 sick days this past year. that he would fire me before he put his job at risk by refusing. Even though he is well aware that I was sick from working overtime to help him out of a jam. Even though he admits I am one of the best nuses he has.
    Yes I am making plans. Plans to go into business myself.

    These fools deserve our pitty. He is scared for his job. As though it were the last one on earth.

    At least you and I know our worth and place it higher than they do theirs. Keep your head up. You will come out on top. You never know what opportunity you migh miss by staying.
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  10. by   hapeewendy
    resume started already...
    I cant believe that its coming to this, I'm drafting a letter to the director of nursing, HR , and the union as I type this..something along these lines :

    It has been brought to my attention that my schedule is being changed as of the tour of duty commencing on february 16 2003. As I have explained to the acting unit administrator on several previous occasions, I am presently attending university to obtain my BSCN degree. My scheduling needs are therefore different from the majority of the registered nurses working in the medical program. I requested to work permanent nights in the hopes that with working one straight shift I would be able to succeed in my schooling endevours as well as maintaing my full time schedule at work. As you can understand , our unit is consistently short staffed on the night shift. My doing permanent nights served a need for the unit and staffing in addition to meeting my own scheduling needs. Prior to being granted the permanent night shift I had been doing this shift "unofficially" in that I had two regular full time staff RN's that would switch shifts with me in order to work dayshift, thus enabling me to work the nightshift. This however is now impossible to do given that my new work schedule involves working with two separate lines of nurses as opposed to working with one regular line of nurses. I recieved a voicemail from the unit administrator informing me of the choice to cancel all the permanent nightshift workers and return us to day-night rotations, I do not understand the rationale behind this decision. The unit I am presently employed on has many part time workers, however none of the part time workers have made themselves available to work night shift. Often we are short staffed on night shift and as you are aware we are already down to skeleton staff so the absence of one registered nurse on the night shift has a definite impact on the quality of patient care. I understand that it is within our union agreement to pursue an option of "innovative scheduling" while going to school. I do not feel as though any attempt has been made to understand or facilitate my needs at the present time. I have attempted to offer quite a few options to the scheduling committe.N amely offering to work one or two nights on my weekends off to make up for the days I need off for my educational pursuits. This offer was declined despite the fact that our unit is regularly short staffed on weekend night shifts. The unit has ample staff to work the day and evening shifts and is at a real loss for night shift nurses. I would like an explanation as to why I can no longer work straight nights when I have been for quite some time now. I was under the impression that (name of facility) believed in supporting the continuing education of the nurses working within its walls , however the latest changes to my working schedule are neither what is best for myself nor the unit I am presently working on. I will be in contact with The Ontario Nurses Union as well as Human Resources on this matter and would appreciate your investigation and follow up with our unit administrator.

    yours truly
    anyway, as you can see im just pizzed off right now,so thats probably not what im gonna write
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD LUCK! I agree, you deserve better and their actions make little sense.
  12. by   debRNo1
    I took 2 classes in a summer session and took so much crap from my DON. Corporate never paid a red cent towards my education and complained how for the entire 8 weeks I left "on time" to get to class !!!???

    Im outta there and new job pays full tuition after a yr and we get to make our schedules............

    Whats wrong with these people ?

  13. by   BBFRN
    I like your letter- eloquent and to the point. If I were your Nursing Director, it would convince me. Good luck!