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I am a nurse.you are probably a nurse too... I am typically cranky, yet fun loving (esp. after mandation) I love a good stiff drink every now and then, I like comfy shoes...I love my best friend in all the world..I love animals...I love you!!

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  1. CashewLPN

    LVN to RN

    Try asking up in the distance learning forum, they might be able to offer some more help --Cashew
  2. CashewLPN

    Beth Israel Hospital Nursing School

    In this time and age, ADN's and BSN's are still RPN's (basically, there is no license difference between ADN's and BSN's..) Usually, the only difference between either is pay rate. Also, Most (if not all) employers do not look at the school you went to, or what your GPA was.... They look to see if you passed your NCLEX, and were issued a nursing license (My mom went to College of Staten island. She is treated, and respected equally to nurses that went to such exclusive schools as johns hopkins, LIC and Beth Israel...I went to Curtis School of Licenced Practical Nursing, and I'm treated and respected equally to nurses who went to exclusive private vocational schools in the area.... Basically, all nursing schools are very exclusive- waiting lists are all long, and grade dependant... if you do poorly, you are dropped.) So, I guess I'm trying to say, Do what you can afford, if you can go all the way, go ahead, if you can only afford to get your ADN, go for it, you can end up having your job pay for the continuing education eventually. Hope this helped. --Cashew
  3. CashewLPN

    What is subacute like?

    Subacute tends to have alot of rehab cases-- Recent Cardiac Surgery, Recent Ortho Surgery, S/P MVA's, Nuero rehab(strokes, anoxia, Traumatic brain injury) And whatever else you can possibly hope to see... It tends to be busier than LTC, but not as intense difficulty/skills wise as med surg... think of it as a medsurg step down unit. Hope this helped --Cashew
  4. CashewLPN

    I stopped at 205...

    I hate to say it, but its extremely hard to predict passing and failure based on the number of question... Please refer to 'How the NCLEX works', at the top of this forum for more info. --Cashew
  5. CashewLPN

    What can I do?

    I have to agree with the above... until you are issued a license number, and have the license in hand (your employer needs a copy) you are still a GVN, or GPN, legally. So, you'd still have to be co-signed under someone else until you get the snail mail in. --Cashew
  6. CashewLPN

    HIPPA -- Use patient's first name or last name?

    hmm...if you just called for 'ms. smith' or, 'Mr. Joe Schmo' it would be ok...but if you called out 'I need the Ms. Smith with Cancer' or, ' Mr. Schmo, please come in for your chest x-ray' you'd be leaping over the line of ok... Names are cool, anything else paired with names is bad. -- Cashew
  7. CashewLPN

    Nurse makes a bad patient.... arghh

    hmm... I was in the hospital I used to work for (my mom still works in the ER as an RN) for biliary colic. I recieved several mg's of mso4 for pain. unfortunately, I was having mild relief, and noted a little old lady sitting in front of me, screaming 'nurse! nurse!'... Apparantly, story goes I started yelling 'Patient! Patient!, why can't someone make this lady stop, I deal with it ALL DAY!', and story goes, I was spitting mad (In pain and tired. grr.) :|. apparantly, I was the funniest thing going (as a side note, both my mom and loving boyfriend have recovered from the lethal case of embarassment I caused them) --Cashew
  8. Hi, and welcome to allnurses.com Nursing is not typically taught by a traditional apprenticeship... You must attend classes at a school that teaches nursing for a set period of time, then you begin the clinical portion of your schooling, (which is closest to an apprenticeship, but nothing like a traditional apprenticeship) Sometimes hospitals and LTC's offer internships, but they are usually offered to nursing students. I hope this helps. Let me know --Cashew
  9. ooh--bucks-- I"ve got a lol in it now, and, its the first time I've seen it since school (in 99) -Cashew
  10. CashewLPN

    LVN Wages in California

    Hello, and welcome to allnurses.com please check out this thread, its covered here. https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101290
  11. CashewLPN

    Question please

    I would say it depends on what speciality you'd be working in... It also varies from day to day. there is another thread about this a little further back. --Cashew
  12. CashewLPN

    CSI, NYU and ST. Vincent's ?'s

    just to let you know, CSI also offers a BSN program. (I as one will not go there, as when i was a freshman in college, one of the instructors [who did not know I already was a nurse] looked at my high school transcripts and told me with my grades I would never become a good nurse ever. I told her as I was leaving her office, that I was already an LPN for a year, and 1 poor grade from my sophomore year in high school, and taking off a year to work was no criteria to judge me in my nursing abilities.. (graduated lpn school with honors.) My mother Graduated from CSI's Adn program in 96, she did well.. --Cashew
  13. CashewLPN

    Transvaginal Sonogram

    wow... I have'nt seen this thread in years.... 3 years actually... I'm gonna lock it, so that we can move more into the present. Tis always better to start something anew, than to live in the past... --Cashew
  14. CashewLPN

    Anyone passed with 205 ?'s

    Please read the post entitled 'How the NCLEX Works' at the top of the forum Yes, you can either pass or fail. We all feel like we failed until we get the news. It happens, you'll find out in a few weeks... take a deep breath, and see what happens. best of luck --Cashew
  15. CashewLPN

    Abrasive Strips for the Bathtub????

    perhaps a shower chair and an assist for showering may be a better thing than just the non skids... a Grab bar may be a good idea too... those non skids can be found in hardware stores --Cashew
  16. CashewLPN

    Getting stuck with a used needle...

    there is no law dictating that a patient must have bloods drawn in event of a needlestick in NYS. Other states may be different.... So, basically a patient may refuse. Needlestick survivor x2 --Cashew