How do you feel about being a nurse?

  1. Simply, do you enjoy being a nurse? Does it make you happy? Or do you regret it? Do you have any very specific regrets related to being a nurse?
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    You are going to have to ... buy my book.
  4. by   cyc0sys
    Nursing is the most thankless, demanding, overworked and underpaid vocation I've ever had. But it's one of the only jobs you can truly make a difference for someone who is having the worst or best day/week/month of their lives. "You’re going to be there when a lot of people are born, and when a lot of people die. In most every culture, such moments are regarded as sacred and private, made special by a divine presence. No one on Earth would be welcomed, but you’re personally invited. What an honor that is." – Thom Dick
  5. by   Blue_Moon
    It's kind of like having little kids. A whole lot of work for very little appreciation or recognition but yet every once in a while when little sticky arms reach up and hug you it somehow all feels worth it.

    I always think if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't choose nursing yet I can never think of anything else I'd rather be doing.

    I do wish I hadn't been so quick to get away from the things that scared me. If something makes you nervous in nursing, do it until you're good at it. That's the best way to get over your fears. I wish I'd done that more often when I was just starting out.
  6. by   Nature_walker
    Nursing is a second career for me. I'm so glad I switched. Somedays are hard, some days are fun, but overall I enjoy working with the population I'm with. I kind of wish I switched sooner, but I'm glad I did it when I did as I have more life experience to bring to the table.
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Second career. Love it, no regrets!
  8. by   cocoa_puff
    Here is my perspective

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!
  9. by   NightNerd
    There are more days when I regret it than not. I think it's been good for me in the sense that I've learned how resilient I am, and there are definitely days when I feel like I've made a positive difference in someone's life. However, the massive responsibility of this is exhausting to me, and it is usually more thankless and grueling than anything else, in my experience.

    If I could go back in time, I'd do something else entirely (marine biology). Don't think I don't consider it now, lol, but I feel like I'm too old to entirely start over. I may enjoy some areas of non-bedside nursing more, so I'm trying to stick out my current job until I finish my BSN. I feel crazy for getting this degree I'm not even sure I want, but the hospital's paying for it, and it's a very user-friendly program compared to others I'm interested in.
  10. by   Sour Lemon
    I like it for practical reasons ....the pay, the flexibility with regard to schedule, the ability to move to almost any city and find employment, etc. I've never had the warm fuzzies for nursing, but I've never regretted becoming a nurse, either. In fact, being less of an idealist probably makes it a more tolerable job to me than it does to some others.
  11. by   TheCommuter
    I enjoy nursing for the flexible scheduling, career mobility, income, and opportunities for educational advancement.

    I dislike interaction with patients, families, coworkers, management, administration, and vendors. For me, nursing is just a means to an end.
  12. by   desertace
    Nothing, no regrets, it can be tough at times but a very satisfying career.
  13. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Grier
    Simply, do you enjoy being a nurse?
    Quote from Grier
    Does it make you happy?
    Happiness comes from being at peace with oneself. Nursing contributes to that happiness.
    Quote from Grier
    Or do you regret it?
    No. I got fed up with it a couple of times and use free lance art as my primary means of income, but I went back to nursing after short absences.
    Quote from Grier
    Do you have any very specific regrets related to being a nurse?
  14. by   quazar
    I always dread going to work, but am fine once I get there. Most of the time I have patients that give me a sense of a job well done, and I feel that I am able to give good care and make a difference. I enjoy some aspects of my days. I enjoy being a nurse sometimes.

    Still, I can't help but fantasize about a nice office job somewhere, that doesn't involve the stress of bedside nursing, and that has no requirement for working on holidays, nights, or weekends.

    I yearn for a "normal" job, but due to my childcare restrictions, I can't have a "normal" job. Being stuck in bedside nursing is not something I want. I wish for change, but cannot have it.

    I don't regret becoming a nurse, for the most part. It's so ingrained in my personality that I honestly have no idea what on earth I'd do if I wasn't a nurse.