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  1. cocoa_puff

    PCU interview... but what exactly is PCU?

    Progressive Care Unit = Pure Hell
  2. cocoa_puff

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    Hey, don't apologize for venting! My whole post is basically a vent. Right now I'm working part-time in a research lab, it's not nursing pay of course but I'm not miserable and feel like I can actually enjoy life again. Also taking Physics and Calculus I this summer semester My advice to you is to take some time off work, if possible, and take care of yourself. You sound very burned out, just like I was. During that time, think about what you might enjoy doing...maybe it's something else in nursing that's more "introvert-friendly" like clinical research, or something else entirely. Then shadow some professionals in that field...that's one thing I wished I did before jumping into nursing (I was young and naive). Life is too short to be miserable, is what I've learned. I was afraid that I would be disappointing my family by leaving nursing, but it turns out that they were worried about me because I had lost weight and wasn't taking care of myself. Most people understand that nursing is a tough career, but don't understand the extent. I would explain to your family what you've been struggling with. Remember that you are not a failure for finding out that nursing isn't for you...many, many people go into a career and find out that it's not for them. That's where the second-degree students often come from (and many go into nursing!). I'm sorry I don't have more advice, but just remember that your physical and mental health are very important and if you are sacrificing your well-being to be a nurse, then it is not worth it. Best wishes :)
  3. And yes, there was a full moon.
  4. cocoa_puff

    Cnas are looked down upon

    Why is everything about race? Seriously???
  5. cocoa_puff

    DNP vs MD/DO

    Very odd. This also appears to be the only page on the website.
  6. Since the hospital beds were so uncomfortable, Joe decided that the ceiling would be a welcome change.
  7. cocoa_puff

    Group Research Paper Help

    Group papers are the worst idea ever! I always have to pull the slackers along and end up fixing their poor grammar.
  8. cocoa_puff

    New BSN vs veteran LPN

    Even in my first semester of nursing school, I knew this was a very, very bad idea!!!!
  9. cocoa_puff

    Is it worth paying for RN resume?

    Agreed, English majors would be much better at proofreading :)
  10. cocoa_puff

    New Grad - Resume Review Appreciated!

    Here are my edits :) Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!
  11. cocoa_puff

    Is it worth paying for RN resume?

    I wrote my own resume (and wrote my friend's resume - she was hired as a new grad into a level 1 trauma ICU). I would never pay someone to write my resume. There are many free resources online (templates, examples) to help with writing resumes. Do your best writing your resume, then have a few of your nurse friends look it over and help you edit it. Heck, you could even post it here on allnurses (in the resume section with all your personal details removed). Just make it look professional and easy to read
  12. cocoa_puff

    Any nurses with mental illness?

    YES!!! ​ :up: :up:
  13. cocoa_puff

    Pmhnp programs that provide clinicals….

    Where do you live? Are you willing to relocate for school? How much are you willing to pay? MSN or DNP? Can you do full time, or just part time school? My trusty pal Google can probably help you out with just a little more info....
  14. cocoa_puff

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    Ugh, cringe.
  15. cocoa_puff

    Injection Gone Wrong: Part 1

    The suspense is going to kill me.
  16. I rarely cry...but this whole thread had me in tears. NursingInChoas, you are amazing, and I'm so glad to hear the little guy is recovering.

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