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cyc0sys has 6 years experience and specializes in EMS, LTC, Sub-acute Rehab.

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  1. Had my first bad clinical experience - L&D

    I never said it had anything to do with being male nurse. I thought it was wasting time when they could've been providing education and teaching. You know, the reason I was there for clinicals at a teaching hospital. Not to mention the fact it's high...
  2. Had my first bad clinical experience - L&D

    Sorry to hear that. I didn't even get to do L&D because I was a male nurse and the patients had the option to choose if I was allowed on the floor. They elected not to allow me on the floor and I was sent to NICU for that portion of clinicals. ...
  3. Unvaccinated: Indefensible

    Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a side effect of the vaccination. Hopefully you don't have that and your symptoms subside. Call on God, but row away from the rocks.
  4. I guess patient rights to autonomy go out the window in your Totalitarian World view. Pay no attention to the facts. Everyone will eventually get the 'VID'. The majority of people who do get it will survive. The Federal Government isn't wo...
  5. New Director of nursing

    I worked LTC/Subacute for 4 years. I agree with everything but item #3. Call-outs should be evaluated on a case by case bases. They should also be balanced to the call-in schedule. For example, I picked up shifts to help the company but when I n...
  6. Pensacola State College LPN Program

    I'd consider applying to UWF. PSC has a great deal of turnovers with instructors and problems maintaining curriculum.
  7. MED ERROR went to corporate

    1) There are 2 kinds of nurses. Those who've made med errors and those who are going to make med errors. 2) No one has ever died directly from pain. 3) Corporate and the Law do not care about your feeling or emotions. 4) Never do anyth...
  8. Riots in Minneapolis

    How would white supermacists benefit from burning down white owned businesses, communities, and properties? It seems to me these places are being attacked indecriminately. Why would they attack and threaten police when most police are white? Som...
  9. Riots in Minneapolis

    I think your virtue signaling is interfering with your white privilege. If you're not scared of unchecked police power and corruption against ALL people. You're part of the problem, not the solution.
  10. My Nurse Hero

    That's a great and inspiring story. You might want to check at Mercy Ships. I think it's something you would be interested in. I wish you the best of luck in your humanitarian endeavors.
  11. Riots in Minneapolis

    I stand corrected. However, I still believe it to be a “legally defective” charge as the article below states. The defense will argue the officer was simply restraining Floyd and was unaware of the resulting injury due a 'lack of training' e.g "if yo...
  12. Riots in Minneapolis

    There has always been a 3 tier 'justice' system in this country: rules for the rich, rules for the poor, and rules for the police. In fact, we've been at war in this country for a long time and you don't even know it. War on Poverty - Increased pov...
  13. Riots in Minneapolis

    That doesn't really change the game. Mechanism of disease or injury aside, the DA still has to prove Chauvin intended to kill Floyd in order for the 3rd degree murder charge to stick.
  14. Riots in Minneapolis

    The lesson here is simple: A polite society, is an armed society. People who know the system isn't working for them take responsibility for their own personal safety and security. Much like the armed people who stood guard to protect their businesses...