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cyc0sys has 6 years experience and specializes in EMS, LTC, Sub-acute Rehab.

Born standing up and talking back. Made love to the howl of the wolves, with a dark haired girl. Crawled across the edge of a straight razor. Drank until I was thirsty again. Ate more chicken then any man ever seen.

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  1. I guess patient rights to autonomy go out the window in your Totalitarian World view. Pay no attention to the facts. Everyone will eventually get the 'VID'. The majority of people who do get it will survive. The Federal Government isn't working. So your solution is more government, laws, and taxes/fines. Because that worked out so well for the Native Americans. If the government was so concerned about saving lives. Smoking would've been outlawed years ago. As it is one of the primary causes of preventable disease and death. You're obviously not a student of history, government or even an advocate of human rights. So do us all a favor and stop pretending to be.
  2. cyc0sys

    Pensacola State College LPN Program

    I'd consider applying to UWF. PSC has a great deal of turnovers with instructors and problems maintaining curriculum.
  3. cyc0sys

    MED ERROR went to corporate

    1) There are 2 kinds of nurses. Those who've made med errors and those who are going to make med errors. 2) No one has ever died directly from pain. 3) Corporate and the Law do not care about your feeling or emotions. 4) Never do anything your career can't handle.
  4. cyc0sys

    Riots in Minneapolis

    How would white supermacists benefit from burning down white owned businesses, communities, and properties? It seems to me these places are being attacked indecriminately. Why would they attack and threaten police when most police are white? Some of police maybe closet rascists. Doesn't really seem like it would benefit their cause to do these things. It would be better for them to just let things burn. Seems to me like people are starting to realize the govt is no longer in control and cannot protect anyone. Many of these crimes are of opportunity and are just taking advantage of civil unrest. I think the govt is just pushing the narrative of white supremacy as a new boogie man because they want people to believe they're doing something. Just like the BS article on the Umbrella Man being a Hell's Angel who has yet to be charged with a crime. If the HS had anything to do with that vandalism. The guy would've been wearing colors and they would've claimed responsiblity. The HS are more into running drugs, guns, and profit driven criminal enterprise. Then having some patsy go break some windows to blame it on someone else. I'm going to believe the first story of who this guy is until they come up with some credible eye witnesses for his alibi.
  5. cyc0sys

    Riots in Minneapolis

    I think your virtue signaling is interfering with your white privilege. If you're not scared of unchecked police power and corruption against ALL people. You're part of the problem, not the solution.
  6. cyc0sys

    My Nurse Hero

    That's a great and inspiring story. You might want to check at Mercy Ships. I think it's something you would be interested in. I wish you the best of luck in your humanitarian endeavors. https://www.mercyships.org/volunteer/
  7. cyc0sys

    Riots in Minneapolis

    I stand corrected. However, I still believe it to be a “legally defective” charge as the article below states. The defense will argue the officer was simply restraining Floyd and was unaware of the resulting injury due a 'lack of training' e.g "if you can talk, you can breath". http://www.citypages.com/news/experts-derek-chauvin-will-likely-beat-third-degree-murder-charge/570918851 A similar case in Maryland, resulted in no convictions against 3 off-duty cops who killed a developmentally disabled man because he wouldn't leave the movie theater after the showing was over. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/syndrome-man-movies-ends-morgue/story?id=20046376
  8. cyc0sys

    Riots in Minneapolis

    There has always been a 3 tier 'justice' system in this country: rules for the rich, rules for the poor, and rules for the police. In fact, we've been at war in this country for a long time and you don't even know it. War on Poverty - Increased poverty and the Welfare State War on Crime - Increased incarceration for non-violent offenders War on Drugs - Increased amount of drugs on the street and militarization of the police state War on Education - Increased cost of college and student debt What you're seeing is class war disguised as an impending 'race war' brokered by the financial elite who profit from the system. They need another smoke screen for their soft coup against the peasants to keep them fearful, as they raid the financial coffers of the Treasury Department during COVID-19. Don't let your 'white supremacist' confirmation bias obfuscate the true agenda of dividing the people along lines of color for power and financial gains. One only has to ask, "Who profits from this?" to understand the driving force behind these crisis.
  9. cyc0sys

    Riots in Minneapolis

    That doesn't really change the game. Mechanism of disease or injury aside, the DA still has to prove Chauvin intended to kill Floyd in order for the 3rd degree murder charge to stick.
  10. cyc0sys

    Riots in Minneapolis

    The lesson here is simple: A polite society, is an armed society. People who know the system isn't working for them take responsibility for their own personal safety and security. Much like the armed people who stood guard to protect their businesses during the riots. Remember, the police have no duty to protect anyone (Warren vs the District of Columbia ). Chauvin has only been charged with third-degree murder (11-13 years) and second-degree manslaughter (3-5 years). They have to prove he intended to kill Floyd in order for the third-degree murder charge to stick. Doubt that will happen. If it even goes to court, he'll take a plea bargain to manslaughter. The police union lawyers will drag this out until it cools down. Probably won't do more than 5 years, in protected custody away from general population. Under Minnesota Law, he's only required to serve 2/3 of the sentence so it might even be less. The other 3 co-conspirators haven't been charged with anything. Doubt they'll be prosecuted due to the Doctrine of Qualified Immunity (Harlow v. Fitzgerald). You don't get justice in court, only law.
  11. cyc0sys

    Does Trump have Covid?

    Of course he's smart. He's worth 2 billion. He's also living rent-free in your brain. So think about that for a minute. However, I'm not really certain what is more dangerous in the emotional rhetoric of your post. Your inference that the constitutional republic hasn't been subverted by a financially elite and illusory two party ruling class. Or your inference that the government exists to protect anyone and the president is responsible for your personal safety. But please, continue to enjoy your bread and circus.
  12. cyc0sys

    Does Trump have Covid?

    I seriously doubt that. He'd be pushing Plaquenil or better yet Esbriet. Most hydroxychloroquine suppliers have actually reduced their prices. If you want to throw shade. I suggest asking some of these congress critters about their investments prior to a public announcement of the virus: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/03/20/senators-accused-of-insider-trading-dumping-stocks-after-coronavirus-briefings/#2e2c88964a45 Personally, I'd recommend investing in any company that produces any of the WHO model list of essential medicines.
  13. cyc0sys

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    Wouldn't want patient or staff safety getting in the way of their revenue stream. No worries. The coroner will report COVID-19 on the death certs. If you don't plan to succeed. Then you're planning to fail.
  14. cyc0sys

    LTC Residents and Workers Face Tragedy

    I'm curious to know your nurse to patient ratio and your CNA to patient ratio. As well as the average pay for both positions.
  15. cyc0sys

    How do I get into a Emergency Unit as a Newly Grad LVN

    Agreed. I'm too fat and old to play that game. Plus, I've survived all of my chopper rides to date. May the Airborne Gods smile upon all your endeavors.