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  1. by   Max_108
    Yes, this is one of the best and most active forums I've seen. Love the way people are willing to help and take their time to answer questions.
  2. by   H3llo Nurse
    hahaha, good one.
  3. by   mheyflower
  4. by   Butterflybee
    All I know is that prior to taking my NCLEX but especially during that time period before I found out I passed, this site was an encouragement to me. I didnt feel so all alone in what I was going through. I come back often. It provides me insight into nursing the real deal. :typing
  5. by   MADHAT6
    i love this site! it is the only place i can go and talk to other nurses and get a real sense of whether or not something that's bothering me has substance or whether it's just fluff...i need that kind of feedback...it helps me go back to work with my mind in the right place...it's just as important to get feedback saying that what your thinking is way out there as to be validated ! THANKYOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS SITE !
  6. by   brissygal
    Me too.

    I should be working on assignment for University and yet I have been on this website all day.

    So hooked on Allnurses.com
  7. by   lpncrn

    Sorry that I did not know about this site while I was a nursing student.

    There is so much helpful information, guess I was too busy trying trying

    to complete assignments.

  8. by   ocmd79
    This is a great site! I'm glad I found it
  9. by   christvs
    I love allnurses! I first discovered this website as I was waiting for the results of my RN board exam over 3 years ago....and now I am a new NP and still visit the site all the time to see what else I can learn.
  10. by   mo18
    I wish I had known about this website when I started nursing school. I was searching for tips on how to do well on the hesi exam and I came across this website. I was able to pick up some good tips on here. Luv this site.:wink2:
  11. by   sugar plum
    Just discovered this site while working on an assignment for my BSN program. Wished I had found this site while I was in my associate program
  12. by   ambitious1022
    That's is great. I got on here for nclex help and decided to browse. This is a wonderful site.
  13. by   irienurse
    That is awsome:heartbeat