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  1. LPN vs. CMA

    I know of a healthcare facility that utilized cma's .. the facility was bought out. The new facility wanted all nurses... so the cma's went back to being a cna or had to quit. Now the facility has licensed nurses.
  2. Why so many tattletale nurses?

    Ive been told this commuter and it makes sense. .... In my opinion, Ive seen this.. behaviour... to a lesser extent in other professions but nursing is a completely different ball of wax .... It's AWFUL! Ive seen it be so horrible that good nurses...
  3. Why so many tattletale nurses?

    Thank you so much for the insight. Typically the tattling doesnt have to do with life or death issues or 'med errors' just many times petty things..... to make another person's worklife miserable. Ive seen this happen to good nurses that know thei...
  4. Why so many tattletale nurses?

    Thank you so much for the insight. " A nurse generally has no desire to rip apart another human being unless his/her own self confidence is down in the dumps."
  5. Why so many tattletale nurses?

    I love this! " I believe in, "What goes around, comes around." So in my own little way I try to make the world a little gentler and kinder place to be"
  6. Why so many tattletale nurses?

    Maybe the real question is why is there so much back stabbing, snitching and exaggerating in the nursing field. Ive heard that nurses eat their young but it never seems to end. Im generalizing of course because I have met some outstanding nurses and...
  7. New Job as an Intake Nurse?

    Good luck, hope you get the position!
  8. I hate being a nurse

    I hear you. I just cut down my hours/the amt of time that I am there and I feel MUCH better. I plan to supplement w/agency or per diem elsewhere. $$$ is down but :) is up. If you want to talk, feel free to email me anytime. Oh I may do p/t at anoth...
  9. Cancelling me?!

    I would just say broaden your horizons ... you may be able to add to your income working other places as well this place.
  10. Are LPN's being phased out?

    Ive heard that this has been the talk for years. Imho, with med techs I DO think there is an attempt to phase out the LPN in some places for economical reasons. That being said, I dont think that will ever be the case completely because of the legal ...
  11. 2 patients requested not to have me back

  12. 2 patients requested not to have me back

  13. One year out, and I'm almost there.

    I agree with you on this. I heard it, believed it but it's a whole other thing to go through it. I still ask questions though and always will if I need to. I realize too that as far as Ive come I still have soooo much more to learn. Im hungry to l...
  14. Quarks vs Crocs

    Are quarks and crocs the same? I bought quarks but after a day or so my feet were hurting. Are crocs any better? They look the same but Ive heard people say crocs were great for the feet. Are they? Now I only were my quarks every once in a while an...
  15. Unisex or Scrubs for women

    Work isnt a fashion show but we want to be at our best. Imho Ive found that unisex uniforms dont fit me (a female) well. Oh theyre standard kind of like putting on a potato sack. This compared to scrubs Ive purchased specifically for women. Baby phat...