Quarks vs Crocs


Are quarks and crocs the same? I bought quarks but after a day or so my feet were hurting. Are crocs any better? They look the same but Ive heard people say crocs were great for the feet. Are they? Now I only were my quarks every once in a while and not on a daily basis.



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I personally don't like any of these types of shoes, I feel like I have a hard time actually keeping them on my feet...


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I wear Quarks. Your feet are hurting because you haven't broken them in properly. I have these: http://www.quarkgear.com/item.asp?itemID=575204

I wore them for about a week around my house. It still took 2 weeks of working the floor before they felt great. I work 40+ a week. I brought a pair of white sneakers with me, in case my feet got too sore. I've had this pair for over 6 months and they still feel and look great.

I'm buying a new pair next pay period, just so I can start breaking them in. I don't know the typical shelf life for them but I'm still shocked they're doing so well I'm usually pretty hard on my shoes.

As for crocs....I'm against them but I know the nurses on my unit love them. I found them uncomfortable to walk in. I'm a CNA so I need happy feet!



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but are you a nurse I am on a childrens pediatric ward

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